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  1. TechguyMaxC

    Honeycomb Yoke and Throttle news

    This thing is going to fail hard, if it ever even sees commercial release. I would much rather they chose to keep the metal design and raise the price rather than change to plastic in order to maintain the low price point. Even if they had to double the price it would still be a steal compared to all the other high-end yokes. Let this be a lesson to anyone else who wants to try the same thing. Over-promise under-deliver is a bad sales model.
  2. TechguyMaxC

    Nvidia Titan RTX

    Do you want to talk about this product? That is the purpose of this thread.
  3. TechguyMaxC

    Nvidia Titan RTX Please, tell me more about how Titan isn't useful to professionals. 🙄 If you don't want to buy one that's fine, but it's pretty clear you don't have all the facts here.
  4. TechguyMaxC

    Nvidia Titan RTX

    There is a category of products that straddles both consumer and professional markets, known as "prosumer". This is an example of such a product. Traditionally, Nvidia has used the Titan brand to reach out to professional users that don't necessarily need the certified drivers/firmware of the Quadro line but have a need for performance that is typically not available via Geforce cards in professional applications. Users in this category can save money vs. buying a Quadro and Nvidia can make a whole bunch more money than not selling them anything.
  5. TechguyMaxC

    Nvidia Titan RTX

    I bought one too. Also bought Titan X (Pascal) when it launched so I'm used to the $1200 price point. Now it's $2500 though and that starts to get into the territory where I have to think hard about whether that money could be better spent elsewhere. Then again, I contemplated SLI 2080 Ti due to the rumor of "combined VRAM pool with NVLink" nonsense that was circulating prior to launch. Now that amount of VRAM is actually available on a consumer card and around the same price as 2x 2080 Ti it starts to make sense to me...
  6. TechguyMaxC

    Nvidia Titan RTX

    Real men water cool.
  7. TechguyMaxC

    Nvidia Titan RTX

    The last Titan was $3000. This is technically a price cut.
  8. TechguyMaxC

    Nvidia Titan RTX

    Anyone with access to a Quadro with 16/24/48GB VRAM care to measure VRAM utilization in a maxed settings/every add-on/4k (or even 3x4k) P3D config and report here? That would help in determining whether or not there's any advantage to buying a card like this for flight simmers.
  9. Some highlights: 24GB GDDR6 4608 CUDA cores 576 Tensor cores 72 Ray Tracing cores Price: $2499 Anyone gonna pull the trigger? May be the last graphics card you ever need for flight sim... I just bought a 2080 Ti and it's in the return window so...
  10. What type of Windows license do you have? OEM or retail? If OEM - you'll need a new license. If it's retail - the license is yours and you can transfer it to any machine you want.
  11. TechguyMaxC

    The Great Orbx Confusion

    No way this topic lasts.
  12. This is inaccurate. When publicly traded company: a) publishes timeline for 10nm volume production in quarterly earnings report b) makes very public statement disavowing rumors about 10nm cancelation and reiterates the timeline outlined in a) You have a recipe for disaster if they're lying. Leads me to believe they're not lying. If you want to believe otherwise, feel free.
  13. Intel publicly denied those rumors. I have a bit of history with the author, having worked for him for a short time writing product reviews for his website. I happen to think he is wrong in this case. Their public outright denial of the rumor puts them in a tough situation if they're lying as that would expose them to lawsuits from investors so there's that...
  14. The best you can get at home is a multi-stage phase-change setup, which cost well over $1000. Many years ago OCZ was working on a product by the name of "Cryo-Z" and had even shown off prototypes but decided to cease development when they ran into logistic issues. Namely, you can't ship refrigant (e.g. R134) via air, and since manufacturing facilities would be located in Asia and most customers in North America and Europe it would either take a very long time to ship, or they (OCZ) would've needed to create/contract expensive manufacturing facilities in those locations as well. I know all of the above because I desperately wanted this solution and followed the ordeal closely. This all happened about a decade ago. The best you can do nowadays (in a pre-packaged consumer product) is this: It's rated for 320W heat dissipation with an evap head temperature of -30C. CPU temps should be right around 0 then. Better than ambient, but probably not good for more than an extra 100MHz or 2 nowadays.
  15. Novec isn't sub-zero and thus doesn't really factor into this discussion, it just has a low (above-ambient) boiling point.