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  1. If anything, you can have the family huddle around your 3090 to keep warm during the winter while you're still sorting out your MFS2020 optimization settings.... 🙂
  2. What? No Super Connie?!?! (I'm bummed...) I would've flown Airline with her....
  3. I flew from Joe Foss Field to Austin Muni (MN), and used 17.5GB's RAM. As I get closer to Chicago and Detroit (via my round the world trip), I'll report further...
  4. I fly with 64GB, so maybe I'm even more doubly good? 😉 I've been monitoring, and I don't see using any more than 12-16gb's or RAM during my current cross country flights. the GPU is pegged at 100% utilization (which I like), and using about 6-7GB's of VRAM. The CPU cores are averaging around 40-55% utilization. (I fly with custom ultra settings). I'll be coming up on Chicago and Detroit soon (via my cross country), and I'll report back on the RAM usage then. Over Phoenix, I think I was around 15-16gb's max. But I'll check sooner, since that's my home area for flights. for grins, I do have my swap/pagefile on a dedicated NVMe... (I had a spare slot on my MB, why not I thought....) 😉
  5. Especially the L-1049C. With the sound mod, those Wright Cyclones rev'd up. Pumping through my Yamaha 5.1 A/V receiver & sub-woofer, cranked! Man, that was awesome!!!
  6. two things that have always troubled me about ever doing some sort of a grab and go.... Karma.... and the fact I like to sleep at night with as close to a clear conscious as possible... (note, I said to try to be clear as possible). 🙂
  7. exactly. If I'm going to pull the trigger on day one, it'll be the 3080. faster RAM, and less the extortion price of the 3090.. 🙂
  8. Exactly what I do. I rotate and cascade the card from my current sim/game rig into the other systems. Or give it my son. My secondary system I have the previous GTX970 with the old Oculus CV1 on it, (and SSD's). The grandkids love coming over and playing some of the VR games on it. For my primary, I have the 1080 and Oculus R (and multiple NVMe's). I'm really looking forward to make another leap with the RTX 30xx.... :-) I'll then put the 1080 into the secondary, and shift the Oculus R over to it. Since I have the HP Reverb G2 on order....
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