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  1. Which of these is higher quality? I was looking at screenshots on FSDTs website, and these airports look kinda outdated graphically. I want both of these airports, but is it worth buying right now, or are they planning on updating these airports? I read somewhere that KLAS is getting updated in the future sometime, so if I were to buy it now- would I get the updated version free when it comes out? Right now I have KPHX by Flightbeam, and the quality is so darn good that KLAS or KLAX might look un-appealing to me. So would it be best to wait on KLAS-KLAX to be updated to HD remakes? Maybe buy KDEN or KSFO instead for the meantime?
  2. Guys $100 is not bad for an actual airbus in digital form. Physical Airbus = $98 Million Digital Airbus = $100 Yes they recreated the actual thing.
  3. Cant find a good A320...

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