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  1. Hello! I posted screenshots for several years on this hosting. I'm very sorry that the site policy has changed and it uses cheap tricks for promotion. Sorry for the inconvenience. Since that time, I will post images on Flickr. Here's my new album. Regards
  2. This is an image hosting where screenshots are posted. When you click on the image, you can see it in full size on this site.
  3. kiwi_biplane

    a random collection of XP11 dusk shots

    Great job! Especially impressive is the highlight of the clouds on the 4 screenshot. The general lighting is done perfectly too.
  4. kiwi_biplane

    Snowy winter at the "Queen Tamara airport"

    Many thanks to all! The difference is not very noticeable. Fixed a horizon, cropped excess, increased sharpness. The second screenshot added a glare in the sun. Under the spoiler 3 screenshots without processing.
  5. kiwi_biplane

    Calling it a Night

    Excellent screenshots, great lighting, good work!
  6. Excellent UGMS (Mestia) by David Hilker. P3Dv4, PTA, Textures "SNOWY" and "RIME", PTA preset from the set "SKYLARK new", Photoshop. Screens 1680x1050px can be downloaded.
  7. On this page below there are photos and videos. You can see how well the script corresponds to the original! More photos of the airport building.
  8. Thank you, David! If necessary, then in the archive all screenshots of 1680 x 1050 px. A set of textures and a PTA preset "SKYLARKnew" were used. In the set there are ready shaders for those who do not have PTA. Available on the site at the very bottom of the page by clicking on the image in my signature and on the Dropbox.
  9. Airport Mestia. Svaneti, Georgia. The author is David Hilker. Thank you, David!
  10. kiwi_biplane

    WACO in the virtual sky

    I downloaded the updated version. The set now has an additional folder of day textures with a neutral fog color. Welcome.
  11. kiwi_biplane

    XP11.25 Cessna KJFK to KALB

    Great work, Dave! Excellent colors, beautiful gradient and correct brightness!
  12. Many thanks to all! Screenshots made at different times are collected here, and now I can not remember exactly which textures were used at that time. I'm sorry. The sky is very similar to the texture of the "Skylark".
  13. P3D, ORBX New Zealand, Alabeo WACO. White biplane, white clouds, sun, pause and only two perspectives. 😊 Sky textures is SKYLARK (update 23/08)
  14. kiwi_biplane

    Just One for KIWI

    You are welcome! Great screenshot! I'm very glad that you like my work. Very original colors. They look a bit different than in my simulator. Which PTA preset are you using?