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  1. for MSFS2020 - PMDG737 - DC-3 (with the cool mods) - F6F - P-38 For DCS - Apache - P-47 - F-14 - 109K For Il-2 - P-39
  2. Hey there, indeed that would be me over there as well! 🙂
  3. F6F - FlyingIron Simulations - (currently doing a round the world flight with her. I left Phoenix a couple weeks ago. I'm now sitting in Beijing. Going to Japan soon, and will continue North & East to catch a path over to Alaska, and then shoot South back to Arizona). DC-3 P-38L - FlyingIron Simulations
  4. glad I stumbled on this thread. Installed the "Enhanced" via the Market Place. Using the Duckworks mod (awesome mod). And now just downloaded the Gotfriends. Going to take this bird out again. Yesterday, I managed to land her here, along with a solid takeoff. AZ E81. Watch out for that Smelter smoke stack on the one end. And you've got the Boyce Thompson Arboretum / Picketpost mountain on the other end... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superior_Municipal_Airport
  5. didn't realize "enhanced" was there in the market. thanks for the tip! I'm really enjoying this bird!
  6. I love flying this bird, thanks for notifying about the update.
  7. looks like Sky Harbor airport. Camelback mountain to the right. Papago in the middle... and the Salt River through the center...
  8. another vote for the OpenXR tool kit and VR optician lens inserts! The tool kit is just fantastic!
  9. get a buttkicker 2, (or build something similar), it'll add a little bit more to your VR experience.... 👍
  10. Indeed, GPU prices are absolutely insane. I was fortunate to pickup my 3090FE at MSRP. The new OpenXR toolkit though is really rock'n with improving the VR experience.
  11. Indeed, this IS an awesome mod! A real game changer. Highly recommend! I've also added the mod to get rid of that annoying prop animation for VR users.
  12. I fly MSFS2020, DCS, and IL-2, all in VR. They each fill a niche for me. I could care less what anyone says or thinks. If they're paying my mortgage, then I'll listen... (but I don't have to worry about that point in my life timeline at this stage). I post on each of these sims respective forums. I find lots of supportive folks on each, and really appreciate the insight I gain. Sure, there's a few @$$hats on each, but that comes with the Internet. Anonymous morale cowards are in an abundance.... Regardless, fly what you want, and who gives a "hoot" what anyone thinks.
  13. I nodded off around the 1/2 way point... fortunately for only about 20 min or so. Managed to recover, and saw it through to the end. I remember reading the book, many years ago... and enjoyed it.
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