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  1. I am a GA guy and Plan G definitely suits my needs. As far as networking, it was pretty easy. Just need XPUIPC on the XPlane computer and the XPUIPC client on the laptop. All you needed to do was set the proper IP addresses. The only small hiccup I had was building the database on the laptop. Though they are networked, Plan G didn't want to cooperate. I installed Plan G on the xplane computer and built the database, then copied it to the laptop. The manual even suggests that as the more likely, easier way to get it done. Start Plan G, then the XPUIPC client on the laptop(which shows your connection status), then load xplane. Once the plane was loaded in xplane, the yellow plane popped right up on the map on the laptop.
  2. Yesterday I installed Plan G on a networked laptop and it is just fantastic! Highly recommend is an understatement. Installation went pretty smoothly as well, but you do have to pay attention to what you're doing. I can't imagine anyone being dissatisfied with Plan g.
  3. Andras, of course your right, and I noticed that Death Valley was good but seemed to miss some detail. That you explained it immediately is almost as impressive as your work! Now to check out the Oregon coast KONP to KPDX and down the Hood river.
  4. Yes, the Aerosoft site was a breeze! Big thank you Andras! Did a few short flights earlier and it's quite impressive. Getting ready for a flight through Death Valley to do some more testing.
  5. I've been really disappointed as well with the flickering, barely visible cloud shadows. I thought something might have been wrong with my PC. Will definitely take a look at that Ultimate sim pack. Thanks for posting Ham.
  6. Thanks mgeiss, good to hear. Forgot to ask, how are fps affected with these planes? I assume there is some fps hit, especially with the G1000. Hopefully not too bad.
  7. New to XP, just installed last weekend and looking for planes. I'm most interested in the Epic, maybe the Eclipse later on, but these two aren't XP 11 exclusively, where the Panthers and Velocity are exclusive to XP11. Are the exclusive planes better in XP 11 in any way? Flight model? Just curious. Looking at either the Epic or the Carenado C90 for now.
  8. From the videos I've seen, the flight model does look very good. Active seems to be a good way to describe it. Can't wait to check it out. For controls, I'm covered with CH stuff; yoke, fighter stick, rudder pedals, and throttle quadrant. You hit the nail on the head when you say there will tons to learn inside XP. (And outside) I understand this and that's why I'll pick up an area or two of completed orthos as I concentrate on many other things. And thanks for the PM offer. I'm sure I'll be in touch!
  9. Just ordered the drive. Going to wait till it gets here to install XP. I noticed how Forkboy did the orthos increasing resolution near the airports and thought that was brilliant. I also looked at some of the Ortho4xp tutorials on YouTube. Noticed a lot of people have issues getting them to work, but I'll try to be prepared before I get involved with it. For the time being, my plan is to get XP installed and get acquainted with it, and download Forkboys Southern California along with U.S. West real life, a traffic program(WT 3.0?), and see how it's working then. Then I'll try doing my own orthos, maybe. Lol
  10. Hey Susu, first of all, don't apologize for the long post! Extremely pertinent info addressing my exact questions, and then some. I'm especially interested in the fact that you seem to really like orthos more than ORBX and Megascenery. Now that is VERY promising! Hopefully that's true for low level GA flights as well. Saw Forkboys Southern California download is 73 GB (including the Vegas area where I now live) Washington is 20 or so, another area (PNW) I enjoy. So I'm figuring the 500 gig SSD should be good to get started. If I go crazy with orthos or find I need more than 500 GB later on, I'll deal with another drive then, and there was a thread on here in the scenery section where guys are using external (5400rpm) drives to store their orthos files. Really appreciate all this great info!
  11. Appreciate the replies...Let me ask one quick question, as you Susu are leading me to believe as well as other posts I've been seeing...can I have the main program on my primary drive (C: 500 GB SSD) and put all add ons on a separate drive later on? I was thinking one extra drive to install the game and all add ons, which is the way I'm leaning. I do like the idea of using orthos, need to learn what it's all about some more. Looks like some guys make it themselves, and others put areas up for download, like Forkboy does, it seems. Then there are other packages to download that seem to work by themselves, or with orthos, like U.S. West "Real Life" 1.2 I saw on the .org site. Anyway, back to the drive, I'm wondering if 500GB will be enough, after what you say about the size of orthoscenery. Let me explain briefly what I'm looking for, and what I really liked in FSX. FTX regions! Lol As far as scenery, I would love to get a similar (or better) environment than that. If there is payware available like that, I'd buy a region right now and get at it. Also used some Megascenery for some areas. So just trying to figure out what I want and "need," and some of the basics to get me started. GA, FS Economy, etc. Been away from flight sim for SIX years now. Hoping XP11 is as good as many say. Very interested in seeing the flight model on the GA planes.
  12. Downloaded XP yesterday to my primary SSD which now has ~110 GB available after download. Haven't installed yet. Thinking of add on scenery and such, contemplating adding another SSD. I'm not they type to download every piece of photo scenery to cover the world. My FSX install was less than 250 gig with a decent amount of photoscenery, FTX, traffic, etc. Thinking 250-500gig should be fine, but just saw a few guys on Steam with 4TB and 8TB drives. What do you think? Can get Samsung 850 for $95/140 (250/500GB)
  13. Bought and downloaded from Steam earlier. My personal opinion that Steam is very good, never had an issue, so Conrad, save the $15. ;-) Going to install and dust off (take out of boxes) all the CH equipment tomorrow and get it set up. Thinking of a Rift too. Loved FSX for a while, got me to my (sports) pilot's license. Would love to see a Skycatcher. Lol Gonna miss a few planes tho, the Duke and Otter especially. Hope to see some great GA aircraft get into XP11.
  14. I'm in the same boat as OP. Looking to get back into flight sim after four + years away. Have tons of FSX add ons but think I want to try something new, and the XP11 reviews are very good. I usually will not hesitate and go the direct route, but it is on sale on steam ($44.39 on sale vs $59.99) plus I have a credit there that makes it almost free. Sounds like the same thing besides maybe getting the betas a day or two early, no big deal for me.
  15. I hate to say it, but I'm not going to buy. I would love to support Flight, but I already have a slow two seater that can't do jobs. And besides, if I'm going to fly a two seater in Flight, 95% of the time I'll pick the RV. The Cub would last me just a few days until I shelved it. It's unfortunate because I really would like to support MS making VC equipped planes. From the start, I wasn't too excited about the Cub mainly for it's lack of capability as mentioned. Many have opined about $15 for just a VC, and I agree it's a bit too high, especially for the Cub. If we were talking about a more capable airplane that could move pax and cargo (Caravan, Kodiak, Beaver, etc) I'd be all over it. Oh well, maybe Flight will come out with some more attractive options to allow us to fly bigger and better jobs in the not too distant future, but for now, I'm not very optimistic about it.