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  1. Thanks guys for all the help. I´ll start up the simulator this evening and check my settings and see if I find the right way to turn of the automaiton 👍
  2. I´ve bought the Hype Perfomance H145 and I’m probably missing something here, because when I perform a turn, the helicopter straightens itself up as if there´s a automatic trim or something similar activated. Any suggestion of how I turn this behavior off? I also find the helicopter way easier to fly then the default Bell. It that really a realistic FM for the H145? All assistance in the assistance options in MFSF 2020 is turned off. Is there a setting in the helicopter that I´ve missed? Kindly regards Morgan
  3. Thank you ladbound. I've bought the MSFS/FSX/P3D/ Edition this evening when i saw that I could update to the complete edtition for roughly 56 Eur if it turns out that an IOS app has been developed. I'll ask the developer in the Discord channel later 👍
  4. I´m curious if someone have experience of Virtual FIP with spad.next on Ipad? The only information I can find at Spad.next homepage is that "Apps for iOS (iPhone/iPad) , Android and Windows Phone are currently developed.¨ I´m looking for an application that allows me to have virtual steam gauges om my Ipad and I read that Spad.next apperently had that function on their "complete edion" of Spad.next.
  5. Thank you Michael for your help. I will remove that folder next time I have time to fly 👍 @bobcat999, I was looking for an alternative to Little Navmap as a VFR map, but as It turned out, I liked the Little Navmap better so I decided to keep it as my VFR map application😊.
  6. I´ve tried the Sky4sim NG but I didn´t like it so I uninstalled it. The problem is that I still have the Sky4sim in my custom toolbar in the sim. Any suggestion how to remove it from the toolbar? I´ve unistalled the Sky4sim with Windows own "uninstall program" and I have the store version of MSFS 2020.
  7. I have the Thrustmaster Warthog Hotas as my helicopter setup. I find it easier to controll the helicopter with a 10 cm extender to the stick and I´ve also recently bought two desktop clamps to quickly switch to the Honecomb Alpha and Bravo setup when needed. I´ve also removed the springs in the TPR pedals when flying the helicopter.
  8. Hi! When I fly the Bell 407 the artificial horizon instrument aren't working. Is this a know bug? Toggle cage / uncage dosen't help.
  9. Thanks for all the helpful tips, and thank you LRBS for the cfg files. Unfortenately I will not have time do test these cfg files until next weekend due to I'll have to burn that midnight oil at work this week with our final accounts. It's that time of the month.
  10. Thanks for the tip LRBS, but as I mentioned I've also tried to fly with my rudder, joystick & throttle disconnected. I've restarted the computer after I've disconnected the joystick,rudder and throttle an with d experienced the same problem when trying to take of with the help of my keyboard, so I don't think it's a problem with the calibration. The plane took of sharply to the right within the first 15 to 20 feet of the take of. Not even with full rudder and aileron with the keyboard could keep me on the runway. But as soon as I've changed from real wheather to scatttered clouds the take of and the rudder behavior of the 172 was normal. I have since then connected my joystick, rudder and throttle and restarted the computer again and made a real wheather crosswind take of again from runway 17 (the whole purpose from the beginning to choose runway 17 was to do crosswind training) but this time with the DA40 this time to avoid the single prop 172, and the take of went of smoothly. So maybe the default 172 steamgauge aircraft got messed up in the SU10 or maybe my installation got corrupted? Forgot to mention that I've emptied my community folder after my initial flight and before I made my next attempts att runway 17 at ESMS
  11. I obvisly turn my aileron, but what I' m trying to say here that's there something not right with that behavior.
  12. Would someone please try to make a take of from runway 17 at ESMS today? There's a crosswind there right now and I'm unable to to take of from that runway today after the SU10 update. There's not enough rudder authority. Even when appyling full left rudder the plane still drifts heavely to the right agains the wind to the grass! I've tried to unplugg my TRp rudder pedals and all my joysticks and rebooted my computer and tried to stear the plan with just my keyboard but got the same result. It is a bug or is it someting wrong on my end? If i try to take of with no real wheather there's no problem to controll the aircraft on the runway with my Thrustmaster TPR rudder. I'll obvisly get that you have too aply rudder when taking of with crosswind, I've been simming since the 90's, but even with full ruder the plane immediately turns to to right.
  13. I'had 158 knots above Glasgow last night 😆. It seemed that it was only at a certain limeted altitude. Just below and above (don't recall the altitude but it was under 1000-1500 feet above GL) the wind was more normal at ca 12 knots.
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