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  1. I had the same issue right after the SU12 release and resolved it by turning off almost everything in the community folder…using add on linker. I was totally disappointed and have never had the need to troubleshoot the community folder before, but this time it did the trick. One of my old liveries or airports had to be the culprit.
  2. Looks good. This and A Pilot’s Life would go very well together.
  3. To report back and echo what @Fiorentoni mentioned, just did a flight from ESSA to EPWA and it was much better. I turned off everything in the community folder using add-on linker, well kept one…wasn’t many, maybe 15, mostly older GA liveries and a few airports, and old version of the GTN750 and we love vfr. Took off in fog and snow in the PMDG737 and performance was as good the whole way. A lot of clouds in Warsaw as well and the flight was much better. TrackIR was butter smooth the whole way, significantly better than before. So, get rid of all that stuff in the community folder and see if it helps. As I said in my first post about seeing declining performance during flight, I’ve never had the need to do this to my community folder as I’ve never seen this type of degradation. YMMV but certainly worth a shot. Looks like SU12 doesn’t do well with some (older?)addons.
  4. After SU 12, I’m seeing my frames drop into the 20’s during the first hour of flight. I’ve never seen this before. Starts fine at the gate, high 40’s usually, maybe higher, and slowly declines during the flight and I’m on final at 20-25 fps. Very strange as like I said, this has never happened before. Trying to find out more about this and if others are experiencing the same.
  5. Exactly this. I just made changes to this a few days ago. I think it’s page 15 under airplane > equipment. Maybe 16, definitely towards the end.
  6. Big FT fan too. I live in Vegas and we know how good KLAS is. I thought it may be the best flight sim scenery but I now hear it’s Brussels. 🙃 Even though I’m looking at Europe, first FT that gets my attention on Orbx is KBOS!
  7. Great suggestions guys! Looking at Filbert videos. Lol funny I just landed at stock EGPH and the payware looks excellent. Have to check what airlines use these as hubs as SAS does with EKCH.
  8. Just started flying for KLM in A Pilot’s Life v2 and really enjoying Europe. As many of you may know, there’s an Orbx sale going on and looking to pick up an airport or five. I think I’ve heard many great things about Fly Tampa EKCH so that’s the one on the list already. Obviously it would be great if EHAM was out. What else? International airports as I’ll get the most out of them with APL. Thanks!
  9. Here’s a list of all the handcrafted airports in MSFS thus far. Very handy to have this bookmarked somewhere. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/guide-asobo-handcrafted-airports/409633
  10. I agree. KLAS wasn’t on Orbx for the longest time, and when I saw it on sale in the marketplace I grabbed it. Of course that is the same exact time KLAS showed up on Orbx. Going to pick up EKCH this week on Orbx, maybe some more while the sale is going on.
  11. Billboard updates! Nice. I have the marketplace version 1.7.2 I think and have never had issues with 26L. Perfect for me unless I’m missing something. Always get the GS, and I have to say I’ve approached from PRINO a lot, a bunch from HOGOG as well with expected results.
  12. For the bush trips and discovery flights, I’d do them all if I could select any plane in my hangar. I stay away from the default planes as my payware is just more entertaining and realistic in just about every scenario.
  13. Thanks for the heads up and the links. Much appreciated!
  14. Wow, just double clicked MSFS icon and got this message too, same error code in title. Had three coronaries, restarted the PC tried again, same error and hopped on AVSIM immediately.
  15. Already told you why I went with the 900. Been greasing every landing with it lately too. Did I mention the scimitar winglets? Lol Did a short round trip in APL DEN-RAP with the 736 outbound and the 739 returning. Great fun. Both are superb.
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