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  1. KL Oo

    AI2UTL Injector - Public Beta

    Great work mate - UTL needs as much ongoing support as it can given we're not going to get any from the official developer.
  2. I presume you're referring to the US? Shipping overseas to/from international destinations adds considerably.
  3. Same boat here and appreciate the OP for starting the topic. I've been sitting off waiting to see what happens with the 9900k/9700k fallout before making a decision on my new build. Normally it would be a no brainer for me to go with the latest processor but in this instance, all reports really seem to indicate that for P3D use alone the extra cost of the 9900k processor isn't going to produce any real tangible difference. Plus the 8086 does seem to be getting some great overclocks and 6 cores seems enough for P3D (although I note Rob A. has made some comments about 8 cores being the sweet spot). For that reason I'm also 99% committed to an 8086k. For me my focus has now turned to RAM. I'm looking for something that has a 4 in front of the speed (4000MHz/4266MHz) but they're not easy to find and are very expensive so I might have to settle for something in the high 3's (38xxMHz etc).
  4. Thanks Martin. Do other Z390 boards from other manafactures also run a 4 phase system or is it just ASUS? Out of interested was the 370 the same?
  5. Hi Martin, can you you elaborate on what this all means for us poor suckers looking to buy either 9700 or 8086k? Does this mean the cpus have trouble maintaining voltage and thus clock or over lock speed? ive always used ASUS boards...perhaps it’s time for a change.
  6. KL Oo

    FLAi2UTL - Anyone?

    This sounds great - watching
  7. Looks great Rob....well, perhaps not from the wife’s perspective. Cant wait for some benchmarks,
  8. Any chance of more discussions about overclockability between the 8086k and the 9700k? 🙂 Rays got his own entire thread (one of the most constructive I've seen here on AVSIM for a while) here C'mon Ray - how many threads on RAM does one man need!??! 🙂 (jk)
  9. I'm still tossing up the 8086k or 9700K. There doesn't seem to be much data around about how well the 9700k overclocks and I'm not particularly convinced that the 2 extra cores on the 9700K (I would disable HT on the 8086k) will make much if any difference to P3D. Given that they are essentially the same price, I'm erring on the side of going with an 8086k that might overclock slightly faster and forgo the 2 additional cores? Any thoughts?
  10. Hi Ray, Do they have much/any knowledge about P3D or our current line of Flight Sims? In alot of circumstances I would agree that RAM speed (and latency) might not make a discernible difference, but there are a number of test and threads on here to show that faster RAM will benefit P3D.
  11. Thanks for that - I read it three times and only had 1/2 an idea what he was talking about!
  12. Personally I'm holding on until we see at least 64k. I also demand that it runs on a 970 GTX
  13. I usually used MSAA and attempted with settings from 4xMSAA down to zero AA at all. Didn't chance the terrible performance hit I got when I turned on DL. That was with my 1080
  14. I have to say, that is really odd (or disappointing). How is that taxing the 2080 TI 99% and down at 14 FPS?? I saw similar with my 1080 when I turned on DL and always assumed that there was something wrong somewhere with my P3D setup. Maybe it's just P3D??
  15. That would be great. At FBs KSFO in the PMDG 747 my frames would go from 30+ down to 5~10 with 100% GPU usage when I activated the landing lights on the 747. That was with a straight 1080.... I’m just interested if the 2080ti will out perform two 1080tis running in SLI. When are you expecting yours to arrive Rob?