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  1. Because you don't die when you screw up! Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California
  2. I too have the tweet. To set up the throttles through FSUIPC with my CH Products throttle controller, I set up a profile for the tweet. I then assigned each engine to an axis through "send to fs as normal axis," not "send direct to fsuipc calibration." If my memory serves me, I also assigned each each to "Axis Throttle 1 Set" and "Axis Throttle 2 Set." The next part is important. Go the "joystick calibration" page and click on reset so that no calibration windows appear. DO NOT CALIBRATE. Just leave it with no calibration windows. When I first installed the tweet, I calibrated the throttles to see what happened, and sure enough, they did not work. With this set up, my throttles work fine. I found that the rest of the axis, i.e. rudder, flightstick, work find with normal assignment and calibration. Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California.
  3. Hi: I just downloaded and tried to install the latest version of the Lear 35. The plane installs OK into the simobjects folder, but it does not create the FLYSIMWARE LEAR35A INFO folder. It creates a shortcut to this folder on my desktop, but when I click on the shortcut, I get a message stating "C:\Users\Public\Desktop\FLYSIMWARE LEAR 35 A INFO is unavailable." I checked the window/users file. The desktop folder is located at "C:\Users\Public\Public Desktop" rather than "C:\Users\Public\Desktop." Could this be the source of the problem. Thanks. Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California.
  4. Hi Bill: I want to join the chorus thanking you for you great mods. I clicked on the link to dropbox in the email you sent me, but a 404 message popped up saying that the file was not longer available. Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California
  5. I commented out "//" all references in the panel.cfg file to "MV_WX" (there are only three, one under "Vcockpit31" and two under "Window05") to prevent the plane from crashing, even though I had uninstalled the Rex Weather Rader. Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California.
  6. Unlocking the throttles did the trick. Thanks for the lesson. Mike Gutierrez
  7. Thanks for the info. I'll give it a try. Mike
  8. Hi: I installed this mod, but I can't get my throttled to work. I assigned them to my plane through FSUIPC either directly, or normally, using throttle axis, throttle set, et c. When I apply full throttle, they jump back to idle, and the throttles visually "dance." I marked out Gauge_UPDATE_THROTTLE, but they still don't work. Any ideas? Thanks for all of these great mods. Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California.
  9. I asked Carenado if I could post my changes, but they answered by merely thanking me for my feed back. So, here are the sections I changed in the Beech 18 FDE. Mike Gutierrez [weight_and_balance] max_gross_weight = 8750 empty_weight = 5527 reference_datum_position = 0.0, 0, 0 empty_weight_CG_position = 1.5, 0, 0 empty_weight_pitch_MOI = 6776 empty_weight_roll_MOI = 7623 empty_weight_yaw_MOI = 13700 empty_weight_coupled_MOI = 0 max_number_of_stations = 9 station_load.0 = 170, 2.9, -1, 1, Pilot station_load.1 = 170, 2.9, 1, 1, co-pilot station_load.2 = 170, 1.5, -1.3, 1, p1 station_load.3 = 170, 1.5, 1.3, 1, p2 station_load.4 = 170, -2, -1.3, 1, p5 station_load.5 = 170, -2, 