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  1. KL Oo


    Hi All, I'm bumping an old thread instead of starting a new one. I'm one who uses the TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP = 10 tweak as the visual effects are fantastic. I am mindful however that using this tweak uses a massive amount of memory on the graphics card (maxes out the 8GB on my 1080) and I seem to recall Rob saying once that you really need at LEAST 8GB of video memory to utilise it. With the new 2000 series cards around the corner, I note that only the 2080 TI has more than the 8GB with the 2080 coming with 8GB. Early reports I've seen indicate that the 2080 and the 1080 TI are very similar in performance with the 1080 TI likely to become significantly cheaper. Given that the 1080 TI comes with 11GB of RAM, is this a better choice over the 2080 with 8GB. Mindful that there are other aspects of the 2080 that are superior. Thoughts?
  2. For what it's worth Virtuali I think the addon looks fantastic and it will be an instant purchase for me the moment i get my new P3D machine up and running. Congrats to you and your team for continuing to push the boundaries of development.
  3. KL Oo

    Another ORBX sale soon?

    Didn't they have one a month or so ago?
  4. Hi All, Just wondering how progress has been on Traffic Global? I've done a search but couldn't locate a thread that really spoke to it. I understand there have been a couple of updates since it first was released but getting an idea of how it sits currently is hard as you can't seem t access their forums unless you buy the product. Hows it looking?
  5. KL Oo

    FlyTampa vs FSDT performance impact

    FlyTampa are taking forever to effectively update their products to V4 though. I know some have since been done, but for a long time there were only a bunch of patches that effectively replaced some PAPI lights. I had hoped for better from them.
  6. KL Oo

    AI traffic separation

    Correct. What was this 'info' that you had at the Expo. Not everybody who was interested in the product actually made it to the Expo and found you.
  7. KL Oo

    AI traffic separation

    Oh come now tooting - that UTL powerpack and bug fix is "just around the corner"!!😕 On a far more serious note, have you had to tweak AI Controller at all? I had a lot of issues with it driving my AI off the runway/taxi ways. Do you see this behavior?
  8. KL Oo

    P3Dv4.3 : my observations

    Thanks. I've never run SLI so am curious to try it... Might wait until the 1180 arrives and see how that performs first though.
  9. KL Oo

    P3Dv4.3 : my observations

    Thanks Skywolf. Is there a downside to SLI? Rob seems to have had some issues with it breaking each driver version - has this been your experience too? When you say it goes bonkers if GPU usage goes above 90% I presume you mean FPS drop dramatically? I get the same behavior with my 1080 in heavy GPU environments, but from where I sit adding another card can only really increase the amount of data that can be pushed through the GPU(S) before you reach that level right?
  10. KL Oo

    P3Dv4.3 : my observations

    Hi Gerard, I understanding from this thread you're not running the virtual cockpit? I'm very impressed by your SLI results but am interested to see if you get a similar improvement when using the VC. Are you able to post any results using the VC in SLI mode as opposed to VC without SLI? Cheers,
  11. KL Oo

    Ground Operations in VR

    But what is the headset thats displaying such good resolution? Is is the resolution within the headset still likely to be the same as we get with the Vive/Rift it's just that we're seeing it on a 4K screen?
  12. New boards (390) are apparantly coming for the 9 series... however I've read the 9 series will also work with the 370
  13. Hi All, Understand it's speculation at this point however with a possible release date only 7 days away thought I'd throw the link out there and see what the mood from other simmers was? Details seem to point to a Turbo clock of 5GHZ on one of the 8 cores and high 4s on all the others. There are overclocking reports out there of 5.5GHZ being attainable. I expect Rob Ainscough will have a comprehensive review up for us in short order!! I have been putting off a new rig for about 6 months however will be looking to pull the trigger on one of these and the 1180 presuming the rumours are confirmed and we see some concrete details and a possible release date in August!
  14. KL Oo

    P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    How do you/we know that GSX is definitely the problem? I know there are a number of users that claim they can avoid the crash by restarting/closing COUTL or GSX but there are plenty for whom that does not fix the issue. Umberto took the time to alter his software, despite not being sure that it was causing the problems (from what I can tell of his responses). I for one am grateful that he did so - Not sure we'd see the same level of support from other developers.
  15. KL Oo

    P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    Good work Umberto, This is a good demonstration of listening to your customers and taking action (even if the problem isn't directly with your software)