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  1. Andrew, Thanks, it seems to occur when pressing much on buttons..... somebody on the FSUIPC forum wrote as if it is a kind of "overload" of simconnect. regards, Ben
  2. Hi Andrew, I am not a native English speaker and i always try to carefully choose my words. This is what i wrote on the FSUIPC forum: >>Can you have a look at that? (Because Andrew from LINDA does not seem to recognize the problem).<< (With "not recognize the problem" i ment "you don't recall". So i didn't say that you are not helping me....you always help me (and i thank you for doing so). I had to bring this problem up on both forums, because at that time it was unclear what program caused it. I hope we will find a solution. Thanks again, Ben
  3. Hi Andrew, Just flew another test flight with FSUIPC7 connected for one hour, not using LINDA. No disconnects...so it must be something in LINDA, would you mind investigating further? Regards, Ben
  4. Hi Andrew, Dynamic HID is not ticked. Regards, Ben
  5. Thanks for the info Andrew. I just tested for more than an hour with LINDA and FSUIPC7, was in contact with John Dowson during testing. I found out that flying with FSUIPC7 gives me no disconnects of Axis but when i have LINDA active most of the time my throttle disconnects and some times the elevator and ailerons axis too (and no joystick buttons working anymore). So our conclusion is that these disconnects are in some way related to LINDA. Hope we can find the cause, if i can be of any help, just let me know. Regards, Ben
  6. I ckecked at the FSUIPC7 forum, the throttle disconnects is an issue more people have and seems to be related to FSUIPC7.
  7. That did the trick Andrew, many thanks. I know this is a beta version, so i will tell you my issues: It seems that in the Turboprops the VS button doesn't work (didn't try it in airliners), i have to activate the VS button in the cockpit and then i can increase or decrease the VS with the rotation button on the MCP. HDG works, but a bit spiky....tends to be reset to zero, Altitude button works but also tends to reset itself to zero when turning the knob. I have a big issue with my throttle, but i think that is related to FSUIPC7 (Also beta), the throttle gets disconnected now and then and i have to open the AXIS tab in FSUIPC to get it back to work. In airliners the throttle seems to work on one engine only, the other one is disabled. I will work more on this. Regards, Ben
  8. Maybe it has something to do with the power management issueof the MCP Combo / FSUIPC combination wich we had last year? I will send you new files shortly.
  9. Hi Andrew, Thanks for the help, i have MCP Combo II Boeing style) Files are in your mailbox. Regards, Ben
  10. Hi Andrew, I was happy to see that the new Linda beta file for MSFS was out. I installed it and also FSUIPC 7 beta, ran the GUI and followed the starting instructions. (i have the updated MSFS version When starting FSUIPC7 the the lights in my MCP Combo II (Boeing) flash once when FSUIPC is connecting, but after that now show. Linda is restarting alright after FSUIPC is run, but in the MCP Combo screen there is nothing indicating it has connected to the MS default aircraft and the buttons don't work either. Hope you can help? Thanks in advance, regards, Ben
  11. Great news Andrew, many thanks !
  12. Many CTD's on my side, after choosing aircraft and airport of fast clicks in the interface items. No idea where to look for the cause.
  13. Hi, I downloaded the aircraft module for the great King Air 350i from Milviz (For P3Dv4.5). There is a patch out from Milviz wich i installed first and there after i installed the Linda Aircraft module wich seems not to be working. Can it be that the Linda module (wich is from December 2019) don't work with the King Air 350I with the newest Patch, or is it something on my side? Does anybody got the King Air Linda Module working with this aircraft? Regards, Ben
  14. Great...this did the trick! The only thing is when i one day remove P3Dv4.5 i will loose them again....but for now it work. Many thanks, regards, Ben
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