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  1. Ditto! I've been waiting for Marcus Nybergs Bromma (ESSB) in MSFS for over seven month now. I'm only living a couple of stone's trow away from ESSB.
  2. Thanks guys for your encouraging words. I've only had them for three days nows, but I have a tendecy to apply to much rudder on the runway when landing with theese pedals. I really hope I'll grow in to them. The quaulity is really top notch though. Thanks for the tips of an Hungarian wife Ian. I'll may have to expand my hunting grounds when the times come 😂, but for now I'm having too much fun on my spare time to ruin it with a another wife. But when I'll eventually find a new wife/girlfriend, she have to say yes not only to me, she also have to accept my precious hobby👍😊
  3. I've finaly got my new TPR pedals on friday the 10 th of sept. I've switched from my old trusted Satek rudder pedals and i really must says it's been a challege to getting used to how diffent the are to the Saitek pedals and I'm really hoping I haven't made a misstake to replace the pedals 🙄. I guess I have to give it some more time before I get used to them....at least I hope I will get there. But one thing that i regrett getting to my "mini home cockpit" is the smaller version of the Stream Deck. I've realized now after a couple of months that I've really could have got better use of the XL version, but maybe I'll replace it in the future. But for now Im finally (at least for the forseeable future) I'm done with my "mini" cockpit. It's been a challenge to fit in all that i wanted into a small surface as possible. The desktop is only used for flightsim so I didn't want it to take up to much of space but still I wanted to have room for both the Yoke and the stick since I like to switch between those to depending of the type of aircraft that I use. Luckily I'm between wifes for the moment so I'm still the boss in my own home, otherwise I'm certain that I have been banished to the garage 😋
  4. I´ve just ended a short trip from ESSA and it looked fine for me. On the tarmac i got 52-53 fps with everyting in ultra including pre-cache. I have a 10800 K, 32 GB ram at 3200 and a RTX3070 and a 2K screen. I hope you get that sorted out. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  5. If you as I alredy have the Xbox app installed, try to open the app, then hit the "Get the update" button. it triggered the update for me
  6. Thanks hs118, I understand that you are having your heels on the ground when applying rudder movment, but aren´t your feet get elevated a couple of inches when you apply the brakes and therfore risking of hitting the desptop? But II´ll guess that I just can move the chair a little futher back to avoid that.
  7. I'm thinking of replace my old Saitek rudder to the Thrustmaster pendular Rudder but are concerned that the pedals are too high to have under my desk. (My availabe space from the floor to the desktop are 69,5 cm (27,58 inch) and I'm afraid that my knees will hit the desktop. Of course the length of the under legs varies but I wonder if it's a problem that any of you with the TPR rudder have experienced? Especially when using the too brakes.
  8. It'll certainaly take two years or more before Sweden will get revistied, but I would personally like to see the Saab J35 Draken in my hangar 😄. I'm absolutely bias as a Swede, but she is a beauty.
  9. Thank you very much for the link Alvega 😃👍
  10. I found this topic just before I was about to post about the landing gear problem I have on the floatplanes. I also have this issue of not seeing the gear rectract when looking at he plane from the outside view. The gearindicator work as normal, but there's no visual movements of the gear. I've tried both the Husky and the newly updated 172 with floats and no visual on either. No visual movements of the waterrudder either on those two planes. Having no problem with the visual gear movement of the regular retracable gear epuipped planes. Did a restart of the computer and sim but to no avail. So I'm putting my money on a bug.
  11. Pleese forgive me Asobo! I confess that I have sinned. Against better knowlegde I've indulged in sin. I whined. For a short moment of weakness I've lost my way and had a short moment of whining. I dared to missbeleve You and questioned Your intention, though I know in the deepest corner of my heart that Your intetion against the PC-simmers are pure and righteous and that your hear (load) prayers. Hearby I swear to never indulge in (meaningless) whining......Amen
  12. ...who usally whines, but my just over six month new computer that otherwise had handled MFSF perfect with only one CTD under it's belt so far, forced me to do a complete reinstallation (unwillingly of course) of Windows and MFSF and thas beacause of how @rsobos excellent SU5 update stubbornly refused my computer to even start MSFS. So even after endless efforts to repair MSFS, Microsoft Store, the registry etc I'had to give in and reinstall the whole computer.......So finely I'm placed behind my yoke and managed to do a take of and noticed that the abillity to finetone the trim inte the 172 with the Honecomb trimwheel has vanished...and whats up with the colors? I got it to be somewhat better with HDR on but just by a smidge and Stockholm and Helsinki looks like a post zombie apocalypse world?...What The French!! Upgrade my @rse, I'ts so far a dowgrade. Sure I got ca 70 fps, but I was completly satisfied with 50. Greatings from a grumpy old man!
  13. Yes, I've restarted the computer 3 times. Even tried to repair the Xbox app with no luck.
  14. After the markeplace update the sim won't start. Only get a black screen for a couple of seconds the the program shuts dowm. Any suggestions?
  15. Nope. Flying without my TrackIR is not an option.
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