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  1. ...and I found the opposite. Using the Debug Tool caused me nothing but troubles (of course it took awhile for me to realize it since the stem of VR issues are not typically so readily apparent ...but in the end it seemed to be outdated to me (ODT) and as soon as I quit using it and switched to VD everything began to improve pretty quickly for me. But again - everyone's results in the end may vary with this stuff since it seems to be the nature of the beast we're dealing with. This is why it can take a couple weeks of play testing and fidgeting with tools & settings before you find what finally works best for you in the end, regardless of how much you read online here. Online research will serve best as a place for different tools and ideas that you can try for testing on your own system.
  2. I guess I'm confused...sounds like you're saying that you use a Link Cable (or similar cable + the Meta Link software). From what I know about VD it is only a wifi app. So how do you use VD if you are not using a wifi connection? By the way, how long are you able to fly while plugged into the pc before the Q3 battery gets too low...just curious?
  3. 1. This is all about your own personal comfort and needs - but yes most people opt for a more comfy headstrap but this can add up with all the various ones you'll find out there to try so first just spend a good amount of time watching videos about them before deciding on 1 or 2 t test out. The other thing which I feel is VERY important to purchase would be a large external battery pack that you would plug into your Quest 3 while you are using it so that you can play for longer periods before having to recharge. The Quest 3 has terrible battery life, especially when playing msfs2020. Youll only get maybe an hour or 90 minutes tops out of the Quest 3 built-in battery...so while you're sitting there in your chair playing you'll want to have an external battery plugged into the headset that will at least double or better your time before needing to shut down and recharge. While there are all sorts of external battery products you can try I prefer one that has alot of mAh (milliamp hours) because the higher that number is the longer the battery will go before needing recharging. Personally I use this battery: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07XRJZXKY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 which gives me about 4 hours of playtime (it has about 26,000mAh). I place it inside a fanny pack that I wear on a belt around my waste before sitting down (I can also wear it standing up for other games; hence the belted fanny pack idea). Here's a link to my fanny pack: Amazon.com: USHAKE Running Belt with Extender Belt, Bounce Free Pouch Bag, Fanny Pack Workout Belt Sports Waist Pack for Apple iPhone Samsung Note Galaxy in Running Walking Cycling-05BK : Sports & Outdoors I also just started using the BoboVR S3 Pro strap/w B100 battery pack. This is a Halo style headstrap with battery and you can buy extra batteries for it, if you like. I think ach battery is 10,000mAh and will give you maybe 2 hours of sim time plus however long the Q3 battery lasts after that (another 1 hour likely)...so thats maybe 3 hours total sim time with only 1 b100 batt. 2. I use either clear or prescription lens covers from Zenni Optical which easily fit over the Quest3 panacake lenses, and these are what Im actually wiping before/after each use. I simply use a good quality eye glass or digital glass microfiber cloth. I breathe on the lens to add a bit of moisture then wipe. You can also buy a soft padded lens protector that you can place over the lenses for when not in use to protect it from getting scratches and also to make sure that no direct sunlight gets to the lenses when not in use.
  4. Great question and will likely depend upon your router. Virtual Desktop is used to replace your Quest 3's built-in Airlink. Both Airlink and VD are wifi apps. So if you are going to use VD or any wifi connection (including Airlink) then you of course would not also be using a cable. BUT... whether or not you'll find success on wifi is totally dependent upon the wifi router in your home and whether or not it's fast enough. I use a wifi 6 router that I have dedicated for use only for my VR stuff. if you do not have a wifi 6 router I have doubts that wifi will work well enough for you tbh. *PS - if you use a wifi 6 ruoter you'll want to be sure and set it up with an SSID which utilizes the router's special wide frequency band (6ghtz frequency band which offers up to 1200 mhtz bandwidth). Then you connect (or Pair) the Quest3's Wifi to that SSID on your router. Once that's done you won't have to do it again.
