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  1. BadKarmaPT

    The A340

    Great post with really nice shots!
  2. BadKarmaPT

    Repositioning flight to Ostend

    Great shots! Love those colors.
  3. BadKarmaPT

    MD88 Iberia Malaga-Madrid

    Great shots! That Maddog could use a wash though! 😊
  4. BadKarmaPT

    Super real looking sunset flight

    Very nice!
  5. BadKarmaPT

    Dreaming is not harmful

    Wonderful shots! Thank you for sharing your work.
  6. BadKarmaPT

    UKOO to LUKK

    Superb shots!
  7. BadKarmaPT

    Sunset Departure

    Very nice!
  8. Great shots! 5 estrelas!
  9. BadKarmaPT

    TruSky cloud love!

    Wonderful shots!
  10. @martin-w That sure is great advice but by now I'm pretty sure it's graphics card causing the issue. There's no way I'm buying a new one though. At least right now. @Jethro Thank you for your input. Unfortunately I don't have another monitor I can test the card with. Since my PSU is modular I did try different (never used) PCI-E cables connected to a different port on the PSU. I'll try a different PCIeX16 on the motherboard next (Asus P8Z68 V-PRO). @MDFlier Thank you for your help. I also think this is just an heat issue caused by a faulty fan. I may just do what you suggest regarding a new fan. I don't think that it will be that hard to do.
  11. Thank you for your input, gents. I appreciate it. @dmarques69 Yes, I tried different driver version and even removed Geforce Experience from my system because I had some problems with it in the past. I also tried different ports and a brand new HDMI cable. I'll try MSI afterburner and check if it happens at a certain temperature or not. Obrigado! Um abraço e boas entradas! :-) @martin-w Thank you for your suggestion but it didn't help in this case. I always discharge the capacitors before opening my PC case and even do it on a regular basis. Unfortunately it didn't help. I sent EVGA customer support an email and just got an answer. They confirm that it is most likely a graphics card issue and that they usualy do an RMA and replace the card but since mine is 4 years old I'm out of luck and on my own! It seems I have to get a new card when I can...
  12. Hi, I really could use some help figuring out what's wrong with my PC. Lately, mostly but not only when gaming, my monitor goes black and after a few seconds I get a "No signal" message. My PC keeps working and it seems the only problem is the loss of image. I can still hear the sound from the game I'm playing but sometimes there's some "screeching" with the other sounds in the background. Pushing reset (I also learned that doing ctrl+alt+delete+3 times tab+enter shuts down the PC even if I can't see what I'm doing :-D) solves the problem until the next time. I have a four year old EVGA GeForce GTX 770 with the EVGA ACX Cooler. I noticed the cooler on the card has been a bit more "noisy" lately so thinking it was probably dust, I opened the case and when I was removing the card from the case, one of the fans fell from the cooler. I was able to put the fan back and it holds in place but I'm not sure it's doing it's job properly. The idle temperature is around 25ºC. I really could use an upgrade but I can't afford one so I have to do with what I have. Is it the graphics card (probably the cooler) causing this issue? What are my options? Aftermarket coolers must be hard to find for such a "legacy" card, right? Any input greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.
  13. Very nice indeed, Ed. Thank you for sharing!
  14. WOW! A true work of art indeed and your screenshots do it justice.