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  1. Qazme

    Need config: Carenado Phenom 100

    Gotcha - I took a quick look into it and it doesn't seem like it's possible since that particular part of the screen is rendered in the carenado G1000 which is overlayed on the panel to begin with. Most of those files are .sec locked so won't be able to do much if anything with it I'm afraid. I'll be looking closer into it when I get more time but it doesn't look too promising.
  2. Qazme

    Need config: Carenado Phenom 100

    Jean-Luc I appreciate your help. I was just wanting to know if the GTN750 can be placed over existing gauges like the GNS v2 is capable of doing with the default 530 in the Baron in case nobody had already figured this out I would at least have a starting point to try and figure it out. I would like to overlay the Phenom's Carenado G1000 map screen with the Reality-XP GTN750's touch interface like someone has done, I think with the F1 GTN, in the P3D version of the plane.
  3. Qazme

    Need config: Carenado Phenom 100

    I don't think you understood what I'm asking. I have the GTN750. I want to put it into the 3D cockpit to replace the Carenado G1000 like the pictures I linked to. Was wondering if someone had already figured out the config for the plane - or if not was just trying to confirm that it can be accomplished using the same method as the overlay render method used with the GNS v2 in the baron 58.
  4. There was a mod for this for the P3D version of the plane. Wondering if by any chance someone has already worked up a working version for the XP11 version of the plane? If not, does the render method work the same for the GTN as the render method for the GNS V2 does? I basically want to put this on top of the "factory" Carenado G1000 map on the center console. Here's a link showing off the P3D version but I'm not sure if that's the F1 version or the Reality XP one. (are they the same thing?) Any help by any of you guy in the know to point me in the right direction would be terrific!
  5. Qazme

    Database and updates

    It runs off the Garmin trainer, so as you found out all the backend stuff is Garmin. You can update the data in it but you need a Garmin subscription to do it ($195 m/ $595 y). Not the answer you want or need - but just putting that out there. Since you aren't a real pilot using it for training and don't already have a subscription it doesn't really make sense. I wish there was toggle for "garmin/navigraph" data in it somewhere. The Pathera v3 has a GTN750/650 combo that's 90% working like the real one that doesn't use Garmin Data. But I would imagine it would require a sizable overhaul of the whole system and may not be worth the time - even though I and others like yourself would greatly appreciate it lol. Wish Garmin would put out a "sim" rated version of the navdata for cheap - but I can see why they don't/can't.
  6. Update you trainer to the latest version and make sure you are on the latest GTN version by checking the version in the menu while inside the simulator. Having the update Garmin trainer fixed that issue for me.
  7. Wait how do we drag the pop up to the tablet? I would be satisfied for the time being if I could manage to use it from the tablet!!
  8. Oh that's exactly what I was hoping not to hear. I anticipate hopefully testing out VR3 this weekend and was hoping to get some time in with the PC-12 and my 750. :-/ Hopefully this is something that will be solved at some point.
  9. Qazme

    Glideslope Capture Problem

    RXP - though you probably already know this but putting this in here for someone else who might stumble up on it while searching like I did. Once the plane was started, turning the plugin off and back on did in fact fix the glide slope issue. I did three approaches last night after resetting it and all three captured the glide slope one took me all the way to the minimums with no issue. So happy now that I've figured this system out you have no clue. Now I can get some serious flying done! Thanks for all your help!
  10. Qazme

    Glideslope Capture Problem

    Yeah the new installer worked great for me coming from your previous release + 6.21 (with flight plans not importing) to everything working perfectly with the exception of the glide slope thing which hopefully you can get to quickly and solve easily ;-) I didn't do anything special and initiated everything from the update prompt in the plugin menu and allowed the garmin update during the installation. Keep up the great work!
  11. Qazme

    Glideslope Capture Problem

    That's correct. I just purchased the GTN750 on Saturday I believe it was - the installer was giving the 404 error - so I installed the linked to earlier version - 6.21.1? It did not give an import button at all. I tried everything. I saw other's having that issue and think that might be the culprit to several issues you may have with troubleshooting people. I installed the updated Garmin trainer and GTN750 last night and *BOOM* all the test flight plans I had trying to get it working showed up as well as the import button. Problem solved. So it looks like maybe that didn't work, or doesn't work anyways, prior to the 6.41.0 install I would imagine. What I mean by loading flight plans was importing them. I could save and load them fine I just couldn't import them.
  12. Qazme

    Glideslope Capture Problem

    RXP - thank you I'm just happy to know that you are aware of this issue and plan to take a look! It's drove me crazy for a few days now. You've done some great work on these products from what I can tell and your support seems to be top notch so far. Thanks for that - it can be a rarity. Can't wait to see future improvements!
  13. I purchased the GTN750 to pair along with the Carenado PC-12 a few days ago. Since I've flown probably 10-12 hours worth of flight time with it and love it. However I'm having an issues with approaches and I've tried a mix of various things to make the GPS capture a glide slope on approach (Tried ILS, LNAV, LNAV+V, LPN etc approaches) and the GPS does the lateral navigation perfectly however never picks up and navigates the vertical profile. I was told, admittedly haven't tried yet since I'm still hours away from home, that if I fully start the plane and then reload the GTN750 in the plugin menu, that it will follow the glide slope profiles. Is this a known bug that plans to be fixed, a problem with the plane, a mix of both? Not pointing fingers at anyone just wanting some clear air on the issue! Hopefully this is something that can be worked out without constantly needing to reload the plugin because other than the GS issue this is probably THE BEST piece of software I've purchased for XP11!! BTW the newest update is terrific I can actually low saved flight plans now. HUGE improvement for me!!