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  1. Hello! Thank you for your feedback and analysis. You are right, dynamic lighting of clouds requires additional processing power of the video card and this negatively affects the FPS. The cloud shadows should be fine. The density and amount of shadows on the ground depends not only on the amount and density of clouds of all tiers and on the angle of illumination by the sun, but also on the transparency of the atmosphere and sky textures, which also contain information about the brightness of shadow and illuminated areas of the terrain.
  2. Use a special tweak for middle tier clouds and a separate tweak for cirrus clouds, as well as custom textures of sky and clouds, but tweaks (shader code) can be used with any cloud textures (for example, REX). These tweaks were created by our colleague Limbu, and I only have the sky textures for them. If you still have P3D 4.5, then you can download the ready-made set from the link and try a new landscape, be sure to make backup copies of the "Texture" and "ShadersHLSL" folders in the simulator, and then follow the instructions for installation and use.
  3. Thanks! Yes, this is P3D version 4.5. Nowadays, few people use this old version of the simulator.
  4. 1st of January. Hot summer in Australia. Titanic Pose is very effective for airing the limbs and armpits. 🙂 Each landing should end with a confident run 🙂
  5. Hello! You can download the sets installer on this page (the installer is in English). The program by Roman Devjaterikov contains a lot of my textures, clouds and the glow of the sun (for the simulator version 4.5) If you use the simulator version 5.0, then the clouds can be downloaded separately here. Best regards, Gennady.
  6. Thank! It's not just textures here. This is a completely new analytical model of the sky and dynamic lighting of clouds, which was created by our colleague Limbu, and I help him in the development of environmental textures for this model. The work is still in the testing process. If you use a translator, you can find out in detail here
  7. Wow! Strange coincidence. If I saw the place where I live in your screenshot, then my surprise would have no limit.
  8. Sorry, Mark. I must clarify that in the screenshot 5 the "SEVER" (“NORTH”) set is used, which is distinguished by the relief lighting of the terrain and the enhanced Rayleigh effect of blue color. Despite the name, the set is great for flying in New Zealand.
  9. Hi Mark! This is a set "New Zealand" from our collaboration with Roman Devyaterikov (my textures and shaders in his "Setinstaller 2.0"). The free program is freely available. With it, you can easily install textures and shaders without starting PTA. In the wonderful program by Roman, you can independently add other textures you like for their quick installation. There is a detailed user manual from english.
  10. Thanks! Yes, the first three are New Zealand: Martins Bay, Richmond Hill Forest Park and a view of Taranaki Volcano. The remaining images show Alaskan mountains and the ice of Antarctica. These screenshots were taken at different times.
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