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  1. Exactly my philosophy with drivers. That said, I couldn’t open NVCP this week to turn AA gamma correction off so I updated the other day to 472.12 before this driver came out. Was on 456.71 prior. New driver working well.
  2. I installed this over the weekend and have been seeing a bunch of ships. Long Beach to San Diego I saw a few ships on the way and a few default ones down around San Diego. Just now taking off from John Wayne. Also did a few flights in Norway and saw a cruise ship or two, a few ferries, and some other ships in the distance I didn’t get close to. I’m at 50 on ships and Ferries as well as 50 on leisure boats, which are my default settings. I’m keeping it as is for now. Looks fantastic. Why go down to 7?
  3. Wish I could find a 3070(Ti) at some sort of reasonable price. Though the 1070Ti is still going strong and surprisingly well in MSFS, a 3070 would be a very welcome addition. Like many, I’ve been looking for a year already and still very difficult to find.
  4. Looking great! This and the Twin Otter are getting close. Instabuys for sure!
  5. I also have not had any issues with the marketplace. Works fine for me. I just have a handful of sceneries from there. Like you, I try not to have more ridiculous accounts to get flight sim downloads than necessary. So happens I have Orbx central and yes, the CRJ was discounted through Orbx. I think I paid $36.24. I do not have an Aerosoft account and hope I don’t need one. (As long as the Twin Otter comes out on Orbx or Just Flight on day 1 👍)
  6. Just get it from Orbx like I did. Zero installation issues. Couldn’t be any easier.
  7. I know you’re going to enjoy it. Hopping into mine in a few minutes for a PilotEdge flight. The only advice I would give is to slow this plane down early on decent. It can be a little “slippery .”
  8. I’m just looking for the Twin Otter and the Kodiak and it looks like both are getting close to release. If they are good or better , I’ll be thrilled. Flight model being the most important aspect.
  9. Just to update...lol...i finally got the update. Wish you guys luck in getting it promptly.
  10. Still nothing. I tried downloading and opening the XBOX app to no joy.
  11. Same for me, came on here to see if others were seeing similar. In case it may matter, I'm in Las Vegas.
  12. I bought one from Sporty’s three days before they raised the price, so I got a little lucky for a change.
  13. I use the GTN 750 in the JF Turbo Arrow, C172, and the DA 62, and all I will say is you’re going to love it. Going to do a C172 flight now on PilotEdge where it’s indispensable. Great addition! So much so I may pay for the premium version to support the great effort.
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