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  1. There's random green tiles in the middle of the night darkness, kind of like day scenery, if you zoom in you'll see
  2. There's random green tiles in the middle of the night darkness, kind of like day scenery, if you zoom in you'll see
  3. Evening everyone, ever since I got OPENLC for NA, I'm getting these very weird looking immersion ruining tiles that have day textures during night flying, I tried force migrating and uninstalling OPENLC NA, but to no avail please suggest me some solutions, it has ruined night flying for me...
  4. These previews look AMAZING! Can't wait for all these updates :D, but correct me if i'm wrong, the EFB and the moving maps features will only come to P3D v4 ? not v3 and FSX?
  5. I have no in-cloud motion effects and they're enbaled, i have the last builds for both! please tell me a solution
  6. i did In low settings i got about 10-19 fps medium fps doesn't change it stays 10-19 fps Glad your enjoying xp11 sir :)
  7. Hahhahaha =) roger that sir Sorry about that :) That's a bad habit What's vulkan ?
  8. The topic i posted on x-plane forums turned into an intel vs amd debate and another debate between Nvidia and AMD And a minority trying to sort out the issue and a good amount of people telling me that my specs aren't good enough to manage decent frame rate in the lowest settings possible on XP11 ! Sorry i'm just giving up ! I sincerely appreciate your help ! And everyone's efforts on helping me ! :) i'll stick with p3d ! Plus i was going to use XP11 just for vfr purposes ! I heard the Aerofly FS 2 sim has a pretty decent cessna ! And it has better graphics that X-plane 11 ! And way more better optimization So i'll def give it a try ! Honestly i'm pretty disappointed ! But at least we're getting a 787 this summer ! Big yay ! And i've seen a video in youtube of a quadro 2000 gpu (i used to have this gpu) And some kind of old amd quad core cpu running XPL11 at decent frame rates ! But according to the responses i got in x-plane forums ! Most people were telling me that my rig is garbage than trying to help me ! Which i didn't expect in such a wonderful community ! Guess what they said is right ! And x-plane now Might be the worst sim i've ever tried ! Thank god i didn't buy it ! Well that's all i have to say Have a splendid day sir :)
  9. I posted a topic there ! Still waiting for approval ! The approval policy is a bit irrelevant
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