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  1. Just a question. Doesn't the USA still use inches, feet, yards and miles to measure distance? Its odd that of a country that refused to go metric now starts lambasting a monetary system no longer in use after the UK going metric. Oh, and what's the units of weight in the USA?
  2. I am in a similar situation. After reloading MSFS and trying to start it I get my Xbox user image displayed and somehow it tries to run the Xbox version on my PC. The problem is obviously store centered but what to do about it I haven't a clue.
  3. I have been trying to update my copy of MSFS De Luxe to the latest version but when I try and apply the update in the MS store I keep getting the error code 0x87E00017 and that stops any further progress. My MSFS was working fine until this mandatory update reared it's ugly head. Can anyone give me a clue. I do not want to re-install MSFS because it takes so long to download. My MSFS installation is on my drive "L" and has been there since the first install. I am completely at a loss on how to successfully install the update with error code popping up every time. I would be grateful for any advice to get out of this show stopping quack mire that I have fallen into.
  4. Thanks, It's a start I have already selected my keys, used them in FSX and Prep3D and they work but I don't want to use the keyboard I want them on my TM warthog buttons so how do I get them into MSFS I note that their is a section on TrackIR in MSFS controls but I don't know how to use it to pass the keys onto TrackIR.
  5. I have a Trackir device installed and I can set the various functions such as "Centre", "Pause" and "Precision" working with keyboard controls in MSFS however, I would very much like to use these Trackir controls using buttons on my Hotas Warthog Cougar throttle or stick buttons rather than a keyboard. Can anyone let me know if this is possible and how to do it? I would be most grateful for a "How to".
  6. I have a Thrustmaster Warthog and rudder pedals (trusty Thrusty) and run the three USB control cables from my TM controls (mounted on my seat) to a USB3 hub on the top edge of my desk. No problems and I have been doing it for years.
  7. Hi, I have both P3dv4 & P3dv5 and they are on two 512GB SSDs (1 for v4 & 1 for V5) and they include a small partition for downloads on each SSD.
  8. Good news I took MDflier's advice and now have P3Dv5 and AS working properly it was a delight to reopen P3Dv5 and see actual weather in the sim. So my thanks go to MDflier for putting me on the right track. My thanks also goes to those others who pitched in. 1 PITA removed hoorah!
  9. Typo on my part I have #7638 installed
  10. Thanks MDFlier I have taken note, I can't remember running a connector installer when I installed P3Dv5. I rather thought that a complete reinstall might be in the offing. I have put in a bug report to AS. Being the holiday season I might have to wait for an answer.
  11. The Latest for P3Dv5. ASP3D.exe -simVersion=5
  12. No luck but on restart I noticed a message that said "P3D connection logging does not appear to be enabled" . I would be grateful if anyone could give me an idea of setting up the permissions (or pointer) for any other items necessary to make this message go away?
  13. I just tried the advice given but it didn't change my forever haze and no clouds situation. I am now thinking of either reinstalling P3Dv5 or just having Pred3dv4 and MSFS to play with it is all very frustrating.
  14. Thanks I'll give it a go, this situation is driving me nuts. I had no problem with P3dv4.
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