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  1. yellowjack

    Scenario Saves and Loads help needed

    Sounds good any pointers on where and how to acquire it?
  2. Hi all, I am fairly new to Prep3D4 and I have screwed up with respect to scenario loads and saves. After finishing a flight I save the scenario in a folder called prep3Dv4 Files. And then create shortcut on the desk top to this file. My intention was to click on the shortcut and resume where I left off. However, whenever I try this Prep3D says it can't find the flight and loads the default flight where I can pick of the flight I want. So I would like to know how to save a scenario and then automatically reload the saved scenery when I next wish to start Prep3Dv4. Can anyone advise what I am doing wrong and how to correct my error? Thanks.
  3. yellowjack

    Change CPU do I ned to reinstall?

    Thanks aero, I will give it a go. I fancy the new Intel 8086K (6 procs at 5GHZ sounds good to me" limited edition. If Win 10 is a problem after an upgrade you can just "upgrade" your PC on the MS site. I have done this before and is a quick way to clear up the windows side of things. I haven't got a reference site URL handy but a quick search will give you the page on "How to".
  4. Hi all, I am contemplating upgrading my CPU only (1151Socket). My question is would this change require a de/re-install of Prep3Dv4?
  5. yellowjack

    Good First Airliner

    Just a suggestion: Feelthere's ERJ Series Carendo's Saab340.
  6. yellowjack

    Upgrading PC, how does one "move" Prep3D

    Thanks for the advice, sorted.
  7. Hi all, I am contemplating upgrading my motherboard and CPU. I would appreciate and advice on what I need to do to get Prep3D running on the "New" PC. I have Prep3D on its own SSD. FSX can be a real PITA to do this, my hope is that Prep3D is not so troublesome.
  8. yellowjack

    Unable to start QW757-3

    Interesting I hope that you can get it going because I didn't think that the B757 would work in P3D. it would be great if it did.
  9. yellowjack

    Removing green ATIS message from view

    Thanks for the tip I hadn't noticed that text message tick box. Will give it a burl.
  10. yellowjack

    Removing green ATIS message from view

    Thanks for that I'll give it a go. I was hoping that there would be a P3DV4 config. entry to stop such things.
  11. Hi all, Can anybody tell me if there is a way to remove the displayed Green/White banner line with the ATIS messages in it which appears when one listens to the Tower ATIS message . What with the message in text in the ATC window and the voice I don't need the same info again across the top of my screen. In fact I don't se the need for any of these distracting one line displays except perhaps for anything from GSX.
  12. yellowjack

    Update for C90B HD P3D4

    I just downloaded it from Simmarket . No time to look at it yet.
  13. yellowjack

    Approach selection by P3Dv4

    Hi all, I have been flying my trusty Real Air Baron around the USA and enjoying the cooler States weather. I always plan and fly IFR flights and the Baron has instrumentation for full ILS approaches. I have noticed that I was always given visual approaches by ATC. However this morning I was giving the option of a GPS approach to one airport and on my next and last leg I was given a full ILS approach. The weather was VFR in all cases. My question is, does anybody have any clues on how PR3V4 decides what approaches it will offer a pilot and if there is an option to force a particular approach type? At the moment it all feels very random and I don't know of any way to change or expand the ATC offering?
  14. I have a Gigabyte 1070 NVidia card and an ACER Predator 21:9 monitor using Gsync. That combo works very well with FSX and P3DV4. I didn't consider a large TV because my Computer room is small. I am reminded of the old Adage "You get what you pay for". Good luck with your decision.
  15. yellowjack

    Help to P3D

    One has to get used to the P3DV4 way of doing things e.g. There were many times I couldn't get past the clearance stage to the taxi stage (I had decided to do a tour of the Caribbean in my trusty Duke). It turned out that the problem was easy to solve after I finally worked it out. In P4DV4 one really has to use the program to place one's aircraft at the planned departure parking spot, close enough is not good enough. Once the truth of my problem was discovered (accidentally) it was all too easy but it wasn't obvious and there were no clues to be found. So, I had discovered that AI doesn't track from your aircraft position to the runway it plans the taxi from the exact nominated parking spot location, if your aircraft isn't the exact spot you don't get any progress beyond the clearance stage. It is only a matter of getting to know the minor foibles of P3D. The proof of the pudding is that I am now turning to P3D first rather than FSX which I still have available.