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  1. Not needed....I removed the addon scenery directory's and set back houw it should be from the beginning.....it works now ....great stuff !! (Thanks so much).
  2. Thanks for your help, I was at EHAM...should be a stock airport but no traffic on the ground, as soon as i have set the stock airports files into the addon aircraft folder...the ground traffic was there. The only file that was in the addon aircraft folder was EHHV (Hilversum) and in PSXT interface EHHV was the airfield it thought I was...but I was at EHAM. So I sure want to put the airfield files where they should be, but then it isn't working. >>Check Show TFC is checked in RT, otherwise try another airport. Yes "show TFC was set".... but no show
  3. Hi, Such a great addon PSXT is, thank you for that ! Registered RealTraffic to be able to use PSXT, after I could solve the error 43 and 48 problem I found the real traffic in the air but as soon as they tough the ground they disappear. Aircraft that take off, are to be seen as soon as that they are in the air. Copied the stock airports folder into PSXT, but no show.... i have it working now (so have aircraft on the ground and at the gates) but to get that i had to copy the stock airports files into the addon airports folder (and contrairy). This is not how it should be done, it should be done automatically by the program. Happy that it works now, but no new addon airports are added to these folders I think, i would like to have the automatic process working. How can I reach this? I added the path to the community folder into the PSXT XML file but i don't know what and where to add wich line in order to let PSXT automatically find stock and addon airports. Can somebody help me please? Regards, Ben
  4. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/flysimware-cessna-414a/497038/282
  5. I just read this post: 27 March: Recent FSW Beta Fixes that should be included in the next C414 update (likely early next week): 1. Arm rest delay animation fixed. 2. Quickviews has been updated. 3. Manifold needles fixed (were accidentally tied to an electrical circuit). 4. Tail number placard uv updated. 5. Clock and Fuel Computer moved back onto the battery circuit. 6. Missing inner mesh on the Nacelle intake vents fixed. 7. Shimmering on the face of the Fuel Computer has been eliminated 8. Assorted modeling bugs fixed Disappointed that the most annoying bug is not in the fix......the Autopilot ALT mode wich will not arm at the altitude set in the device and the Autopilot wich reads a wrong altutude (Mostly thousants of feet higher then the actual altitude we are flying at). It is clear from review videos not everybody has this bug, but I for sure have it (reinstalling did not fix it). EDIT: I have just set MSFS to use the US system and that fixed a lot of the AP issues and believe it or not, gives me a whole new performance in take-off and climb...appearently when you are not set in US system the aircraft is reading the wrong density altitude.
  6. Could it be that i have a lot of AP issues because my Bravo Throttle is bind? (Even when I do not use the Bravo to set the AP and I do it in the cockpit in this aircraft?
  7. The crazy thing is that when i fly at 3000ft and I press ALT on the AP...the AP display puts in 10900 ft for the altitude.....
  8. Thanks again....i have both PMS and the TDS ones.....
  9. Realy? So i am trying over and over all day, could not find any message of somebody else having problems and the config seems to be not okay? At least now i know it isn't me.... thanks.
  10. You are really helpful...thank you. But unfortunately It is not quite working..... When i follow your way the AP display gives ALTS in the lower part (small letters) so thats okay, but as soon as i set the AP to ON my VS wich is at that moment +1500 ft/min is right away turning in MINUS 1500 ft/min....whatever i try...I can not change that and the aircraft is going to descent. Also the minus 1500 ft/min I can turn it up to zero ft/min but not into a climb...i have to disengage autopilot and FD and then set it again whereafter i can set a climbing 1500 ft/min. (but then again as soon as i set the AP to ON....it is turning the VS from a plus to a minus agian over and over.
  11. I seem to have major problems with the Autopilot altitude holds, maybe i do something wrong but..... When i active the AP en press ALT then i always get a altitude reading in the autopilot that is thousands of feet above my actual altitude (i am not looking at the transponder). When i try to change the altitude setting i seem not to be able to. Fiddling with the altitude alert device isn't giving any help or support too (i select the wanted altitude there and activate it (orange light goes on). Am I the only one strugling with this?
  12. My impressions....(former two engine pilot in RL) First i didn't know it was a beta, the website main productpage from wich i clicked the "purchas"button isn't clear about that. So i guess we are betatesters now. Later i saw a second productpage wich states that it was a beta, but that was after i purchased it already. Second, and that disappoints me, is that the manifold pressure isn't decreasing with altitude gain (and also not increasing at altitude loss) and pushing the props full forward on final isn't doing anything to the RPM, the RPM increases only as soon as you give more power. The prop RPM should increase pushing the props full forward with the same amount of manifold pressure. Throttle is not in idle when i do this, i have a reasonable amount of power set and still the RPM keeps 2.300 RPM in stead of going up. The GNS750 XI is causing many stutters when switched on (i have a 3090 videocard and no stutters in other situations), the moment you switch off the GNS750 XI the stutters are gone. The GNS750 PMS is working without stutters. Aircraft flies nicely, mixture control is not okay, sounds are quite good.
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