1.3, 1, p6 station_load.6 = 150, -5, -1.3, 1, p7 station_load.7 = 150, -5, 1.3, 1, p8 station_load.8 = 0, -0.5, 0, 0 station_name.0 = "pilot" station_name.1 = "copilot" station_name.2 = "1st rowL" station_name.3 = "1st rowR" station_name.4 = "2nd rowL" station_name.5 = "2nd rowR" station_name.6 = "3rd rowR" station_name.7 = "fwd 600lbs max" station_name.8 = "aft 300lbs max" [pitot_static] pitot_heat=1.0 [flight_tuning] cruise_lift_scalar=0.4 pitch_stability=1.5 roll_stability=1.5 yaw_stability=1.2 parasite_drag_scalar=0.4 induced_drag_scalar=0.3 elevator_effectiveness=1.7 aileron_effectiveness=1.2 rudder_effectiveness=1.4 elevator_trim_effectiveness =1.0 aileron_trim_effectiveness =1.0 rudder_trim_effectiveness =1.0 hi_alpha_on_yaw = 1.0 p_factor_on_yaw = 0.5 torque_on_roll = 0.5 gyro_precession_on_yaw = 0.5 gyro_precession_on_pitch = 0.5 gyro_precession_on_roll = 0.5 [GeneralEngineData] engine_type = 0 fuel_flow_scalar = 0.9 Engine.0 = 5.5, -6.5, -1.0 Engine.1 = 5.5, 6.5, -1.0 min_throttle_limit= 0 [piston_engine] power_scalar = 1 //Piston power scalar cylinder_displacement= 109 //Cubic inches per cylinder compression_ratio= 6.1 //Compression ratio number_of_cylinders= 9 //Number of cylinders max_rated_rpm= 2300 //Max rated RPM max_rated_hp= 450 //Max rated HP fuel_metering_type = 1 //0=Fuel Injected, 1=Gravity Carburetor, 2=Aerobatic Carburetor cooling_type= 0 //0=Cooling type Air, 1=Cooling type Liquid normalized_starter_torque= 0.3 //Starter torque factor turbocharged= 1 //Is it turbocharged? 0=FALSE, 1=TRUE max_design_mp = 36.5 //Max design manifold pressure, (inHg) min_design_mp= 4 //Min design manifold pressure, (inHg) critical_altitude= 8000.0 //Altitude to which the turbocharger will provide max design manifold pressure (feet) emergency_boost_type= 0 //0=None, 1=Water Injection, 2=Methanol/Water injection, 3=War Emergency Power emergency_boost_mp_offset= 0 //Additional manifold pressure supplied by emergency boost emergency_boost_gain_offset= 0 //Multiplier on manifold pressure due to emergency boost fuel_air_auto_mixture= 0 //Automixture available? 0=FALSE, 1=TRUE auto_ignition= 0 //Auto-Ignition available? 0=FALSE, 1=TRUE max_rpm_mechanical_efficiency_scalar= 1 //Scalar on maximum RPM mechanical efficiency idle_rpm_mechanical_efficiency_scalar= 1 //Scalar on idle RPM mechanical efficiency max_rpm_friction_scalar= 1 //Scalar on maximum RPM friction idle_rpm_friction_scalar= 0.3 //Scalar on idle RPM friction [propeller] thrust_scalar = 1 //Propeller thrust scalar propeller_type = 0 //0=Constant Speed, 1=Fixed Pitch propeller_diameter = 8.25 propeller_blades = 2 //Number of propeller blades propeller_moi= 27.5 //Propeller moment of inertia //propeller_moi = 25 //Propeller moment of inertia beta_max = 65 beta_min = 15 //Minimum blade pitch angle for constant speed prop, (degrees) min_gov_rpm= 500 //Miminum governed RPM prop_tc= 0.1 //Prop time-constant gear_reduction_ratio = 1 //Propeller gear reduction ratio fixed_pitch_beta = 0 //Fixed pitch angle of fixed pitch prop, (degrees) low_speed_theory_limit = 80 //Speed at which low speed theory becomes blended in (feet/second) prop_sync_available = 0 //Prop synchronization available? 0=FALSE, 1=TRUE prop_deice_available = 1 //Prop de-icing available? 0=FALSE, 1=TRUE prop_feathering_available= 1 //Prop feathering available? 0=FALSE, 1=TRUE prop_auto_feathering_available= 0 //Prop auto-feathering available? 