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  1. kiwi_biplane

    Nice Day

    Thank you all very much!
  2. kiwi_biplane

    My new sky

    New kits: Set "TROPIC" and Set "ZIMA" (winter) Successful flight in your simulator! Set "ZIMA" Regards
  3. kiwi_biplane


    Thank you guys for the kind words! Regards
  4. kiwi_biplane

    Po - 2

    Free plane by Igor Goncharov, Alexander Belov. NZ by ORBX.
  5. kiwi_biplane

    Snowy winter at the "Queen Tamara airport"

    Yes, David! amazing video! Great weather and great flight over the tops of the mountains. I was convinced again how well your scene was made.
  6. kiwi_biplane

    Evening at Valdez airport

    Thank you Bernd, John and John! Valdez has a especial airport:
  7. kiwi_biplane

    Evening at Valdez airport

    Thank you, Asbjørn! On these screenshots, a set of textures and preset PTA "IMPRESSION". Links are in this topic. Regards
  8. kiwi_biplane

    Magic Carpet Ride

    These pictures look very realistic. Bravo! Truly!
  9. kiwi_biplane


    Here are my menu settings. I do not have a very modern computer and I do not fly in large airports on large airliners, so your settings may differ. Regards
  10. kiwi_biplane


    If you use the textures of the sky REX SF, the clouds REX SF and the glow of the sun REX SF, then you can simply apply the PTA preset and see the result. If you want to see the work of the preset with my textures, then you will only need to use the textures from the FULLSET folder and the PTA preset. You do not need to install anything beyond this. If you don’t like the result, you can always return the texture of the REX sky. Regards
  11. Beautiful and still relevant simulator. Excellent historical description. Thanks.