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  1. Thanks, I hadn't seen that. I will exercise some appropriate patience.
  2. This is off topic, but I have posted on the RXP Legacy forum some problems getting a GNS 430 W with a Stand Alone Panel (Bezel I think its called) working. i have PM'd RXP too but see that there has been no activity from RXP for some time. I see that jamie_c just posted here that RXP may no longer be the Support resource for Reality XP. I have searched the Forum for some information about my issue with no luck. Is there any other Support facility of RXP? Thanks Geoff
  3. I am trying to get the 430 with a hardware Bezel to work in a helicopter sim ( Flyit) that has Microsoft ESP and P3d v2. All I can get up is this splash page where the resolution doesn't look exactly right yet. Pushing the power button has no effect. I've searched the forum for a Reality XP running with ESP but not been able to find anything. Does anyone have the 'manual' for this older version circa 2011 that gives the installation details. Anyone running a similar configuration using ESP that might have some clues. Thanks Geoff
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