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  1. I mostly fly in the eves and so that's when I see the issue, personally speaking, so it's not a daytime only problem...and this past week around the Long Island, NY area I've encountered winds 15-20kts every night that were unflyable into KFRG with every GA aircraft I tried including the DA-62, Kodiak 100, TBM930, Kingair (analog mod), Cessna 414. While I can understand a C152 struggling with these winds (depening upon the xwind factor)...the others should certainly have not been as unstable and unsafe as they were. Especially the King and the 414 wich are both rather large, heavy and powerful.
  2. I have no clue, but if I had to guess I'd think that maybe you have a key binding conflict, where the same key is bound to more than just the drone 🙂 OR, you use an addon which uses the same keybind to change time of day as your drone cam.
  3. By the way, if you're already using the da-62x mod then it sounds like you might have some engine damage causing your apparent power loss, as this mod is expected to simulate this (make sure to read about it in the mod's pdf file included in the download).
  4. Lets not forget the Black Square Analog mod for the default Kingair...fliy's nicely and is a really nice systems/panel upgrade from default. Although not sure how "light" you'd consider it... but it is GA. As far as the DA62...I never had a flight issue with it either, as a few others have already indicated. Must be something on your end affecting it somehow.
  5. The only panel lighting I have been able to find on the panels that is dimmable would be the backlights for the textual lettering, but I have seen no backsplash for the panel itself. The only thing that actually illuminates as backsplash would be the 2 overhead lights that splash onto the panels, but they're not actually dimmable or adjustable in any way I could find...did I miss how to do this? ...or maybe you're referring to the 3rd party mod (which I no longer use since the updated avionics)?
  6. I'd rather have dimmable back-splash lighting for the TBM's panel.
  7. Yep, that happens all the time... but it's not the wind itself that causes the issue, but how the sim processes it within it's real weather mode and mixes it with other effects like wind gusts and directional change gusts that are out of hand as far as how it affects one's aircraft...especially the lighter GA stuff. I'm not certain which is more at fault... how the real weather is being processed or how the airframes are reacting to it... but it needs to be adjustable with a 5 setting slider of sorts so you can tone it down by 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%.
  8. I made this in an LUA script for XP-11, and assigned it as an invisible clickspot in the cockpit which I placed over the headset jack on the panel. Was kinda neat.
  9. So my question pertains to how unstable GA aircraft become on final approach in the sim during real weather windy approaches (tail wagging and instability) due to how MSFS handles this. I've heard some of you call it turbulence effects and others call it micro wind shifts. I'd like to know, since FSUIPC seems to have no impact on weather in MSFS these days, is there any way for the user to adjust these wind shifts or amount of turb. (without turning off real weather and customizing it yourself of course)?
  10. They're even larger than the 30 series cards?...don't want one fur sure then, lol.
  11. 320w (3080) vs 450w (4090)...not likely to run as cool under load unless the built in coolers have improved. My 3080 runs in the 50's very consistently, while under full load.
  12. Not sure I would appreciate all that extra heat dumped into my case when I'm already feeling ok with my current performance (+10C/+50F)...but it is quite interesting nonetheless and food for thought. Will be interesting to see what the 50 series will bring to the table as far MSFS is concerned (and temps).
  13. @turbomax NO i haven't seen it yet, I know nothing at all about frame generation in msfs as I've not been flying much in the last 6 months and have just recently returned again for awhile so I haven't kept up. I will watch this and check it out, thanks so much for this 🙂
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