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  1. Thanks @psour33! I found a service somewhere in the taskmanager with SQL in its name and I terminated it, then removed the files, reverted that data. Pilot2ATC started again without problems, and without me needing to reboot the computer!
  2. To late, just updated to 1812, but it seems 1811 does not work either. :( The flying Gods does not want me to fly today. :D
  3. Vantskruv

    11.05r2 is out

    Yeah, maybe I am too harsh. Sorry for that, but still so, the end-result makes me not wanna fly the airplane. The hitchups kills me, and I do not want to turn off any anti-virus too. But it is great airplane for sure. :)
  4. Vantskruv

    11.05r2 is out

    Sadly, IXEG:s fms feels like badly programmed. The hickups could probably have been avoided by developing a threaded plugin. But is that possible with Gizmo and LUA?
  5. Two questions for those experts here: 1. Are there any flaws with 'use_decal_on_terrain' set to TRUE? I think I read there may be some strange artifacts....but I'm not sure. 2. I've recently bought a 10Tb HDD, and have been starting generate some tiles. If I want to change the the above setting, do I need to delete and download everything again? How do I best regenerate all the generated tiles with the change of above setting? Edit: For those curious, I running with this settings (only changed are shown): complex_masks = True use_masks_for_inland = True cover_airports_with_highres = True
  6. I just want give some headsup for those interested in navigating in a unusual way. The TU154M, made by Felis, can navigate without GPS and beacons (though you can use the installed GPS KLN90B if you want) with its NVU computer and isolated gyros. Though creating a flightplan and calculating the bearings and distances manually can be quite tedious when flying in orthodromic courses, as the NVU computer does not convert geographic coordinates itself. Therefore I've created a tool called XNVU, which you can create a flightplan from waypoints, airways and also custom waypoints (and many other features). The flightplan can then be printed or exported to PDF, where you do read the data which is programmed in the NVU computer. The flaw with the NVU computer is that you can only program 2 waypoints at a time (to and next waypoint) in the format distance and local system bearing. That is one if the things that is important to have this flightplan directly available while flying. Good facts to know * Before departure, gyros are calibrated and aligned with the meridian and magnetic declination of the departure airport, no special data expect for current latitude needs to be known. * Before arrival, even when navigating with the GPS, the gyros needs to be aligned with the arrival airport meridian and magnetic declination, preferably before TOD. The difference of degrees to align between departure and arrival airport is called FORK, which is calculated in XNVU, and gyros is manually adjusted while in straight flight by this value, hence then the navigator uses the second table of bearings to use with the computer. * About every change of latitude while flying, the latitude instrument needs to be manually set to current latitude. * Gyros will drift with distance and time, always be prepared when flying far stretches that navigation errors will be induced. * If you are off course, the NVU computer can be corrected by RSBN beacons (almost the same function as VOR/DME) while in flight, and they where/are placed around eastern Europe, I think even one was placed in Sweden. Even though probably they are no more in service, they are included and working in Felis TU154M. The NVU is also capable to be manually adjusted against VOR/DME or NDB. Currently the application does include a manual or descriptive hints, but that is planned in the future.
  7. Vantskruv

    Pmdg dc6

    I think it is more complicated than that. And sadly, do not eagerly wait for any update, there has been no news for supporting XP11, I guess we have to wait to atleast end of the year (hence, the DC6 will be released and updated for FSX/P3D first, after that we do not know so much more what will happen with the XP version, will PMDG decide to starting supporting XP or not?). I've sadly shelfed this aircraft, I am very disappointed of the lack of bug-fixes, support and updates for this aircraft (I bought an aicraft, and filed some bugs, which have not been updated at all). Sorry for this rant, I thought PMDG would be more of an open and supportive developer, but they seem not to care for users because of probably low sales.
  8. If the plan is to fly with many different aircrafts, i.e. props, jets, helicopters, I would strongly recommend to install the plugin XAssign, which saves and stores joystick mappings for every aircraft you have. As ryanbatcund said, start small, do not install unecessary plugins or addons. Do only install what you need. Hence some plugins may be interfering with each other and cause crashes in worst case scenario. Lesser is better. Taking from memory I have these plugins installed: XAssign XCamera (for me it is perfect for saving indvidual aircraft views to joystick buttons, but that is just a small grasp of what it can really do) Ground services - a simple plugin for pushback, but there are other pushback plugins out there, even some airplanes have pushback builtin) XEnviro - weather engine which I like, costs money. Headshake - Do what it tells, noticeable in turbulence. XIvap and XSquawkbox - Online services, should not be installed at the same time. Python Interface - can run some python scripts as plugin, currently not using it. FlyWithLua - same as above but for LUA scripts, currently not running any scripts here either. When it comes to scenery, I've downloaded the HD Mesh V3 which is easy to install. Though not the same fidelity as Ortho4XP, but it does not take up much HDD space. Sceneries of airports is manually downloaded and installed from different sources if I do not want to use the default airports, I mainly do this when an airport in 3D do not exist as default, which can be checked at: This is vey important to know whennstalling scenery: Also to remember is that many custom airportt sceneries requires some scenerypacks to be downloaded.
  9. Vantskruv

