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  1. Yes, that is another way of looking at this and respect an think your argument is a valid one, and even might be successfully used in their defense. I still think that when they said that they would release a new scenery every 3 months, nobody in Microsoft meant or any of the costumers understood "we maybe do that, or just shut down in the next 4 months". The result is right here, with hundreds of people caught off guard. I think that a huge amount of people would never have bought the game if MS said that they might just release 1 or 2 dlcs and than shut down. Sorry J van E, i meant no harm, and i´m not a anti-microsoft guy...really! I just think that this particular decision was wrong and created a lot of false expectations...but again, sorry...i´m out! Edited again! It is not a "sue you" campaign. It is not a threat, that will happen... I like your posts and opinions, i just think that people and companies both have rights. And I´m really really done in this thread! See ya guys!
  2. FALSE EXPECTATIONS AND MONEY BACK .................................. Hello Folks! Please, just let me get one thing out of the way. Some of the simmers know that i am a lawyer here in Brazil, and i'm first obligated to say that i´m not writing this to gather clients or anything (the "Flight Sim" community here is huge). My Office only works on criminal cases, and nothing else! I always tried to be as optimistic as possible about the game...i really like it, although i did not agree with some decisions they made. A lot of people spent a lot of money not only buying the game, but buying new hardware, upgrading their flight controls, buying TrackIR, and so on, living the expectation of having 1 new airplane per month, and 1 new dlc scenery every 3 months. That was what Microsoft announced... I really respect other peoples preferences, but i really don't like the other Flight Simulators available right now...don´t know how the law works in all of your countries, but here in Brazil, you can´t create expectations, make people buy software and new expensive hardware to enjoy what was officially promised to them(see Mr. Howard's interview). Some will say: "people still have their new graphics card, TrackIR, or cpu for other games", nobody told them to buy it. That is right, but a lot of them would never have bought them to play other games! My message to all you friends is, "don´t let people step on your expectations and rights...fight for them". As for me, if those guys don´t rethink the whole "shutting down" thing...well.. SEE YOU IN COURT MICROSOFT!
  3. Ok, i know its not the proper topic to post this...but...did you guys see the new Carbon Cub Deluxe? :Shocked: I think it is awesome! How about you guys?
  4. Hello Jim! I was really looking for a software that would allow me to do this. Did u noticed issues or conflicts? Is it stable?
  5. Agree with you guys! Come on! What is so hard to understand that prices go up when the demand is high? That is it...the entire world economy works like that! Maybe someone should create a post "World Economy and Market Principles for MS Flight"! :Monkey: Just kidding.......ppleeaasseee don´t! :lol: -------------- Keep on Flying...and reading books! lol
  6. So can i say that it works like an "pitot heat" for the engine...avoiding the ice to block the carburetor airflow or something like that?
  7. Humm...unfortunately i guess that is how some technology advances... I was never really sure if temperature was simulated in MS Flight...i have read in a post that we could measure it looking at the oil or engine temp. gauges with the airplane parked before a mission...i don´t know if it has any real effect during flight... Did you notice any effect using the carb. heat in the Cub? (at least close to the real effect)
  8. That would be great RoboRay! That would make the game even more interesting to a lot of simmers! Thanks Really cool idea! Wow! Quick and precise! That will help me toy around the plane, and make it fly well, until i understand why i have to do that...maybe on RoboRay´s tutorial! :lol: THANKS A LOT GUYS! --------------------- Keep on Flying!
  9. When they released MS Flight, i was quite mad because they did´t add a jet to the game...but, you know...what´s the point of making a great scenery for us to fly by a beautiful waterfall at mach 1, using autopilot? Maybe later it will be nice to fly from Alaska to Hawaii in a jet...but i still have to complete my "all airport journey"! By the way, i just tried the new Carbon Cub using a 3D software and glasses!! ahhnnnn...just...wowww! :Hypnotized: PS: If this turns to be a "should have had" post...there goes my idea: "Next plane should come with a coupon for us to buy a fan to place strait at your faces"...you know...it would make it more realistic! :P
  10. Hello Folks! I´m wondering if somebody has any tips on how to use the new Carbon Cub radio, gps, the "rpm panel sticker" :P, mixture control and specially (in my case) the proper use of the "carb. heat"! Do all of the knobs in the digital gps/radio work? Oh, and i know that there are lots of tutorials in the web, and even in the "avsim" forum. But i´m looking for specific details and tips on how to make the most out of the new Carbon Cub! ------------------------- Keep on flying!
  11. Oh yeah! I'm no real life pilot, but i think it is the first dlc plane where the fuel mixture that have a really noticeable effect...not to mention that now i have something new to figure out, like the carb heat and how to make a full use of the digital gps/radio! I really don´t use those instruments in real life, apart from a simple gps! Well, it is always good to learn! :lol: ----------------------- Keep on Flying!
  12. Hello FatIgor! Well, i know that with the mountains and all, those clandestine jobs get harder...what i always do is, first of all, only fly during the night...i never ever turn any lights (not even the panel) or radio on on NEVER pass 100 ft from the ground! If i have an obstacle that i have no idea how high it gets (and of course i can go around it) i fly as close as possible to the ground...literally almost hitting the trees! It´s been a while since i saw a "law enforcement" plane! Well, worked for me! Good luck and keep on flying!
  13. Hello Mike! I sincerely respect and understand your opinion. We as costumers, really don´t like to wait a month for a virtual cockpit, or buy something that we know will be half price 2 days later! I is almost frustrating...almost! In the other hand, technically speaking, their marketing strategy, from MS point of view, is really really good. I wish i had a company that days before i release a little tiny product (compared to everything that MS does), my costumers end up speculating in forums, communities, etc. And it is not just that...their marketing strategy was so good that almost every simmer, that regularly play the game of course, bought their product almost instantaneously! If you look at the posts there were people desperate looking at the marketplace minutes before the release...and i bet most of them bought the dlc without even thinking about the price, even though it is true that a lot of people really can´t afford to buy them without thinking. Anyways...from the marketing point of view that is genius...sadly for us! :Thinking: --------- Keep on Flying!
  14. I´m really impressed...i like a lot of things in this game...but i´ve been waiting for months to truly say something...here it goes...1...2...3....IT´S JUST AWESOME! :dance:
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