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  1. I have the marketplace version wanted to check how the update’s running as the first post last week had several people with performance issues. (Like this one!) Good to see a bunch of you guys getting good/better performance/smoother. I have yet to update and obviously don’t want to have worse performance. BTW, the old “with marketplace versions you have to wait forever for updates” rhetoric needs to end. Seems like KLAS update was out in the marketplace a few days after released on their site/Orbx, etc. Not bad.
  2. I do. I see @JETPETER2 had issues with live traffic and no issues with FSTL but it seems very sporadic. Did the same flight yesterday (KMDW-KLGA, 739) that froze Friday without issue. Will continue to investigate and see what others are posting.
  3. Just to add, My first flight after the update froze, and I had one yesterday. Freezes with engine sounds continuing. ctrl-alt-del is the only way to shut down, but engine sounds still continue at Windows desktop.
  4. Similar to what I experienced except the logbook hung for like 20-30 seconds which seemed like an eternity.
  5. That’s what we all want! I’m stunned that after three years Asobo has not added these default camera views from FSX. Utterly ridiculous.
  6. I’m on an older driver version (517. xx) and got the message to update and continued the flight. The only anomaly I noticed was the outer square portion of the PFD showed a white, thickish line around the border depending on the angle it was being viewed at with TrackIR. This was the 737-900. Otherwise, all looked ok. I’ll update tomorrow. Just downloaded 536.xx to update.
  7. Indeed, his quick start for the 737 from cold and dark was the beginning of my addiction with her. Concise and to the point with the necessary explanations without veering into much wasted time. Very accessible for the ‘average’ simmer.
  8. I only buy this stuff when it’s on sale. I think I got these two for $14/12. There might be a Memorial Day sale next week? I try to pick up at least one of these gems during the sales, Last three being KDEN, EKCH, and KPDX.
  9. Performance with these FB airports is stellar for me with no performance degradation in the cockpit. Very smooth. Outside views sometimes bring the fps down a bit but always acceptable. Departed KPDX the other day on the Lavaa6 departure (for Southwest in APL 😉) and it was glorious at 7am. One of my favorites. Been really enjoying it. Arriving back there on my next flight from KSJC today. KDEN is the same, excellent performance and butter smooth.
  10. You’re gonna love it. I picked it up in November and have done every flight (290+)since in APL, with the 737 only(600/900). Now in Alaska. Off to Nome now.
  11. Thanks for the replies…the LVFR airports are nice, performance is very good (FLL & SAN) maybe a step or two below FlyTampa and Flightbeam (just got KPDX and I think it’s very nice) but for $9-11 for what I got the LVFR sceneries at, its a good deal. I only buy when on sale. Id like KTPA, but not on sale. For that price I’ll pick up TJSJ and KBOS.
  12. Just noticed this and have two round trips into TJSJ this week on APL. I’m guessing for this price it’s a slam dunk but just checking what you guys think. Big LVFR fan as well.
  13. I didn’t reintroduce any of the addons as they were all GA related, mostly older liveries and smaller airports. I’m now flying the 737’s exclusively so no need to bring back the old addons at this time. Thus far, performance has remained good with no degradation over time.
  14. I had the same issue right after the SU12 release and resolved it by turning off almost everything in the community folder…using add on linker. I was totally disappointed and have never had the need to troubleshoot the community folder before, but this time it did the trick. One of my old liveries or airports had to be the culprit.
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