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  1. Wow! Strange coincidence. If I saw the place where I live in your screenshot, then my surprise would have no limit.
  2. Sorry, Mark. I must clarify that in the screenshot 5 the "SEVER" (“NORTH”) set is used, which is distinguished by the relief lighting of the terrain and the enhanced Rayleigh effect of blue color. Despite the name, the set is great for flying in New Zealand.
  3. Hi Mark! This is a set "New Zealand" from our collaboration with Roman Devyaterikov (my textures and shaders in his "Setinstaller 2.0"). The free program is freely available. With it, you can easily install textures and shaders without starting PTA. In the wonderful program by Roman, you can independently add other textures you like for their quick installation. There is a detailed user manual from english.
  4. Thanks! Yes, the first three are New Zealand: Martins Bay, Richmond Hill Forest Park and a view of Taranaki Volcano. The remaining images show Alaskan mountains and the ice of Antarctica. These screenshots were taken at different times.
  5. Here you can download a new free program by Roman Devjaterikov with which you can easily set the Sun and all my current textures for the simulator. English is. Have a nice flight!
  6. Hello, 

    Do you have a website that i can download your sky textures off of as they look stunning! 

    Also, I see you use PTA and was wondering what preset you use. If you use ReShade as well, what preset you use for that. Many thanks!

    Many thanks,


    1. kiwi_biplane


      Hello, Finley!

      Links to the version AVRO that works in P3D are on this page

      You can download my sky textures and PTA presets here. Use "Set GREEN" or "Set SPRING".





  7. Fine! Sorry I could not help you. My English is very poor, and the Google translator might not display my text correctly. In any case, I am very glad that now you have this magnificent biplane!
  8. Thank you! Its Nigel Richards Avro Tutor- the exellent free plane. For FSX, but it works in P3D. To download, you need registration.
  9. Default models from FSX to P3Dv4.5. ORBX NZ, PTA, Photoshop
  10. My new sky textures "SPRING" + PTA preset + folder with ready shaders (version of simulator 4.5) for those who do not have PTA. Installation instructions included. I wish you a beautiful flight!
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