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  1. I have this problem too. Before start the flight I set the payload as intended, and when I look on numbers, everything is ok. But after the flight is loaded, when I look on the payload is with minus, even if the MTOW is in range. This happen for every airplane.
  2. Air Hauler 2 is a good option. You have variety, cargo, passanger ops, missions etc. You can manage the career in any way you want and can set the bases where would like. An other nice option is OnAir, but I didn’t like about is the fact that you need to pay subscription. For Air Hauler 2 pay once and you are good to go. NeoFly is very nice too, evolving in a nice way and more important is free and updates are for free too.
  3. I’m from Romania, Eastern Europe. I saw it on AliExpres, but it doesn’t ship this product here unfortunately.
  4. The brakes solution would be the rudder pedals. I looked for a Thrustmaster TFRP rudder pedal and I found it with the adapter for usb connection which is perfect. With this rudder and with the stick I'm on the budget. Thank you for response. Thank you for clarification. For moment the Premium stick is out of stock at least for Europe, so I will wait to see if the stock will be supplied and I will take a decision these days.
  5. Apparently I was wrong, I didn't pay enough attention. The VKB with 491$, was from a strange website, so I payed more attention and on their website the standard NXT, with shipping tax is 152 euros which is more affordable. For now I really take it in consideration and I consider to pair it with a rudder pedal at least and if remain in budget a separate throttle. The throttle quadrant from their website seem nice and have good price. The only downside after I looked on youtube reviews is that don't have so much configurable buttons. But with a throttle which have configurable buttons the problem would be solved. As question, is worth the money difference between standard and premium stick?
  6. Wow, I didn’t want to start a debate, was not the purpose. After all your suggestion my variants are the Thrustmaster flight pack, or Thrustmaster TCA Airbus with TFRP rudder pedals separates. The VKB Gladiator stick is very interesting, but unfortunate I can’t find a stock which would ship in my country. Thrustmaster warthog is a very good stick which I want it for long time, but unfortunate I can’t afford it for moment. Maybe in future I will make an other upgrade and I will consider it.The other very interesting option is Honeycomb Yoke which have same problem as the VKB stick. No stock or very expensive at least for what I found. So after all, I want to buy maxim for my budget, the best option are the two Thrustmaster. For now I wait for black friday which is Friday this week to see if appear a good sale. If then is no good sale, probably I will go for Thrustmaster flight pack. Thank you all for your suggestion and information, was very helpful for me.
  7. Nice stick, unfortunate is difficult to ship from in my country. The shipping cost is expensive and don’t worth it. I found few on ebay. Thank you for your suggestion. This is interesting stick and i found it with a good price. If I buy with separate rudder pedals for a better experience come a bit more expensive then the thrustmaster pack, but I take it in consideration. Is suitable for GA too? Or is suit best with Airburs or other airliners? And how is ergonomy at this stick? Thank you. Interesting find, unfortunate the only option I found shippable in my country is expensive. For example Thrustmaster flight pack is around 257$, this stick is 491$ which is over my budget (probably my wife will call for a divorce if I spend so much money 😂).
