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  1. 471.11 has been working out real well with my 3090/G2. Been using it for the last few days, and it's been solid (for MSFS, DCS, and IL-2).
  2. these sure helped my with my G2. 🙂 https://vroptician.com/#
  3. Hi Spit, I just recently received my G2, and my PointCTRL is still with the "old" Rift S. Later today or tomorrow, I'll try it with my G2 and report back. For DCS, it sure works great though. thx, -Gregg
  4. Thanks for the heads up Steku, will be interesting to see the post. For grins, can you share your rig specs as well? TIA, -Jav
  5. Definitely the Cubs as of now. I feel I can go and land anywhere I wish. They're a hoot to fly! As noted, much better VR frame rates too, and I love buzzing low across the country side. The only thing missing are the Saguaro cactus's. The Arizona southern desert just doesn't seem the same without 'em. 🙂 I'm still working through some further tweaking with my 3090/G2.
  6. was able to get things working. Thank you all for the help. It sure looks nice with my G2. I'm going to tinker with the settings, and see what I might be able to squeeze from my 3090. thanks again!
  7. Will do. I know i have HDR enabled, so I'll try it with it shutoff. thanks!
  8. thank you for the info. I'll have to setup up some VR control bindings. When I checked, I had nothing defined for VR controls. I'll also check to see if my Windows mixed reality portal is current too. (I'm away from my gaming rig at the moment, but will try later this morning).
  9. thanks for the feedback. - I have steamvr running in the background - WMR installed, yes - OpenXR, yes I'll try some some further tweaking later tonight. (have the grandkids over now...) 😀
  10. My system specs are in my sig. For the life of me, I can't get VR to function. I bring up MSF2020, and then click on VR?? But all I get is an orange display in my G2 HMD, and the desktop shows a split 180 with nothing but a black screen. Would appreciate any insight/help...
  11. at the moment, it stinks to high heaven. Can't see anything. I get solid orange in my HMD, and nothing on the display. Using a Reverb G2... I'll keep looking. Not sure what the startup sequence is, but I'll figure it out....
  12. For the OP, I agree, the A-10C II is pretty cool... But that's for another thread. I'm enjoying MFS2020. I'm early into my round the world flight. Having left KIWA and just East of Niagara now. Going North soon to cross over into Greenland, (probably in a few days. RL jumps in from time to time)
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