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  1. Correct. If I had an 85 inch TV is @Bobsk8 telling me I should be sitting 4 metres away and using 1080p because anything over that is a waste...
  2. According to the link you provided for my 55inch 4K capable TV I should be sitting 2.5 metres away......there’s a good way to loose any sense of immersion. I’m trying to be immersed in flying the aircraft and get a feel of being in the cockpit.....I’m not sitting on the couch watching day time TV.......
  3. Following. Exact same situation, thoughts and issues as the OP. I’m also interested in you’re comments @w6kd as I initially thought the same about the 10900k vs the 11900k but thought the whole improved architecture might play a part.... I do agree with the OP however that clock is king and the didn’t think the two additional cores of the 10900k would make much difference in and of themselves....
  4. I'm looking at similar upgrading however have been looking at AMD. Is this something you've considered? The difference between the two seems to be negligible with AMD coming out ahead nowadays in all but outright single threaded performance (which from what I've read is still really neck and neck).
  5. Your acceptance of mediocrity is astounding to me.
  6. I'm interested in the software but keen to hear an answer to the above if anybody can help out?
  7. How does it react with aircraft that are taxing prior to departure or after landing? Do they still disappear when the transponder is switched off or have they fixed that issue? Do they appear at a gate?
  8. Voted. Although I'll eat my hat if it actual comes to anything in the next 12 months.
  9. I’m planning an upgrade and am of the same mind. Been loyal to intel for over 10 years now and was waiting for the 11th gen to upgrade but think it’s going to end up being AMD
  10. Thanks for the intel mate, much appreciated. I’ve been away from AMD for so long I’d need to do a lot more research before pulling the trigger and moving from intel....but I’m not that loyal I’d stick with them for no performance reason.
  11. So at the current time, why wouldn’t I buy the Ryzen 5900X for my flightsim rig... instead of the 10 or 11 series? Other than my 3600 C16 RAM might need underclocked or replaced.... all benchmarks seem to put it at the top of the heap.
  12. I find this interesting as I’m in the process of deciding on a new build. I’m coming from an 8086k at 5.1 and a 6700k before that...I’ve always been intel. But it does seem that AMD is a fair compeditor. I understand traditionally a lot of us went with intel for the higher single core clock speeds with P3D being more single that multi threaded....but does that still hold true? And what of MSFS - would the current top end AMD actually be a better offering?
  13. That made me actually LOL. I'm not sure if the development team actual ready their public forums or not (I'll accept based on what Marcus has said that they do) but I'm continually surprised they seem happy to let those two muppets act as the main providers of support over there. Their advice is next to useless and frequently condescending.
  14. You’re a beta tester are you not? I’d expect you’re privy to what sort of enhancements have been made. What’s the point in asking us what we would like to see when we all know LM will pay no attention to what we mention. I expect their list of improvements is almost exactly what you happen to have mentioned as things you’d like to see......
  15. Same issue here. Just started a couple of weeks ago. Tried reinstalling drivers and the above steps but nil joy....
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