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  1. I was in same situation like you few weeks ago. I bought a new 2tb SSD. I tried firstly to move the installation through windows apps. If you click right on your MSFS installation you have options uninstall or move. It was a mess on my side after that. Many recommended this but for me at least didn’t work as intended so, the best solution was to uninstall the MSFS. Then I took the install again from scratch and I moved the community folder in the new directory created on new SSD drive. For mods from community folder I use MSFS Addon Linker app and if you don’t have it I highly recommend to download it. Is way more simple to manage the mods. You can download the app fron flightsim.to. Is the longest (as time) method, but safest. Indeed I benefited by a good internet conection and took me almost 4 hours to install again and move the community folder, but after I had no problem, everything went smooth.
  2. Like you, I had to choose between PMS 750 and TDS GTNxi 750. As I never used before this unit in my old times in MSFS X and P3D. I went for TDS unit because I looked for a higher fidelity unit and that fact of missing nav datas from MSFS base data were not a problem for me. As flight planning I use LNM and then add the waypoints manually which would take maxim 3-4 minutes. For now I mostly fly Milviz Cessna 310R in Australia. It happened to find some airfields which missed in database, but you have possiblity to add the missing airport/airfield after geographic coordinates, and you have possibility to save it as an airport for further flights to the same airfield. I always took the coordinates from LNM. An other missing feature for TDS in comparison with PMS (I’m not very sure here, maybe someone can confirm) is weather radar functionality which you can find it only on PMS unit. In TDS unit you can enter in the weather radar menu but is doesn’t work. The only thing you can see regarding weather is METAR for every airport around globe which have this. But if take other features, especially, in the Utlity menu, the TDS version is more complete very close to the real unit. I think you can’t go wrong with what you choose. It depenend more what features do you want and what expctation do you have.
  3. Anyone observed that they changed the status for Seasons from started to planned? So, it seems that we will have to wait a bit more for this. I had hope that the seasons are parts of the July surprise…
  4. You will be fine with those specs. I run MSFS 2020 on a PC with Intel I5 8500, 16 Gb Ram and AMD RX580 Gb which is a bit weaker then 1660 Ti. I set on medium by default and than I raised few settings on high, like volumetric clouds. My performance is around of 40-60 fps in GA and with complex scenery and complex airplanes (FBW A320, Inibuilds A310), I have around 30-35 fps which is fine. I play like you on 1080P. On Xplane 11 I had worse performance and it was a stutterfest while the graphic is nowhere comparable with msfs.
  5. Indeed there is a problem with terrain in some part of the globe. Below is an example from Pakistan. This capture is from somewhere random in Pakistan. https://ibb.co/2Wf1V3b This capture is from MSFS in same location. https://ibb.co/PCfKycN I don't know where is exactly the problem because in bing the imagery is really good so the A.I. it shouldn't change the texture with generic one. It seems that there is a difference between bing data and sim data or is a difference between moment when the both are updated and the new imagery is bad. P.S. I couldn't insert images from URL, it didn't work and I don't know why, so I just coppied the links here. Sorry for that.
  6. Hello Kenny, I looked in my email and I have the confirmation mail with the download link, but when I press on download I get an error. I wrote on their discord and now I hope that will be solved because am out of solutions. Thank you.
  7. I tought that they probably been in Christmas holiday. I asked in the eventuality that anyone had a problem like this. I want to know that is not a problem and if would be, then I’d buy the airplane from msfs store while still in sale. I wouldn’t want to pay twice for same airplane 😂. I don’t have discord unfortunately. If I will not get a response probably I will ask on their discord too.
  8. Hello, I come to you with a problem about my purchase of this airplane from simworks website. I bought this airplane from their website in 27.12.2022. I used paypal as payment method. Money have been taken from my bank account, but I can’t download the addon from their website. My order appear as still in processing. I opened a ticket on thier support platform and i sent a mail to them but I didn’t received a response until today. Is someone who had this problem? Do you have any suggestion? Thank you in advance.
  9. I have too a weird problem with voice of the pilot with default ATC. I can hear the voice from the controller and is normal but the pilot doesn't have voice and the subtitles from the ATC are blinking when the pilot "talking". This happen just with A310. With other airplanes everything is normal.
  10. I have this problem too. Before start the flight I set the payload as intended, and when I look on numbers, everything is ok. But after the flight is loaded, when I look on the payload is with minus, even if the MTOW is in range. This happen for every airplane.
  11. Air Hauler 2 is a good option. You have variety, cargo, passanger ops, missions etc. You can manage the career in any way you want and can set the bases where would like. An other nice option is OnAir, but I didn’t like about is the fact that you need to pay subscription. For Air Hauler 2 pay once and you are good to go. NeoFly is very nice too, evolving in a nice way and more important is free and updates are for free too.
  12. I’m from Romania, Eastern Europe. I saw it on AliExpres, but it doesn’t ship this product here unfortunately.
  13. The brakes solution would be the rudder pedals. I looked for a Thrustmaster TFRP rudder pedal and I found it with the adapter for usb connection which is perfect. With this rudder and with the stick I'm on the budget. Thank you for response. Thank you for clarification. For moment the Premium stick is out of stock at least for Europe, so I will wait to see if the stock will be supplied and I will take a decision these days.
  14. Apparently I was wrong, I didn't pay enough attention. The VKB with 491$, was from a strange website, so I payed more attention and on their website the standard NXT, with shipping tax is 152 euros which is more affordable. For now I really take it in consideration and I consider to pair it with a rudder pedal at least and if remain in budget a separate throttle. The throttle quadrant from their website seem nice and have good price. The only downside after I looked on youtube reviews is that don't have so much configurable buttons. But with a throttle which have configurable buttons the problem would be solved. As question, is worth the money difference between standard and premium stick?
  15. Wow, I didn’t want to start a debate, was not the purpose. After all your suggestion my variants are the Thrustmaster flight pack, or Thrustmaster TCA Airbus with TFRP rudder pedals separates. The VKB Gladiator stick is very interesting, but unfortunate I can’t find a stock which would ship in my country. Thrustmaster warthog is a very good stick which I want it for long time, but unfortunate I can’t afford it for moment. Maybe in future I will make an other upgrade and I will consider it.The other very interesting option is Honeycomb Yoke which have same problem as the VKB stick. No stock or very expensive at least for what I found. So after all, I want to buy maxim for my budget, the best option are the two Thrustmaster. For now I wait for black friday which is Friday this week to see if appear a good sale. If then is no good sale, probably I will go for Thrustmaster flight pack. Thank you all for your suggestion and information, was very helpful for me.
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