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  1. I’m having the same issue. Minimal settings with default scenery and aircraft and experiencing stutters. The framerates are very good it just stutters terribly.
  2. Ben Cap


    I also have had significant stutters that were never present in 4.5 using the same settings. I've tried deleting the shaders in the Appdata/local folder. I've tried various settings and even turned down graphical settings to close to nothing and nothing seems to work. Curious to see progress in this area since I am not the only one.
  3. Thank you! This new beta appears to have resolved the visibility issues. I am enjoying this version
  4. REX has underwhelmed me in recent years. Yet another product that will be shelved. Marketing is a powerful tool. EF has great potential but it’s current implementation is poor.
  5. Has anyone had any issues with visibility? When I used EF in auto mode and no weather smoothing, the visibility at the surface does not match the reported conditions in ASP4. What config do I need to use such that ASP4 changes my visibility?
  6. It appears this is an issue with REX EF. I uninstalled REX EF my shaders HLSL folder and my shaders folder in APPDATA/LOCAL/LOCKHEEDMARTIN. I will be contacting REX about this. Thank you for the help.
  7. After doing a clean install of P3D 4.5 hotfix 1, I cannot seem to get the visibility to work correctly. Even when using manual weather settings (no weather engine at all), the visibility slider does not make any difference. Even with it set to 1/8 mile the visibility rendered is nearly unlimited. Any ideas?
  8. Hi, I am building an i9 system that will power 3 4K projectors in a large cockpit setup using P3D v4.5 For performance needs would I be better off with 2 2080tis in SLI or a single Titan?
  9. I will talk to my superiors and try all three configurations. RTX Titan, RTX 2080ti Nvlink, RTX2080ti OC
  10. I need massive GPU horsepower. PC will be outputting to 3 4k projectors. Would a single RTX Titan be a better choice?
  11. Thank you for the help everyone. My build will be with an i9, RTX 2080ti in SLI, 32GB of fast RAM. I will be overclocking the i9 extensively.
  12. I am tasked with building a computer for a large simulator setup. My budget is $10,000. What is the most powerful setup I can build? Thank you for any help
  13. Having flown in a real life Delta 777 simulator recently, I can attest that the PMDG flight model accurately models the pitch trim.
  14. Comes from up top.... The arrogance of some of the devs on this forum is laughable. One tiny criticism turns into a flamewar. Why can't Mr. Rogers simply try and lend a helping hand instead of always being on the defensive? Yes Mr. Rogers you know alot about planes and that is fine and dandy. It's unfortunate you use your presumed authority on an online forum to berate others. Foolish behaviour. And no, your products are not perfect like you all seem to think.
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