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  1. Well, for a lot of us I guess we do try and pretend to be...thats the point of Flight SIMULATING something... Thats fair enough. The simple answer is that external addons need to be able to read the weather that is actually being depicted in the sim. Apparently this ability is coming with SU10 although the exact details of what weather will be read, and on what scale (i.e. will it just be within a particular radius or anywhere).
  2. Just makes me wonder if the Pope is modeled. Anybody seen him on the balcony at the Vatican? Pope-Simulator!
  3. Good to hear form you Steve and I for one do appreciate the update. Now prove us all wrong (myself included) and get it out the door.
  4. I need to go down to the shops and pick up some milk....I demand that be modelled. Also, after the flight I often need to use the bathroom and I'm yet to see flushing urinals molded correctly. Absolute immersion killer.
  5. Well, one would hope that the AI is using the correct runway given at least local wind, if not local airport procedures or restrictions. If the wind is 270/20 and you elect to land on runway 09 as opposed to 27 then you're doing it wrong. Given FSHud claims to be able to control AI, surely it must also read the wind and assign correct runways based on that wind...which it in turn should assign to you.
  6. Three comments in one thread and all negative. If you were born in 1970 you're not that old - You shouldn't be that grump yet! The OP is just sharing a tip about some good software that might help others. Good work OP!
  7. Challenging times and I wish them all the best. That said, I think by the time they've done there's a good chance Asobo will have actually improved the existing AI. Naw, thats probably just far to optomistic.
  8. Lets try and keep things on topic please Ray, lest this thread gets locked. This is about Rob A, not weather.
  9. Amazing. Never noticed it. Why is it even an option? No idea why anybody would disable it? Well, I'm not sure how exactly @Kaiii3 does it for AIGTC injected AI but it must be possible somehow. Would be great to see.
  10. Hi Nico, Interested in your thoughts on two possible opportunites to make PSXT even better.. 1. I understand from speaking with Balthasar (from Real Traffic) that each flights depareture and destination airport are available from real traffic. Could this be incorporated into the sim so programs like Pilot2ATC and LittleNavMap that show AI on maps around you can also show this data? At present, GS, ALT, CS, HDG, BRG is shown, but no DEP/DEST. 2. Would it be possible to have static parked aircraft and live parked aircraft call the Jetway as the shutdown (or in the case of static, as they are populated). @Kaiii3 has done this with AIGTC and whilst I understand that AIGTC is controlling all elements of the flight, I'd suspect that for aircraft that are static and aircraft that are just parked live you could include that simobject call. Thoughts? Cheers,
  11. I trust you've posted your concerns at their official forums and aren't just expecting them to catch your thread here....
  12. Shame, because over the journey Rob has provided a huge amount of advice knowledge to the community. That said, it seems for the past couple of years he's really just been raging about anti MSFS stuff and banging the drum for P3D. I always respected his knowledge.....just lost a bit of that respect when it became overwhelming anti MSFS rhetoric. Again, shame.
  13. Well, to be honest....no. the CFG file is pretty much that...a file that's holding configuration settings. If deleting it and starring again has effected performance then I'd suggest it was a setting that was slowing things down....not 'bloat'.
  14. So out of interest, what settings do you believe are being implemented by the 'bad' CFG that are suddenly removed when you create a new one?
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