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  1. Starting a new Steam based Community for some of us older flight simmers out here (for other games/sims too). Just as a way of meeting up, chatting, playing together and staying in touch from day to day. If you're age 40+ and looking for a small group of like-minded casual simmers and gamers to hang out with from time to time, send a Steam friend request and come say, hey!: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/FOG-CLUB
  2. ah, didn't know about the progress tab having it...thank you for pointing that out for me. Yea sure that'd be terrific for the next update. Thanks again, Alex...really liking this!
  3. Just started using this, and hats off to the author on such a great job...thank you! One thing I am not able to find on the map display is a live display of my plane's True Airspeed. I see it displays the ground speed just fine, but is there anyway to add TAS in addition to the Ground Speed indication? Please note, I am not referring to true airspeed given on flightplan info after landing, but merely a live readout of it on the map as you are flying real-time. I did read the manual but did not see it mentioned or I missed it. Thank you so much for making this application, one can clearly see that alot of love has gone into this project.
  4. you dont actually need to code anything if you don't want to. What I've done is to simply create an engine 1 and engine 2 buttons profile within xplane, and assigned a key that will bring up the profiles menu on-the-fly in the sim. Start engine 1, switch to the engine 2 profile (via your hotkey) and strat engine 2. It's all done within the x-plane menus...no programming needed. The only time you really need to code for something like this is when you have a plane which uses custom commands (datarefs) assigned to it's panel switches instead of default xplane commands.
  5. I'd like to choose the best one from out of the following: 1. Citation II S550 2. FA50 (Falcon 50) 3. Premier 390 1A Will any of these work well while flying manual approaches with using flight director as guidance (with a/p off) on LPV approach and suedo Glideslope? If they all will do this then which of them has the least amount of known issues out of the box as of this date, generally speaking? Thanks!
  6. ...will be trying some Nano products...ordered some tape and suction pads to test for this purpose.
  7. Thanks FreeBird, was hoping for an option that wouldn't ruin my desk, however.
  8. Are there any simple alternative methods (im not skilled working with my hands) for mounting the Logitech/Saitek throttle quadrant to my desk without using it's C-clamp (which gets in the way of my keyboard tray)?
  9. This is good to know as I also plan on using the suction method on my desk for this yoke. What about mounting the Saitek/Logitech throttle quadrant....are there any simple alternative methods (im not skilled working with my hands) for mounting this to my desk without using it's C-clamp (which doesnt fit my due to getting in the way of my keyboard tray)?
  10. The link provided is broken, and when I try to sign up on the website's Insider Program sign-up page I'm never sent the email confirmation for the sign-up I've requested. System seems broken or disabled...I've already tried in multiple browsers without any luck.
  11. X-plane shines when used for "flying" your own plane, not sitting around watching others. As far as the scenery...there's tons of it and mostly freeware...with some payware. IMO the out of the window look in XP default scenery is far more real than what I had in FSX... to me XP is just a much more realistic experience all around, especially in flight modeling and VFR plausable scenery. That all said Id say to stick with what you've got. Sounds like you more into "watching" than flying...and X-plane cannot be used with tons of AI anyway. AI (and ATC) are XP's weak points.
  12. ...ah the trials and tribulations we have to put up with in WeatherVaning Simulator 11
  13. just checked into this PF3 thing...apparently although there is a way to get it configured to work within xplane by using 3rd party software, PF3 was not designed for x-plane use nor does the author support it's function with xplane. Quoted from the PF3 author himself: "We make it quite clear that PF3 will work with X-Plane but only when using the third party addon. There are no plans to make PF3 work with X-Plane" This was the author's response to a new customer asking if there's a way to get the PF3 demo (try before you buy) to work in Xplane. So... I wouldn't be buying this for Xplane since it has zero support in using it that way.
  14. Hi Christopher - ok so question about the Long Island area as depicted in Aerofly, since this is where I live and would normally do alot of flying. My home base that I typically fly out of is KFRG. Would I actually need to buy the DLC to be able to fly and use the airports around Long Island? i.e. KFRG KISP, KMTP, KHPN are these 4 airports depicted in the base scenery without dlc?...are they there even WITH the dlc??
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