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  1. Tried it last night but then something rather weird was happening when sat at the gate - the aircraft was gradually drifting across the airport despite supposedly being stationary. I guess it could have been either the aircraft (JAR A320) or weather engine (xEnviro) but rolling back to 11.30 seemed to do the trick.
  2. Yep, found that out the other day as I was wondering what C-GITS was up to these days. Previously it was a regular over my office as I work a mile or so from London Gatwick :)
  3. Well I bit the bullet and bought it last night, so 1.09 installed. It is a little steep in terms of purchase price, but it seems to have a lot of potential. It's not perfect by any means but after a quick flight I experienced quite a few impressive moments. Coming from P3D and REX etc it is nice that you can just switch it off so easily :)
  4. No I gave up pretty much straight away as I'm pretty new to XP11 (coming from P3D). I was trying to decide whether to use ortho scenery and that just made my decision for me, so I started to download that instead. But equally I would like to get it working as I'd like to compare the two fairly!
  5. Stunning. The line between a photograph is becoming very thin...
  6. I had the same problem (using the same folder/scenery entry) when I tried using HD Mesh into a new install of XP11 a couple of days ago.
  7. I had a CTD the first time I ran. I followed this post (pretty much to the letter), and it sorted my issue out: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/161442-fix-for-be-advised-error-could-not-locate-image-file-for-terrain-ms-visual-c-distro-needed/
  8. I'm guessing that's over the Brighton/Hove area.
  9. What scenery are you using there?
  10. So that's XP11 photo scenery (ortho?) yes? How do you get the perfectly placed autogen on it? This is ultimately what I want but from what I gather it involves a lot of downloading in both cases (I've downloaded 100s of GBs of photo scenery for P3D).
  11. Ah, perhaps that's it - I have a ton of photoscenery but it's mainly at 2m/pixel, and nothing at anywhere near 12.5cm/pixel. It's clear out into the distance with a high LOD, hence my lack of issue with it. But then I've not played it that much as I'm still waiting for a certain A320 series to become v4 compatible!
  12. I run photoscenery on a modest system in 4.1 without issue?
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