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  1. kiwi_biplane

    'Bolt out of the blue

    Shabby chic muzzle! 😊
  2. Welcome, in archive more than 40 screenshots for a choice. You have great work! If you have the inspiration for new scenarios, we'll look forward to their appearance in our simulations!
  3. kiwi_biplane

    Telavi. Around the magnificent free landscape

    In my preset for PTA, the contrast and color saturation is enhanced, and in postprocessing the sharpening is set. At the same time, the color balance remains neutral. The shades of the earth and objects depend on the sky of the textures. In addition, I slightly correct some screenshots in Photoshop. In the new topic I'm testing new sky textures. I choose the shades of sky, earth, clouds and haze.
  4. A wonderful scenery Telavi in Georgia (UGGT). A great place to fly. You can enjoy space, light and atmosphere. P3D v4, PTA, Alabeo - PA38 Tomahawk II. UGGT by David Hilker.
  5. kiwi_biplane

    Telavi. Around the magnificent free landscape

    Thank you, John! Thanks, Harald! Beautiful country, beautiful people and very beautiful landscapes. Everyone will be able to see this if he writes "Autumn in Georgia" on the search line and looks at the photo. I wish you to realize your journey. ✈️
  6. kiwi_biplane

    Telavi. Around the magnificent free landscape

    David, thank you so much for the wonderful scenery! Of course, you can use any of my screenshots. In the archive they are in original size. Most screenshots are made with "Set FANTAZY" and "Set SKYLARK" textures. Textures reflect a warm shade of greenery and light cirrus clouds at sunset and dawn.
  7. A beautiful scenario of the Georgian airport Telavi (UGGT). Author - David Hilker
  8. kiwi_biplane

    XP11 sunset

    Lovely colors. Great work!
  9. kiwi_biplane


    Thank you all for your comments and assessments! Yes, the preset is made for use with specific textures, but you can use the sky texture setting with Sky Forsе clouds, but all the shades of the landscape will depend only on the textures, since my preset is absolutely neutral and does not contain earth, haze, sky, illumination of the cockpit and other objects, so if you use a preset with the textures of Sky Force, the scenes in the simulator will be painted as planned by the REX team. The difference can only be in the brightness and saturation of individual elements of the environment.
  10. kiwi_biplane

    That's why I like P3D

    Thank you, B757!
  11. Great screen shot, great angle! The torn sleeve will be sewn after the landing. 😊
  12. kiwi_biplane

    Promenade next to the clouds

    Thank you, Patrice! This is Lockheed Martin Prepar 3D v4.2. The clouds are prefabricated. File cumulus01 - set of "Astral" from AS 2012, cumulus02 - my clouds set 1. All cirrus clouds are mine from the set 2. Color of clouds is determined by textures IMPRESSION and preset by PTA.
  13. kiwi_biplane

    PTA Presets Megathread

    Hi, Gerard! It's possible. Usually, my twilight differs from the others in the display of cirrus clouds. They remain bright when the sun is very low or even beyond the horizon.