  5. Most important things for me to use & adjust on my Quest 3: - use Virtual Desktop w/VDXR runtime selected: - Space Ward enabled - VR Graphics Quality: High - VR Frame rate: either 72 or 80 (you want to be seeing half this value in-sim due to Space Warp being enabled) - Sharpening: 60% - OPENXR TOOLKIT Settings (accessed via F2 while in-game in VR): - (performance tab) Foveated rendering set to "Preset" - (performance tab) Turbo Mode: On - (system tab) Override resolution: Yes - (system tab) Display resolution per eye: Try upping it until you JUST hit into the 3,000's - (system tab) Field of View: 96% (go as low as you can stand it before it starts to hinder your peripheral vision) I also have either SmoothFlight or AutoFPS running when I fly to help keep me at 40 fps since the vast majority of my flight time is in/around the Long Island/ NYC area (which can be very hard on fps). For my system these were the most important settings to at least getting me to a place of balance between visuals and smooth performance. Keep in mind your settings may differ somewhat as my proc is an older 8700K and I'm using a 3080 gpu. Are these perfect settings for me? NO, but they are finally good enough to suit me so that I can now focus on actually enjoying the flying and stop all the testing. Once I build a new pc with new proc and gpu next year I will simply up the resolution and fps settings at that time. PS - you'll see alot of old info on YT and elsewhere telling you to disable asynchronous space warp...don't do this; always make sure it's enabled in Virtual Desktop (this wasted alot my time in the beginning not knowing which information I was reading was new or old or even applicable to my own setup). it might take you a week or so of testing and fooling around to see what works best for you.. but once you do, it's done. Just take notes when you're all done in case you ever need to repeat the process you wont waste any time 🙂
  6. @kevinbuckley70 Most 3rd party planes are not 100% compatible with vr controllers, and most of the time that means that either you wont be able to use the yoke or the throttles with vr controllers. This includes the C414 (which i also own). If you want to fly 3rd party aircraft then you will need to use an actual yoke/stick, throttles and pedals. Then use vr controllers for all the other stuff which generally works ok in most planes. If you must only use vr controllers and nothing else then stick with the default aircraft. There's also 2 other simulators that supports full use of vr controllers. Aerofly FS4 and VTOL VR. Personally I decided to buy an extra set of yoke/throttle/pedals that I mount to a stand which I put next to my desk strictly for VR flying, and then move the stand away when im done...this way the desk doesnt get in way of me reaching out in cockpit 🙂
  7. I found this, maybe it's of some use?...he discusses the yaw damper and the associated landing troubles:
  8. @sd_flyer One might expect to see the right rudder trim in there for sure...but what I found interesting was all of that DOWN trim he had dialed in! Even though this plane is famous for it's negative pitch on approach I wouldn't have really expected to see so much downward trim. He may have been light as he landed pretty flat too. Interesting!
  9. Yea, I've just seen Gene Stuart's YT channel. interesting,
  10. Are there any YT videos that demonstrate a proper heavy crosswind approach and landing in the SWS airplane by chance?
  11. I'm glad I asked now...it was actually next on my list of airplanes to buy (keyword "was"). Gonna hold off for a bit first, to see how things might improve for it after SU15.
  12. @Tom_Lwow - was it like that since day 1 release, or is this something that changed after an asobo update and you're all waiting for it to be corrected? @ryanbatcI see now...but that's too bad they actually released it this way...seems like they should have hot fixed it or at least hot "rigged" it until a better fix post su15. I too am waiting for a fix after SU15 from a different developer for the super twitchy pitch in the M500.
  13. Interesting comments about the flight model...usually all I see are folks saying how great it fly's. But I have not bought myself a copy of the pc-12 yet...anyone care to share what it is about the flying that they feel needs attention?
  14. So this app would be GREAT, if we had something like it which did not require SteamVR to function: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1844610/?snr=1_wishlist_4__wishlist-capsule There's also this one...but same problem, it requires SteamVR: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2532240/?snr=1_wishlist_4__wishlist-capsule Keeping fingers crossed that someone will create something that works with Virtual Desktop's new VDXR runtime, instead of SteamVR runtime.
  15. Thanks, I guess I missed the fov! Not sure I'd fool with the ICD, since I can't wrap my head around how a software adjustment could in any way make your vision clearer and more relaxed for your eyes (as with true IPD adjusted hardware). My eyes have felt better since switching to the Q3. My IPD is 72 and the max ipd in Q3 is about 71 so this is alot closer than where I was before in the Q2, at 68, which felt pretty bad.
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