  8. Hello, Currently I own a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick, which I have for a while, and it did job very well. But for now I want to make an upgrade for something better for MSFS. I look for something with good fidelity and good reliability. I searched on google and looked for stocks in my country, and the best I found for the price is Thrustmaster T.1600M FCS Flight Pack (which include TFRP rudder pedals and TWCS throttle) . An other variant would be Saitek X52 Pro which have almost same price, or Saitek X56 which is a bit more expensive. I read few reviews about Saitek joysticks and many had problems with reliabilty and few recommended this Thrustmaster instead. I looked for a yoke too, but are very expensive here and have limited stocks. If you have any other recommendation please tell me. Sorry for my English, is not my native language, but I hope that you understand what I mean to ask you. Thank you
  9. I'm sorry to hear about performance problem. I have screen tearing but is barely noticeable. Maybe for me is working because I have a AMD RX580 video card and a monitor with free sync and that probably help, but I don't have TIR so I understand your point. Is weird that people which have more capable systems have dreadful performance and stutters. I hope that you'll find the solution or. I didn't say that sim don't have problems, and I am completely agree about constructive feedback. Cheers
  10. I see that there is a lot of complaints about this sim. I don’t understand why is so much hate. I have sim from January, and I didn’t have problems with it, just few CTD’s all related by mods. With latest updates I have no more spikes, no problem with AP since I played first time. With mods from Working Title, Fly by Wire and others is a joy to fly to explore new parts of the world. One thing which is better at least for me, from that last update is weather being more accurate. I don’t know if is just me, but as example in my home airstrip the weather was a bit far from reality. The temperature was off with 6-7 Celsius more and winds wrong too. Now after that update weather is spot on, very precise in my area. I know that weather had problems in areas with high altitude but that fixed for me. I took off from Daocheng airport from China which is highest airport in the world and weather same, was precise. There is no METAR report but weather was same as report from meteoblue website. Before update temperature and wind was much off, but now is fine. I start a flight every time with clear sky and when everything is loaded I select live weather and all is ok. What is a bit annoying is fact that ATIS is wrong every time when come about wind speed, direction and cloud coverage. I hope they will sort that in future. The problem with low fps occured while in flight solved, after I disabled vsync and frames limit set at 60 fps. I don’t know if that work for everyone. I think you need to try to flight more, and complain less. I know that sim have bugs , I don’t deny that . But I ignore them and try to enjoy the sim which is wonderful. I simming from FSX times and then i moved to P3D till 4.5 version. But now I can’t come back even I have wonderful planes as A2A Bonanza or Milviz C310 and ton of scenery from ORBX. For me MSFS 2020 is far ahead. All sim need is polishing and to iron the bugs. But as I see, the sim is going in the good direction. I think all is about to relax and enjoying. Life is too short.
  11. With that last update everything is fine. Thank very much and keep up the good work.
  12. Hello, firstly sorry for my english. I'll try to explain as best I can a bug encountered with these mods at least with g1000 an g3000. When I select the approach the magneta line which show the approach course vanished from map navigation. The plane follow the corect path for approach, in the FPL the waypoint are showned but the magneta line on the map still missing. On g1000 the magneta is shown on the inset maps, but is missing on the map navigation. This happen me on every airport with every airplanes that have g1000 or g3000. After deleted mods everything worked fine. I have no other mods installed. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dQiP73x_0H9Kw7jBd18qdngw3gmp2hFN/view?usp=sharing on G1000 on the inset appear https://drive.google.com/file/d/1y0wEb3kNx-QwjbSW93pG3trSPc_H-Ag_/view?usp=sharing on map is missing I tried to upload the images directly with insert but it didn't work.
  13. It seems that the problem is partially solved. When I load weather condition from Active sky, rain drops are there and everything work fine. Problem is now just when load some default weather from P3D, but this is not big issue because I don't use them. Perhaps problem is at precipParticle fx files from shaders folder after deleted them and let the sim to generate new files this solved in Active sky. But in same time I overwritted preciparticle fx with some backup files I did some time ago from ShadersHLSL. I'm not sure if this is the problem because when I did reinstalled P3D and deleted shaders folder too it didn't solve it then. This is weird anyway.
  14. I reinstalled the plane without install true glass and is same problem. When I select from MVAMS option default with WX, there is no rain drops and the surface is wet. I tried with dynamic weather disabled...nothing changed.
  15. Hello, Firstly, sorry for my english, I don't know very well, but I hope you will understand my problem. I have a weird issue with this plane when raining. When I select from MVAMS default WX option I can't see de rain drops outside of the plane and can see the rain drops only on plane windows. To mention that I have installed the true glass feature which came with this plane. When I select from MVAMS only default option everything is working fine and I can see the rain drops on the windows and outside of the plane. I used same weather instance, exactly "Gray and rainy" from P3D default. My sim is P3D V4.4 so is no compatibility problem between radar version and sim version. I have the last radar from milviz for 4.4 version. I tried everything, delete shaders, delete all p3d folders generated in local and roaming. I uninstalled and reinstalled P3D and nothing working, same problem. Someone ever had this problem? Thank you in advance. I will attach two screenshots to see the difference. https://imgur.com/Rfrs20k without radar wx https://imgur.com/WWJhsHT with radar wx
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