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  1. No...I don't actually use the linker thing so im guessing here, but I i think the purpose is so that you can place and organize all your addons in a different folder other than the Community one...even on another drive somewhere if you wish and organize them into subfolders with names that make sense to you (leave your community folder empty I guess)...then the linker sees all those addons organized in your new folders wherever you decided to put them and then creates community folder inks so that fs will still see and load them even though the addons are not actually in your community folder.
  2. If he's using Live weather correctly...I'd guess the wind is correct and its the atis and sock thats wrong.
  3. I don't use ATIS since its always wrong in this game...and I dont bother looking at windsock to be perfectly honest as it's never really near where I'm at. So until they fix the Atis reporting and rwy assignments I just use the VFR map mod which tells me what the real time wind is and i decide which rwy is best...and using this method my nose always is pushed to the windward side as one would expect.
  4. Didn't know commercial devs were allowed to advertise on the regular forums here, but... What about this?... "What I would like to see added, if it's at all possible, is for FCR to include a "fly-by" stationary view which is set at a certain distance and altitude from your aircraft. This would provide a great way to allow users to snap to a view that would offer an easy and convenient way of seeing our landings so that we wouldn't always need to fiddle with the Drone cam (which can be cumbersome and either too slow or too fast). Make the altitude and distance to aircraft editable in the menu so the user can change it as desired. If you can manage that it might be a big time saver for alot of players who enjoy watching our landings from a simulated runway and/or tower view 🙂"
  5. Actually...for new trainees the worse thing you can do is to let them sit down at their desk sims to play, as they will develop unsafe habits and need to unlearn what they have mistakenly learned the wrong way. Yes...desktop software can be used for some training (and in fact XP can be used to log a minimum amount of instrument hours if done with an instructor on their equipment), but only in very limited ways and only if used in a proper and restricted fashion by the pilot and/or instructor. But if you are referring to the way that 99% of us use the software...not much of that is actually applicable to becoming a safe and experienced private pilot and earning your license. I think it's actually more useful for certain aspects of instrument training and also manual vfr navigation (plotting course and wind correction/timings) without any radios. But in no way is it useful in a mechanical sort of way, in where you think if you can fly a plane on your desktop that will transfer into a real life ability to land a real plane...ummm nope not happening anytime soon...for that you need experience in the real thing because simulating is not just about the software...its also about the hardware, the mechanical interface between software and hardware...and the sounds (extremely underrated and very important). Then comes the flight dynamics...which are probably less important than the pervious things already mentioned. This is why full motion level-D sims are so much more effective, because the mechanics, real sounds and movements which are mimicking the real aircraft are all there. That all makes a huge difference in simulating a specific aircraft...what we are all doing at home is rather silly in comparison...but it can be used in purposefully ways to aid the pilot.
  6. As far as veering off the runway after touchdown is concerned...there are 2 forces that cause this. One is wind and the other is the P-factor from the props spinning (which should be greatly reduced on touchdown as compared to takeoff btw). Since the OP is flying a jet the only thing that can cause runway veering is the wind...or a screwy controller calibration. To check and see which one it is all you need to do is: 1. Make CERTAIN there is no wind layers in your flight weather (double check this after you spawn in, you could download the VFR map mod which tells you your real winds). 2. attempt to take off using jets (use more than 1 aircraft). 3. if you tried in 2 jets and only 1 veers off then its an aircraft issue...if all jets veer off then it's a controller issue. 4. If none of them veer off then you were experiencing a crosswind, which is normal.
  7. a bit atypical even for the mainstream gamer mentality, but it shows just how far some gamers are willing to go in order to get their fix.
  8. That's about the worst thing you could possibly need right now, for your pc. What are you going to put in there now and how much is it going to cost you to buy it? The only thing I can see online was the 10 series for around $1200?
  9. oh ok yea, I was looking at the power settings in the POH and couldn't find those anywhere 🙂 at that alt & rpm's 32.8 would be 75% But my confusion is about: how does one know how much we would be able to push that in the real plane? Would we do damage at 38mp at 3,000ft? Does it not matter as long as EGT is within limits? How do we know?
  10. Which power settings are you using there, looks like 38/25?
  11. What can one do if their old graphics card suddenly goes bad on them now? It's as if you'd need to stop gaming altogether or shell out $1200+ for a lousy 1080 gpu. I dont even think you can find a 20 series card anymore, let alone a 30 series. I think unless the situation is soon put to rest that alot of broken gaming gpu's will soon force gamers out of the market for AAA games. It's time to stop over-clocking your graphics cards to reduce heat as much as possible in order to increase your gpu's longevity. Time to buy an Xbox? ewwwwwwww, not for me!...I'd rather play quake 2, if push comes to shove, lol.
  12. flightsim's ARE sinkholes, aren't they 🤓
  13. Then IMO, since you are a study level flyer, is that you will likely be spending most of your time in the FBW A320 for now (which is free, and the only airliner which is currently worth bothering with for study level)...and then perhaps the PMDG DH-6 (which I think is releasing in June?). There is nothing study level out of the box of course...but the FBW A320 is the default A320 but modified. Most of the planes in the game do not fly by the numbers as their real world counterparts do...so if you're demanding of this then what I just said holds true...you will likely only fly the FBW mod and the PMDG 4 prop once it releases. The PMDG 737 is supposed to release near end of this year.
  14. ok, well I have to check and find out what normal cruise settings are for that plane..it's going to be different, obviously, than the non turbo 🙂
  15. What's your MP/Prop at? When I fly the non turbo I get approx. 125kias with MP and prop at 24/24.
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