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  1. For the first time in a long time this update reset all my accessibility settings back to easy. Its not a difficult thing to change, but makes you wonder how or why it happens....
  2. The whole EFB thing really is a bit of a joke.
  3. Yeah - I realise I'm asking a lot of the PC to render that many pixels!! Generally at smaller Intl airports (ESAA, EKCH etc) I can maintain 30 FPS with a modest amount of AI traffic on as well. I use the displays up top for LittleNavMap, Pilot2ATC, A Pilots Life Chapter 2 along with things like AICompanion...if I could plug in another two displays I would! 🙂 I'd love to have had a ultrawide monitor but I worry about the stretched image like you get with NVidia surround. I've tried that path and just couldn't deal with the stretched image.
  4. The cost of the 3 x 50" 4K TV's was expensive enough. Not sure I could have found or afforded 4 x 50" 4K displays that also featured g-sync. Below is a picture of my setup. Yeah, I've tried every combination of v-sync in the NVCP without success. No doubt running triple monitors (MSFS windows) is a complicating factor - limiting the FPS via the NVCP also creates weird effects (splits FPS to 1/3 in the game) and introduces huge latency. The best combination I've found is to either us no FG at all and just run V-SYNC locked at 50% internally to MSFS - At most airports I can maintain that 30 FPS (my displays are 60Hz). If i'm flying into a place like EGLL or KLAX then I'll turn on FG for the main window and just deal with the inconsistent frames and maybe a little bit of tearing. What confuses me is that i get a main thread hit (albeit not huge) when turning on FG - I thought that would all be on the GPU but clearly not.
  5. I'm confused reading some of the posts in here how you guys are getting VSYNC to work with FG on. I'm using 3 x 4K 50" TVs. Turning VSYNC on or off in the NVCP (or MSFS) does not actually have any effect on my system. Maybe its because of the triple monitors (I'm using three rendering windows via MSFS experimental settings as opposed to NVSurround) but I'm sure even when I disable the site monitors and just use the one rendering window (main screen) there is still no VSYNC when using FG. There are a number of threads about this on the internet and no matter what combination of settings I try and can't get VSYNC to work. It important to me because I want to cap frames and ensure a stutter & tearing free display which requires V-SYNC (I don't have G-SYNC or FREE SYNCH or any other SYNC on these screens). To answer the OPs question - I use it off for the above reasons. From time to time I put it on however FG only works on one (the main) rendering window so on a triple monitor setup you get smooth frames on the main display but without v-synch you can get tearing and stutters on the side displays. Its a little annoying. What I've also noticed is that FG does utilise a bit of main thread power. Turning it on my centre screen probably costs me 2-3 FPS on the side monitors. FYIW.
  6. I reckon that's how its down with PSXTraffic which essentially replicates live traffic from ADS-B sources. It manually injects it every frame (or up to 100 times a frame as @kiek has indicated) and thus moves it all around the sky (and ground). To your point - Yes, it is intensive and hits frames harder (for me anyway) than having the same number of aircraft in the sin being controlled by AIGTC or FSLTL (which is clearly handing over the the defauly MSFS engine). Its the one reason I don't use PSXTraffic at the moment - The main thread hit is just a little to much compared to AIGTC or FSLTL.
  7. I agree - and using your profiles from Flightsim.to has saved me countless hours of customization so thank you very much for your contributions!
  8. They are, but I don't believe they offer support there. You can email the developer...he's always responded quickly to me
  9. Ignore the racing wheel which detaches...its a racing rig as well...depends on my mood 🙂
  10. Ah excellent - I did a search on AVSIM for Fenix2GSX but your thread didn't come up. I'm sure a mod will come along and merge.
  11. Hi All, I stumbled across the freeware Fenix2GSX utility a few weeks ago and am very impressed with how it integrates the two programs. Triggers refueling and catering, refuels to the exact same amount of fuel in your OFP, can automatically trigger boarding and loads the Fenix via the EFB with the Simbrief OFP indicated pax and weights. Plus lots of other automation between the two. It reminds me of what we used to have with the FSLabs integration with GSX to an extent. In any event, if you haven't seen it or heard of it - I highly recommend it. Plus the author is super responsive and engaging releasing little fixes here and there to improve it. https://github.com/Fragtality/Fenix2GSX
  12. Mate I had this at ESSA foe the first time last night (I fly in and out of their daily). How long has this been happening for you? I reckon it was/is due to the server issue currently happening. I got this once before at FlyTampas YSSY and it was due to a lack of BING scenery being able to be downloaded.
  13. When I lander at ORBX ESSA last night there were trees all over the runway and airport. Never seen that at ESSA before but did have it once before at FlyTampas YSSY and it turned out to the photogametry issue. Maybe this server issue explains the trees
  14. I think blaming iniBuilds and FSLTL is a bit rich, its a pretty well documented MSFS issue. What is it you're suggesting iniBuilds or FSLTL has done?
  15. Yeah its a balancing act about what looks best on the 50" TVs...fish eye, and lining up the three screens. Adjusting the seat position isn't a problem and its far better to do that than compromise on the view.
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