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  1. yellowjack

    P3D ILS Tower approache procs missing

    What I said was "However, I draw the line at flying a VFR approach to an ILS equipped airport." What I should have said was "However, I draw the line at flying a VFR approach to an ILS equipped airport in IFR conditions". I hope that makes more sense now..
  2. yellowjack

    P3D ILS Tower approache procs missing

    All I am saying is that the approaches in FSX are not the same in Prep3D. When they logically should be as Prep3D was supposed to be the original airport files from FSX. I suppose the term small airports is a bit of a tickler but I have found no problems with the approaches of what I will term "The larger commercial airports". I have already given the samples of Toledo and Helena airports for those that could be flown to confirm my findings you an also add Roanoke to the list. As for online access to other systems, how would they deal with the time difference if I took off at say 12:00hrs AEST and flew from and American state. I like others fly for the fun of it I'm not after the ultimate accurate flight sim experience. At 76 I won't be applying for my commercial pilot ticket any time soon. However, I draw the line at flying a VFR approach to an ILS equipped airport.
  3. yellowjack

    P3D ILS Tower approache procs missing

    You seem to be missing the point, focussing on my (IFR) flight to Toledo we have the situation where in P3D ILS approaches are not an option whilst they are in FSX the ILS approaches are available. Even if one is given a VFR approach one can always use the "Select a different approach" option to select an ILS approach if available. In FSX ILS approaches to Toledo (in this example) are available whilst in P3D they are not. The ILS bars will show up in either case so the ground equipment is OK. The only thing missing in P3D, is apparently, the ATC ILS approach procs. Regarding using another ATC system I would be willing to give it a try but any alternate ATC system must include all the approaches for all the airports in P3D as as the default . I have suspicion that any other ATC system would still use the default built in procs. I am only to willing to be corrected on this assumption. So what is the best alternate ATC system?
  4. yellowjack

    P3D ILS Tower approache procs missing

    I didn't keep track of all the airports I visited simply because I didn't realise it was an issue until the examples given cropped up. Of course there are some airports (or should that be airstrips) I have visited which have no ILS equipment and then I would expect to receive a visual approach clearance. I have also visited airports where a full ILs approach is given and they work fine both for ATC procs. and ILS equipment. That in fact is half the problem you don't what you getting until you realise that you've been scuttled by the fickle finger of fate. Luckily I have yet to have a VFR only airfield which need a diversion due to IFR weather. A good job I always take off with full tanks (that's pretty cheap insurance in a flight sim .
  5. Hi all, Since acquiring P3D I have been smooching around USA in my Real-air Duke and thoroughly enjoying the P3D experience. All my flights use an IFR flight plan. However, I have noticed that in many (but not all) of the of the P3D smaller airports that I have visited an IFR approach is neither given or listed in the “Approach Options” page of the Tower dialogue. This can be a real PITA for example I was flying in the northern states at night, my destination was KHLN. Weather visibility was down to 900' AGL. The tower commanded my descent at 4,000 feet AGL. Subsequently the tower asked me if I had the runway in sight, duh! Now that airport has the necessary ILS ground facilities which were all operational and I landed successfully using the ILS beam guidance indicators on the instrument panel. I can only think that the ATC procs for the ILS approaches were omitted from the Airport file. From this and similar occurrences I formed the opinion that the ILS procedures for tower coms, at many of the smaller airports were non existent. Yesterday I had the same problem when approaching Toledo when no ILS approach options were available from the tower. I decided to experiment and repeated the same flight with the same aircraft, same time and same weather using FSX. I had no problem using FSX , the tower specified an ILS approach which I accepted and completed normally. My appreciation of P3D is on the wane for what appears to be an oversight by LM in not transferring the ILS tower procs for many of the smaller airfields/airports from FSX to P3D. Has anyone else flying to the smaller airport in P3D noticed the same thing or is my installation somehow screwed up.
  6. I recently installed an M2 card to store my P3D partition. I was hoping that the "getting ready" prep time would be reduced. However, in practise there is no worthwhile difference between SSD and M2. I am thinking seriously about reverting back to the SSD which has an advantage (for me art least) because I have an piece of kit that can clone SSDs so I can have secondary copies of SSDs ready to go if I should stuff FSX or P3D up by my "Playing around" with the software and files. An option that is much more friendly and faster than using Acronis to recover from backups.
  7. Further to my previous message I should clarify that I was getting the "already used messages" when I was trying to re- install "Microsoft Flight Simulator - Gold edition". Perhaps this is different from the original disks (which, as I said before, I still have). I remember that last time I reinstalled from the MS original disks, many years ago, I made a phone call to a MS help centre. The MS centre and the person taking the call had no idea about flight simulator or new key numbers. I don't know where the call centre was or if that would make a difference but the man answering the phone had a strong sub-continental accent so I think the call centre may have been overseas from Oz where I abide.
  8. That is interesting. How did you manage the FSX keys as MS no longer renews keys. I assume that you started with a "clean sheet" PC hence my question. I ask because I have my original FSX and Accelerations disks and would love to reinstall FSX on a CPU upgraded PC. I have a copy of the Flight Simulator "Gold Edition" but can't get it to re-install without a "Key already used" type message. John
  9. yellowjack

    AI traffic problem

    Hi, I would like to know what AFCAD Editor is available and from where, I assume you weren't referring to ADE. I would dearly love a tool like AFCAD (FS AND FSX) were available for P3Dv4. Thanks John
  10. Hi, Just so you know, you can still OC the 8087K. I took mine to 5.5Ghz but that made no apparent difference to P3Dv4 so I set it back to 5.2GHZ for longevity's sake which I run with now.
  11. I have an Asus Predator 34" wide screen monitor running at 3440 x1440 Gsync on and I wouldn't swap it for anything else. It works very well with TrackIR for flightsimming.
  12. yellowjack

    Problems with split level Airport scenery

    Yes, I had an auto update to GSX 2 (trial version Apparently). Not much use when ones a/c is standing on the ground but the gates and jetways are 40' up in the air!
  13. Hi all, I have an issue with "Split level" airports both commercial and native in P3D4. "Split level" airports, as I call them, is where the basic airport is level but other ground, such as that between runways and taxi/access paths are at a different (usually lower) level. I have found samples such as native P3D KDEN and commercial airports such as Dreamteam's KLAS. I have also discovered that whilst FSDT's KDFW is level all vehicles have their wheels buried into the ground surface by about 6" to 9". However, my other commercial purchased airports appear OK and I have had no problems with other inbuilt airports although I haven't visited very many I have has similar problems in FSX and have fixed them by running AFX and placing a flatten polygon around the airport. However I know of no handy tool such as AFX for Prep3D. I also have most of ORBX's US products installed whether these have an impact I do not know. If anyone can point can point me in the right direction to solve these issues I would be most grateful. I have also noticed that Prep3D's loading times seem to have grown a lot just recently. All help an info appreciated. Thanks John
  14. yellowjack

    Scenario Saves and Loads help needed

    Sounds good any pointers on where and how to acquire it?