0=FALSE, 1=TRUE min_rpm_for_feather= 700.0 //Minimum RPM for prop feathering beta_feather = 88.5 //Feathering pitch angle (degrees) power_absorbed_cf = 0.9 //Coefficient of friction for power absorbed by propeller defeathering_accumulators_available= 0 //Defeathering accumulators available? 0=FALSE, 1=TRUE prop_reverse_available = 0 //Prop reverse available? 0=FALSE, 1=TRUE minimum_on_ground_beta= 1.0 //Miminum pitch angle on ground, (degrees) minimum_reverse_beta= -14.0 //Minimum pitch angle in reverse, (degrees) propeller.0 = 6, 3, 2 Propeller.1 = 6, -3, 2 [electrical] max_battery_voltage = 24 generator_alternator_voltage = 28 max_generator_alternator_amps = 100.0 electric_always_available = 0 [gear_warning_system] gear_warning_available=1 pct_throttle_limit= 0.10 flap_limit_power= 26 flap_limit_idle= 0.0 [hydraulic_system] normal_pressure=0.0 electric_pumps = 2 engine_map = 1,1 [vacuum_system] max_pressure=5.0 vacuum_type=1 electric_backup_pressure=4.5 engine_map=1,1,0,0 [airplane_geometry] wing_area = 345 wing_span = 47 wing_root_chord = 7 wing_dihedral = 6 wing_incidence = 0 wing_twist = 0 oswald_efficiency_factor = 0.2 wing_winglets_flag = 0 wing_sweep = -1.0 //Degrees, wing leading edge wing_pos_apex_lon = -1.8 wing_pos_apex_vert = 0 htail_area = 67.1 htail_span = 18.75 htail_pos_lon = -21.0 //Feet, longitudinal distance from reference point, negative going aft htail_pos_vert = -2.0 htail_incidence = 0 htail_sweep = -0.4 vtail_area = 23.2 vtail_span = 6.2 vtail_sweep = -0.4 vtail_pos_lon = -21.0 //Feet, longitudinal distance from reference point, negative going aft vtail_pos_vert = -2.0 elevator_area = 28.9 aileron_area = 25 rudder_area = 23 elevator_up_limit = 35 elevator_down_limit = 25 aileron_up_limit = 38 aileron_down_limit = 20 rudder_limit = 25 elevator_trim_limit = 18 spoiler_limit = 0 aileron_to_spoileron_gain = 0 min_ailerons_for_spoilerons = 0 min_flaps_for_spoilerons = 0 spoilerons_available = 0 auto_spoiler_available= 0 spoiler_extension_time= 0 positive_g_limit_flaps_up = 4.0 //Design G load tolerance (positive, flaps up) positive_g_limit_flaps_down= 2.0 //Design G load tolerance (positive, flaps down) negative_g_limit_flaps_up = -1.5 //Design G load tolerance (negative, flaps up) negative_g_limit_flaps_down= -1.5 //Design G load tolerance (negative, flaps down) [Reference Speeds] flaps_up_stall_speed = 68.0 //Knots True (KTAS) full_flaps_stall_speed = 60.0 cruise_speed= 150 max_indicated_speed= 225
  10. FYI: I purchased a sound set for the Beech 18 by Skysimworks that is available from the Flightsim Pilot Shop. It says it is for FS2004, but the file itself indicates its for FSX also. It sounds pretty good, especially the transition from a low rumble at idle to supersonic blade tip sound (like on a T-6) at take off. It was worth it for $10.00. Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California.
  11. I sent an email to Carenado asking them if I could post my changes. In the mean time, if you sent me a message, I will sent you a text file with the changes I made. Mike
  12. Hi Guys: I have the flysimware Beech 18 and Milton Shupe's Beech. I compared the fde entries for these two planes and the Caranado Beech 18, and searched the internet for additional info on the Beech. I made some changes to the Carenado fde, and it flies much better now. I don't have a lot of knowledge about fde's, but the plane is no longer twitchy and a lot more stable. I'll share my changes after I find out whether this is proper. Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California.
