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  1. I like the part where the IGN employee decides to cruise at 6,000 FT and then has to gain altitude mid flight to avoid crashing into some mountains lmao.
  2. Ahhh vegas is mostly flat in that first IGN video. I wonder why that is, its just an image. Maybe it didn't load during the flight? The 6 difficult landings video looks really good tho.
  3. Did they only give copies to people that know nothing about flying or what? Its been so painful watching the testers do 'Flights' without touching any buttons in the cockpit.
  4. Yes it brought me back. Flying is a very visual thing, and I think the visuals are finally HERE now. Its very appealing looking, you'll be able to see real places out the window below, and the skies and weather looks insane.
  5. I can't find that new airbus joystick anywhere except on their site. Its sold out everywhere. Its way overpriced on ebay, im not gonna pay double lol.
  6. OHHHhhh lol. I see what you mean now. So he thinks there is a payed beta for $1 if he gets gamepass.
  7. Its coming to gamepass and standalone August 18th. So yeah, anyone can play for $1 on gamepass.
  8. You are correct. Game pass for PC is only $1 your first month. Which means you can pay $1 and play this sim for an entire month, then $5 for each month after that. Pretty good deal. Not sure if the gamepass will come with all the premium aircraft and airports. Probably just the standard ones.
  9. Which of these is higher quality? I was looking at screenshots on FSDTs website, and these airports look kinda outdated graphically. I want both of these airports, but is it worth buying right now, or are they planning on updating these airports? I read somewhere that KLAS is getting updated in the future sometime, so if I were to buy it now- would I get the updated version free when it comes out? Right now I have KPHX by Flightbeam, and the quality is so darn good that KLAS or KLAX might look un-appealing to me. So would it be best to wait on KLAS-KLAX to be updated to HD remakes? Maybe buy KDEN or KSFO instead for the meantime?
  10. Guys $100 is not bad for an actual airbus in digital form. Physical Airbus = $98 Million Digital Airbus = $100 Yes they recreated the actual thing.
  11. That is a lot of work, no one has done it before to share settings on any aircraft? what do you mean by this? NGX can slide on water for about 2 seconds and then it will start bouncing and going 200 knts. On tarmac when I try to land with no gear down its pretty much the same effect, when I start to slow down the plane bounces around in circles. So turn all realism, crash & damage off to practice this?
  12. Hey, this may be a weird question. Is there a mod that changes the physics in fsx and so you can do belly landings in fsx better without bouncing? And water physics so you can at least set the plane down on top of water? I don't know, its probably not possible. I don't think enough people would want to practice these crash landings.
  13. im all for this one http://www.airlinereporter.com/2012/01/photos-air-new-zealands-all-blacks-boeing-777-300er-takes-flight/
  14. all the developers are probably like reading this thinking "well ###### man".... lol
  15. Cant find a good A320...

  16. Ive pretty much tried everything and it only moves backward to reverse. The throttle doesnt move forward at all. If I hold down the full throtttle key on my keyboard, that is the only way to move the plane forward, but I have to be holding it down the entire time just to move. so lame.
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