    DC-6 and X-plane11

    Just look a the comments for this news/message at PMDG:s Facebook:s page. No mentions at all for X-Plane, I think they have given up or something else happened. I love the PMDG DC-6, but there is no update for it on XP11, and even though I filed a bug-report concerning the mouse-UI erratic behavior on XP10, no fix or update has been provided. I'm currently very disappointed, as I do not fly the machine anymore because of the lack of support for XP11 and non-fixed bugs, but I respect their decision to ignore the X-Plane community if they do not want to develop for X-Plane (which I find very strange), but not the way the feeling they just have abandoned an aircraft I bought from them.
  10. Vantskruv


    It generate overlays too, which is buildings and roads (i.e. if Global Airports folder is selected, explained in the video), I'm not sure what defines "scenery" (I guess, you mean custom made buildings and airports?). Of course they are not generated.
  11. Vantskruv


    It is not that hard to generate it for yourself. Do exactly what he does in this video (did it the first time for myself yesterday). Note though the tiles take up much space on your harddrive, especially those above zoom level 16 (>= Z17). I.e. tried generate Z18 ones, and they did take up about 10Gb each, while Z16 takes up about 2-3Gb each.
  12. Vantskruv

    A.T.S MD82 released!

    @ADamiani, calm down. Just pretend that this aircraft addon have not been released, and retrieve it when it clearly is stated that it supports XP11. The text clearly states that A.T.S. do not support this aircraft addon when running under XP11, but it is possible to use it without some functions (which is not stated). Just these two sentences rings the warning-bell in my head, and it is obvious problems will occur, whichever grade there are. It is up to you to take the risk. I'm looking forward for a bugfree and fully featured version in a couple of months.
  13. Vantskruv

    Need help with cabin pressurization

    Running with XP11? I've recently read the DC6 have problems with pressurization in XP11. Otherwise, read the POH manual at page 195 (141 indicated). Remember to set the 'CABIN PRESS. CONT.' to automatic after takeoff (the shielded switch positioned furthest to the right on pressure panel).
  14. Vantskruv

    A.T.S MD82 released!

    Thank you @alfamike for responding. I did look at one stream earlier in this day. There was quite much rant going on. I do not take any stand on this. But what I did see was some severe bugs which do need to be corrected. The other problems I did see, I do not want to judge, as there needs to be a more qualified person to answer these. As this addon is stated to be a study-aircraft, the current issues I did see where severe. I do understand some bugs may have slipped by, for everyone it does, but some bugs I do not understand why they did appear at all? I do really hope, and I know it will sooner be, that bugs and faults will be corrected. I still have hope for you and this aircraft. To sum up I think this airplane was released too early, and not tested correctly enough. Even though three experienced real pilots of this aircraft have tested it, it is important to note that they may not be "real" sim-pilots experienced with computers, they may be blinded. We sim-pilots do destroy the aircrafts and putting them to real testing, while real pilots do may give some input of how the systems and aircraft behaves (they are not as interested and observant). I really have hope for you @alfamike and this aircraft. You have not loosed me as customer as of yet, only the time for me buying your aircraft has been prolonged. Looking forward for the XP11 version, and I wish very best of luck in the future.
  15. Vantskruv

    Super charger control

    So, first time fiddled with the supercharger. I've not had any big reason to use the superchargers before, as often you fly at low altitude or air pressure. But I wanted to test it out in my last flight while climbing. According to the charts I should use the high setting of the supercharger at about FL090 in climbing phase. So before stepping from low blower to high blower, I reduced the throttle and then turned on the high supercharger, after that I adjusted values of throttle to match charts, prop-speed stayed the same and should according to charts. What I did notice in this case was the opposite of what I expected. The speed decreased, while I thought it would increase. Have I misunderstood the utility of high supercharger, am I doing something wrong?