  13. Hi: I wanted to let you know about a possible conflict. I installed the new Leonardo MD-80 in P3D Ver. 4.2, and it kept crashing to desktop after a few minutes. I have Chaseplane and VRS Tackpack installed. I read a message on the Leonardo board at AVSIM stating that removing the VRS module from the dll.mxl file solved the problem. I tried this and it worked; no crash. Just wanted to let you know. I don’t mind making the changes my dll.xml file, but its something you might want to look at in the future. Thanks all for your great products. Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California
  14. Hi: I wanted to let you know about a possible conflict. I installed the new Leonardo MD-80 in P3D Ver. 4.2, and it kept crashing to desktop after a few minutes. I have Chaseplane and VRS Tackpack installed. I read a message on this stating that removing the VRS module from the dll.mxl file solved the problem. I tried this and it worked; no crash. Just wanted to let you know. I don’t mind making the changes my dll.xml file, but its something you might want to look at in the future. Thanks for your great plane. Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California
  15. Same problem for me too. Glad to see I have company. Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California
  16. Hi: Again. I’m still having problems with click spots on several of the PMDG aircraft. I recently uninstalled Chase Plane and all the PMDG aircraft. I then reinstalled the most recent versions (from July 12) of all of the available planes (737-800 & 900, 747, 777-200 & 300ER), checked the click spots, and several still do not work. The following is a summary of the problems. 1. 737 - The 737 installed OK. I have landing gear, and the panel displays appear (no black screens) fine. The click spots on the autopilot, however, do not work from the VC view. I will place the mouse over the control, and if I move it slightly, the hand will appear. But when I then press the click button to make a change, the hand disappears, and either the button will not press, or the knob will not turn. If I pull up the 2-D panel while in VC view mode, I can manipulate the controls on the autopilot, and I will see the changes being made on the VC autopilot. Also, the HUD is missing Other click spots work, such as the overhead panel, and the center console. 2. 777 – Most of the click spots work except the fuel controls on the upper panel. I cannot click on the various fuel controls on the upper panel in VC mode. I use P3D Ver. 4, and I am running it on Windows 10 on an older computer (Pentium 920), 12 Gb Ram, and two Nvidia GTX 960 video cards in SLI. Any ideas would be appreciated. Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California
  17. Hi: The NGX is activated and I have gear. I initially had a problem with that, but then I read about a conflict with the Aerosoft OV-10. Now everything is fine. All the systems load up, I was able to enter a flight plan, its just the click spots that are problematic. Mike Gutierrez
  18. Hi all: I need some help with click spots on my 737 (I haven't checks to see of this problem crops in the 777 or 747). I just installed the 737, 777, and 747 into P3D Ver. 4. I set up a camera view with Chaseplane on the Autopilot, but the click spots are not working. Sometime the little hand appears, but it just a quickly disappears and I can't turn on the the flight director, autothrottle, or even turn on any of the other functions on the autopilot. I've seen several references to a similar problem using Ezdok, but not with chaseplane. Anyone have any ideas? Also, if I remember correctly, didn't there use to be a way to pull up a 2D view of just the autopilot in the 737. Has this been removed in the recent version of the software? Thanks in advance. Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California
  19. My bad. I finally sorted this out, by creating new cameras, rather than importing previously existing cameras. Thanks for the best camera utility out there. Mike Gutierrez
  20. To the Chase Plane folks, I've been trying to set the Chase Plane cameras in the Sim Skunkworks F-84 for P3D V. 4, but the sim keeps crashing when I try to set up the cameras. I can work around the problem, but I thought I'd bring this to your attention. Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California.
  21. I, for one, do not trust anyone having any control over my use of the internet or my own computer. I don't have a facebook account, nor do I plan to get one; Twitter is, to me, a waste of time that could be better spent reading a good magazine or newpaper; and I have had no interest in Dovetail. Atta boy, PMDG! Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California.
  22. Hi: I purchased this plane last night but there is a problem that prevents me from using it. In virtual cockpit mode, I get a lot of flashing, jagged artifacts that blot out the instrument panel. It is the exact same problem I had with the A2A Texan when it was first released. There were others who experienced the same with the Texan, and A2A fixed this issue somehow in the "mdl" file. I use P3D Ver. 3.3 and Windows 10. I sent a support ticket to Xtreme Prototypes, but if anyone has contact with the publishers, you might let them know that A2A may be able to offer advice on this problem. I hope they fix this soon as I can't use the plane at all. Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California.
  23. I tried searching this forum about scimitars, but for some reason, the search wouldn't work. Anyway, is there any plan to release a PMDG 737 with scimitars? By the way, I don't often post on this forum, and I want PMDG to know how much I love their products. They are fun to fly, and the only time I had installation problem a couple of years ago, the service was stellar. My kudos to the PMDG staff, and I wish you all well in the future. Mike Gutierrez, North Hollywood, California.
  24. I was able to download the plane, and I love it. Thanks for your help. Best Regards. Mike Gutierrez
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