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  1. TurboTomato

    Arrival at Grenoble, France

    What scenery are you using there?
  2. TurboTomato

    Orbx and XP11 Issues:-(

    I had a CTD the first time I ran. I followed this post (pretty much to the letter), and it sorted my issue out: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/161442-fix-for-be-advised-error-could-not-locate-image-file-for-terrain-ms-visual-c-distro-needed/
  3. I'm guessing that's over the Brighton/Hove area.
  4. TurboTomato

    Ultra high res photoreal in Xplane11

    Are those stock clouds?
  5. TurboTomato

    EGCB to EGCC

    What scenery are you using there?
  6. TurboTomato

    Do I need better than that?

    So that's XP11 photo scenery (ortho?) yes? How do you get the perfectly placed autogen on it? This is ultimately what I want but from what I gather it involves a lot of downloading in both cases (I've downloaded 100s of GBs of photo scenery for P3D).
  7. TurboTomato

    Prepar3D v4.2 has been released

    Ah, perhaps that's it - I have a ton of photoscenery but it's mainly at 2m/pixel, and nothing at anywhere near 12.5cm/pixel. It's clear out into the distance with a high LOD, hence my lack of issue with it. But then I've not played it that much as I'm still waiting for a certain A320 series to become v4 compatible!
  8. TurboTomato

    Prepar3D v4.2 has been released

    I run photoscenery on a modest system in 4.1 without issue?
  9. TurboTomato

    What all does Navigraph actually update?

    Hello srce *waves*
  10. TurboTomato

    Bought PTA: I was afraid this would happen

    Just try tweaking the values yourself - most of them have screenshots that show you pretty much exactly what the effect will be. That's how I've ended up with a preset that I'm very happy with (I went for realism rather than heavy over saturated colours), and it only took me a little bit of trial and error.
  11. TurboTomato

    Best photo scenery options for P3D

    Scratch what I said about it not having hard tonal changes - they are there but not too noticeable. Have done the UK and now working my way down the east of Europe - it downloads pretty quickly from the links (though they are from a Russian cloud service).
  12. TurboTomato

    Best photo scenery options for P3D

    Well I've started to download Europe from the links on that site, starting with the UK - it all looks really nice, there are some changes in tone but they're not that drastic and there appear to be no hard tonal changes. Looking forward to getting more!
  13. TurboTomato

    Best photo scenery options for P3D

    I can't recall exactly what setting I used, but I'm almost certain it would probably have been 2m per pixel - firstly I didn't need any more for tubeliner IFR and secondly it uses huge amounts of disk space when creating the scenery (far more than the scenery itself iirc, as it must compress it down in the final output). Austria worked out at about 60GB.
  14. TurboTomato

    Best photo scenery options for P3D

    http://italyphotoreal.weebly.com/download.html Look for "EUROPE PHOTOREAL" and then "EUROPE AUTOGEN" further down (though it says Italy excluded). Edit: I downloaded Italy photoreal from this site previously and it's decent quality stuff :)
  15. TurboTomato

    Best photo scenery options for P3D

    Watching this topic with interest. I used FSEarthTiles to create photoscenery of Austria as there were no full commercially available products (or freeware) at the time. I didn't bother with any watermasks for lakes, and obviously it being a landlocked country it was pretty straightforward to do - iirc I used the Google Earth desktop application to get the coordinates to create and specify grids for input into FSET, and then I'd leave it creating the scenery overnight. I have a ton of photoscenery for Europe gathered over the years but the link that really interests me is the one that has the whole of Northern Europe at 2m, along with basic seasons and autogen. I'm trying to decide whether to start downloading it as a) it's massive so it will take a long time even though I'm on unlimited fibre and b) it's massive and I'd need to delete some of my current photoscenery as I simply don't have the space. Hmmmm....