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  1. So those paddles will work as reversers. Good! I'm a Twotter fan, though yet to have it in Xplane. I was thinking for the Kodiak, and the Eclipse vlj. More importantly than the paddles, how do you like the Eclipse yoke overall? I'm coming from the original CH which is really sticky and springy at the center, making landing/flaring (amongst several other things) a much larger event than it needs to be. lol I really wanted to spend more and get a better yoke, but there's literally nothing in the $400-500 range. Should be delivered today.
  2. Too bad. Strange because many newer people to flight sim without rudder pedals use those paddles as rudder, and are advertised by CH that way. I'll have to figure out something else for those paddles, maybe to adjust the heading bug or something like that. For reverserers, maybe the horizontal rocker switches on the top of each side of the yoke handle.
  3. So this yoke has these funky paddles on the side with the main use as rudder inputs. I have pedals but am curious if you could press both paddles in at the same time,unlike the way rudder pedals work, press down on right rudder and left pedal moves towards you. I'm thinking these would work well for me as reversers if they can both be pressed at the same time. Any thoughts?
  4. Go take a flight to Telluride (KTEX) and see what that looks like. As you may already know, it's a great flight, and the runway shows more slope than KDEN.
  5. I have a very similar issue with the CH throttle quadrant. With the throttles at full stop, passed the detents, my turbo prop (Kodiak) and Eclipse 550 vlj have the reversers on full, which is fine for now. I might want to set a button for that at some time, but no complaints. For my other planes, AFL 172 and Diamond DA-62, being at full stop gives me max throttle, which is terrible. I really need to get it figured out. We should have the ability to set our controllers differently for each plane (X-plane) and this has been nagging me for a while, and as said by the OP, I haven't seen any conclusive ways to accomplish this anywhere. Should be a fairly simple solution no?
  6. Ray, very interesting you went with a new Saitek/Logitech setup as I'm now thinking the same. Honeycomb is no longer a consideration. Though a lot of the discussion here has been on throttles, (happy with my CH quadrant for now) I'm considering the ProFlight yoke. How are you liking the new yoke? Never had one though they did feel pretty decent at FS Expo, and I was a bit surprised at how much better it was than my decade old CH.
  7. Thrustmaster did announce a couple of new products including a good looking set of rudder pedals for ~$400 and a new gaming headset. Unfortunately nothing mentioned about a yoke.
  8. Understand Ray, and will, just the situation with this company and its beyond slow rollout with minimal information has been so unbelievably frustrating, that I thought many in this thread, you and I included, might have an different alternative in the not too distant future.
  9. Here's the Thrustmaster info I just got in an email. Thrustmaster is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of FlightSimExpo! As 1,000 of the most loyal members of the flight sim community prepare to take flight into Las Vegas for the inaugural Flight Sim Expo, Thrustmaster is also gearing up for what will be what may be its most exciting year ever for flight simmers. In the next week, Thrustmaster will announce three new flight products designed for the elite sim gamer. One of which will be a total game-changer for simmers looking to recreate an accurate in-home cockpit experience. And attendees of FlightSimExpo will have a global exclusive first chance to try it for themselves! Thrustmaster hardware will be demonstrated at the following booths: Aerosoft (Booth 504): The Hotas Warthog and an exclusive chance to try our brand-new elite flight hardware. X-Plane (Booth 501) and MilViz (Booth 307): T-16000 Hotas Watch for an extra chance to win your own Thrustmaster gear from FlightSimExpo! This event is the first stop on Thrustmaster’s Summer of Flight. We’re thrilled that FlightSimExpo will be the first stop. Follow the official Thrustmaster social network for more hardware details the week before the event. Happy flying!
  10. Hey Gabe, I agree with you 100,000%. I have no idea of the stubbornness to stay at the $200 price point. I am dying to spend double that, $400 or so for a decent quality yoke. I also race on the computer and Thrustmaster makes great, heavy duty, force feedback wheels for $450, and they're very good. I mention this because I just got an email about the upcoming Flight Sim Expo here in Vegas this weekend, where Thrustmaster announced "Three new flight products designed for the elite sim gamer." The new hardware will be demonstrated at the Expo. I am hopeful that a yoke will be part of their new flight hardware. Stay tuned. As far as Fly Honeycomb, and following this thread since October, I've concluded they are a "Shlock operation," and I highly doubt I would purchase any of their products.
  11. Thank you very much Martin. Appreciate it. Googling now...
  12. Haven't seen that fantastic info! I'll be there, as I live here in Vegas. Do you know where it's taking place? The convention center, or at one of the hotels possibly? As far as the new yoke, I really need it yesterday. My old CH yoke is so notchy and unsmooth with that old spring and plastic shaft. I've been looking and you can't even get a good yoke for $500 can you? I would love a premium yoke in that range.
  13. I am a GA guy and Plan G definitely suits my needs. As far as networking, it was pretty easy. Just need XPUIPC on the XPlane computer and the XPUIPC client on the laptop. All you needed to do was set the proper IP addresses. The only small hiccup I had was building the database on the laptop. Though they are networked, Plan G didn't want to cooperate. I installed Plan G on the xplane computer and built the database, then copied it to the laptop. The manual even suggests that as the more likely, easier way to get it done. Start Plan G, then the XPUIPC client on the laptop(which shows your connection status), then load xplane. Once the plane was loaded in xplane, the yellow plane popped right up on the map on the laptop.
  14. Yesterday I installed Plan G on a networked laptop and it is just fantastic! Highly recommend is an understatement. Installation went pretty smoothly as well, but you do have to pay attention to what you're doing. I can't imagine anyone being dissatisfied with Plan g.
  15. Andras, of course your right, and I noticed that Death Valley was good but seemed to miss some detail. That you explained it immediately is almost as impressive as your work! Now to check out the Oregon coast KONP to KPDX and down the Hood river.
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