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  1. I guess this is along the same lines. I have flown on long flights and have arrived at the localizer a bit higher than I should be and I have dove to get on glidepath. This can be interesting in a 747 and I am sure non to comfortable for the "virtual" passengers but I usual figure the heck with it this has been a long flight. Most of the time I try to keep it like it should be and people have asked me why and I really have no great answer.:D
  2. Anybody have the 3d lights for shockwave in FS9.ThanksAndrew
  3. Has anyone tried this yet. I am hesitent because it is really expensive. It looks a little closer to Blue Print Style offerings that Fly Tampa or FS Dreamteam which are amazing airports. I am not putting Blue Print down they price there sceneries right IMO, but I have not seen much said about Sydney since it has been ignored for a long time. I figured if it was really nice more would be said about it. I figure I would ask and see if anybody has anything to say about it.Thanks Andrew
  4. Can anyone help here. I dont know whay I have all these blocke of land in the sea around Hong Kong. http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/185311.jpghttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/185312.jpghttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/185313.jpgThanks
  5. I love world of AI. Slowly but surely I am illiminating Ultimate Traffick with WOAI. I am not sure if it was Evilve AI or which model but I saw an A4340-500 landing in Zurich and I saw the reversers and spolers deploy as it touched down. It was awesome to see. I just wish they would get a US Air package out. Although WOAI free so I am not going to complain loudly:+
  6. I agree with Al. I really love to fly the 727 but it has to be when I have alot of time to sit and start it from cold and dark to flying and then landing. It is very satisfying when I can devote the time. Sometimes it is a bit much and I cant get the time to sit and fly when I am handling so many of the tasks needed for the older aircraft. Same with the RFP 747.
  7. I have adjusted a handful of my world of ai airlines to go to Kai Tak and so far they perform flawlessly. Not sure if it has to do with the AI packages or not but so far so good. I havent adjusted any Ultimate traffic flightplans to fly there as I am one by one replacing them with World of ai. MAybe somone with more knowledge will speak up about that as Clutch said.
  8. I agree an amazing addition to MSFS. I flew the approach acouple of times with no weather in an A-10 to get some landmarks and an idea of what lies around the approach to rwy13. After that I flew to the airport from KSFO in the PMDG 747 and it was intense. That 747 is an amazing add-on also it flies so smoothly. I was able to put it down perfectly and the same for the 3 other times I flown the 747 into that airport. On my way for the 4th hope it is just as smooth. So far landing at Kai Tak has been pretty foggy with real weather reminds me alot of the 747 video from Cathay Pacific. I suppose this is the foggy time of year in Hong Kong? Anyway having alot of fun with 9dragons thanks to the team.
  9. I am sure I followed all the directions properly but I dont have VHHX as an available airport in the 747 FMC. Can anyone help out?ThanksAndrew
  10. Well I had missed step I placed the 9dsidstar file in another folder so I could put them in where they needed to go and forgot about it. Thanks to everyone responding I remembered it and got everything straightened out.I appreaciate all that replied
  11. Yes I did. Put it in the PMDG Navdata file and I added the airport Via TTools. Cant figure it out.
  12. Can you still use these two? I have Ultimate traffic and use World of AI and dont want to change all of these files yet. It would take too long right away so I want to keep the two Airports for know. Can anyone tell me if they had any luck with both airports.Thanks
  13. Now that Air bridge has a 744 (even though it is a ERF) will anybody be painting this livery? Wish I could but I am not so good with the painting.
  14. Even though I agree with it being a pricey aircraft, If I apply Krister's Logic it doeas work out as a great value, the 747 and 767 from the above mentioned companies are the aircraft I come back to time and again. I could have saved a bunch if I didnt buy the aircraft that I dont fly.
  15. I bought the Alphasim and the panel is really bad. It ruined the whole experience for me. It's been deleted from my hard drive.
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