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  1. Ben Cap

    777 pitch trim - Am I missing something?

    Having flown in a real life Delta 777 simulator recently, I can attest that the PMDG flight model accurately models the pitch trim.
  2. Ben Cap

    747V3 reverse thrust is wrong

    Comes from up top.... The arrogance of some of the devs on this forum is laughable. One tiny criticism turns into a flamewar. Why can't Mr. Rogers simply try and lend a helping hand instead of always being on the defensive? Yes Mr. Rogers you know alot about planes and that is fine and dandy. It's unfortunate you use your presumed authority on an online forum to berate others. Foolish behaviour. And no, your products are not perfect like you all seem to think.
  3. I'm surprised their site is down. You would think they would have thought out the website loads beforehand.
  4. Ben Cap

    PMDG 747 Queen Of The Skies ii Sounds

    You can always fall back onto the TSS 747 GE sounds if you are unsatisfied. Their rendition of the CF6s on the 747 is excellent.
  5. I have the same problem - can someone resolve this issue for me?
  6. To upgrade to the latest driver, head over to and fill out the information for your computer in the "Manual Driver Search" form. Then, download the latest Nvidia Driver and install the driver. After, I always restart my PC for good measure. Also, there is no "best version" for FSX. Simply choose the latest driver that is a WHQL(official driver release).
  7. Ben Cap

    WINDOWS 10 and what it mean for us.

    Did you upgrade or clean install the new OS? If you simply upgraded, delete your shader cache and try again.
  8. Ben Cap

    WINDOWS 10 and what it mean for us.

    That's unfortunate. I use Prepar3d 2.5 and the upgrade from Win7 to Win10 was flawless. So far, I have had absolutely no issues with compatibility with ANY of my addon software or other programs that I have installed. I am very pleased with Windows 10. I reckon that this will become the new OS of choice for us flight simmers due to its inherent backwards compatibility and ease of use with a desktop(ability to switch from Desktop and Tablet Mode). I agree. I am greatly enjoying it so far. Gorgeous menus and options screens as well.
  9. Ben Cap

    Twentynine Palms (29Palms)

    Looks incredible!
  10. Ehh it varies person to person. With me, using the Saitek equipment, I found flying a Cessna 172 in real life not to be too far off from the simulator.
  11. Ben Cap

    Need to use takeoff flaps >5 ?

  12. Ben Cap

    Need to use takeoff flaps >5 ?

    Thanks for the explanation. Also, if no obstacles are in the way, should FIELD technically be the standard LIMIT code? Does that make sense? Precisely this.... Most heavy takeoffs above 700,000LBS rarely are at Flaps 15. The only time I ever get a Flaps 15 calculation is when I am at moderate loads (550-680k LBS) paired with a 9-10k foot runway. However, 90% of the time, takeoffs are at Flaps 5 due to the takeoff thrust required being slightly lower which reduces costs for the airline and the chances of an engine failure on departure. Last week out of LAX, I had my first Flaps 15 departure in a while due to my weight being 680,000LBS and using the shorter (10,100feet) runway 24L. Although, the thrust required was Full-TO with bleeds off.-This was the case due to the increased drag from the Flaps 15 setting that needed to be overcome with an increased level of thrust. Even though the takeoff roll was relatively short, the intial climb was only a shallow 11-13 degrees...
  13. Ben Cap

    Need to use takeoff flaps >5 ?

    Yes I've seen this on a few occassions. What exactly does this mean?
  14. Ben Cap

    Need to use takeoff flaps >5 ?

    This is not accurate in many scenarios. You have to remember that these calculations take into account loosing an engine just at or after V1. If its hot, high, and your heavy, chances are, Flaps 15 or 20 will induce way too much drag for you to safely be able to loose an engine at V1 and still have enough thrust to overcome the drag forces in order to proceed with the liftoff and climb out. That is one of the critical factors for takeoff thrust calculations that many are likely forgetting. Overall, in most cases, heavier does not = more flaps.
  15. Ben Cap

    Need to use takeoff flaps >5 ?

    You have to take into account drag as a result of higher flap settings. Most of the time at heavy weights and a long runway, Flaps 5 is plenty. - At the same weight, Flaps 15 would only increase drag while reducing takeoff distance by a small amount. The increased drag would need to be offset with a higher thrust setting.