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  1. Hey guys, I need some help... Last week I started playing around with DX10 for the first time to see how it would run. While the visuals look a little better (I think, it's marginal) my performance has dropped. On average I'm getting around 6-7 fps LESS when using DX10 from DX9, and I cannot figure out why. This contradicts most people's claims of the improvements and benefits they've found after switching over. I've been consuming posts and guides and Youtube videos, slowly making adjustments to FSX and NI setttings one at a time, and nothing has really helped. If I create a flight in FSX and get 28-30 fps, then I load the same flight with DX10 enabled, I'll get 22-23 fps, with occasional drops to 15fps - and some hard stutters. I haven't purchased Steve's fixer yet because I want to first make sure I can actually make it run on par with FSX performance (if not better). Syetem: 15-2500k OC 4GHz, 8gb ram, GTX 560 Ti
  2. Hi rafapiloto, I've been impressed by this, but have been waiting for the fsx/wilco version. Are you still working on it?
  3. ArezOne King air C90 soundpack! Even the original Carenado included reverse sounds! You can't call that an upgrade.
  4. I thought for sure this was another troll thread. So..very...confused. And can we just leave Bieber out of this?
  5. I didn't know thats how it worked. Interesting. Thanks
  6. Thanks Jim. I actually think it was one of your posts that I read. I wanted to be sure I didn't delete something I wasn't suppose to. I am having trouble with a payware scenery, and the only thing I remember doing before the toruble began was removing those two files, but it could be unrelated.
  7. I removed the antilag files from my fsx folder which includes the config file and the d3d9.dll. It wasn't giving me any noticable stability or performance increase so I just deleted them both. However, I just read somewhere that the d3d9.dll was actually created by directX, and the one with antilag was a replacement. Is this true?
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