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  1. They're not going to be blinding like they are now? 🙂
  2. @simbol @Kaiii3, Gents are you able to provide any update on your respective products in P3D V5? Understand that there were some issues with the .FX files and discussions were taking place with LM about what could and could not be fixed. The last post I saw on the matter on the AIG forums (https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?topic=33243.0) is from 5 May at which time Kaiii3 indicated .FX files would need to be updated over the coming weeks. Where are we at with that? Cheers,
  3. Ensure you report over at P3D forums as well - let the developers know so they have another data point
  4. Just out of interest, do you think there would be any benefit of rolling all of these programs into the one central program?
  5. Doing it the suggested way you're still going to see traffic en route and on other displayed AI software (such as STB). I presume doing it the way you've programmed AI CULL will still allow all traffic departing LHR to ALL OTHER DESTINATIONS to complete their flight and all traffic arriving from ALL OTHER DESTINATONS to EGPH? Now that I think about it your way is actually pretty close to what I'm after - would just eliminate enroute traffic that would otherwise be seen that didn't originate or depart from LHR or EDI.
  6. Hi Roland, I've asked this of a number of developers that work with AI but all have indicated only a luke warm response. In UT2 there was a feature that allowed the user to remove all AI traffic that was operating to and from particular airports. That was really useful in places like Heathrow where you could elect to completely remove all traffic into say, London City, Gatwick or Stansted. This would mean the sim wasn't processing AI that you couldn't see, had no involvement with but were still within the reality buble. There are a number of programs that kill AI, not least of course FSUIPC but none that I can find that do this. Is this something you could program? Cheers and thanks for the tools! EDIT - Looks like you edited your post to show this is possible for enroute aircraft - EXCELLENT!
  7. I think most people would say .. Yes. I'd rather adjust my settings to achieve a balance visual quality and performance (where the result of over reaching is lower FPS) than adjust my settings where the result is a CTD. Nothing worse than constant CTDs. Yes, some people don't seem to be getting as many as others, but enough people are getting them for it to an issue worthy of addressing. Fingers crossed LM are listening.
  8. True - But I'd suggest it's been a while since we've seen this many people experiencing this amount of problems. In any event, I'll hold off a little longer and see if another HF corrects some of the apparent problems. Cheers,
  9. Hi Bert, Fair question and the answer lies in the reply above - Just too many reports about CTD and other issues. At the moment I've just done a complete reinstall of Windows 10 after some hardware upgrades so I'd prefer to install a more reliable version of Prepar3d V5 to act as a "base" before I launch into reinstalling all manner of addons - some of which people report crashes with V5. Yes I know you can always just insttall the next hotfix or .X release over the top when its released without too many issues, but perhaps it's my inner OCD that would just rather start with a version that has fewer known (or evident) issues in it. But I am impatient - hence why I was curious about when this next hotfix or .X release might arrive 🙂 Cheers,
  10. Hey - Can you say were you read that? I've been holding off installing V5 until the next hotfix or point release in the hope some of the existing issues are ironed out but I'm getting impatient 🙂
  11. Just out of interest, having you email/posted over at the LM forums? I'm really mindful of all of the P3D V5 threads here that talk about issues but that don't get reported to LM. I have no idea if they puruse these forums but I'd also be posting over there to ensure they're aware and see what they say about it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting it's an issue on your system alone as so many people seem to be reporting CTDs
  12. Yeah when you do that let me know - I'd love to remove all AI from Gatwick, Stansted and London City when I'm operating into LHR. No point in processing AI that you can't see. UT2 used to have a feature that removed all flights to/from a particular airport. I asked the developer of Super Traffic Board if it was something he might do but the response was luke warm...
  13. Fair enough. I haven't yet taken the plunge into V5 yet (for once decided not to be an early adopted) and I'm reluctant to at this stage after te feedback thus far on HF1. Does't appear so far to be an overarching success which is a shame because I only last week did a complete reinstall of Windows ready for a fresh install of P3D.... Hopefully they make an announcement or acknowledgement about this of the outstanding issues. The fact the released the HF in quick time is reassuring they are listening.
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