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  1. I had the same problem. Turned out to be a problem related to FS2Crew RAAS for me. Don´t remembre how I solved it but a Google search should point you in the right direction. Good luck. I use P3D v4.5 btw. Regards Asbjorn Hansen
  2. Hi David I tried downloading your very nice FSL spotlights profile but the host tells me "The free hosting period for this file has now expired, only premium users can download it." Any chance to get a copy without signing up for $5? regards Asbjorn Hansen
  3. Beautiful! That’s how I want my sim to look. Which of your sky sets are you using? And are you using PTA/Tomato? If yes - which preset? regards Asbjørn
  4. Just tried ORBX LOWI and the blue taxiway lights show at a much greater distance. Hmmm. Does anyone know which file(s) P3D use to show the blue lights? An effect file? Asbjørn
  5. Thanks Gerard - you might be right. I'll investigate further. Here's the screenshot: Regards Asbjørn
  6. Sorry - I´ll go through the tutorial. The screenshot shows blue taxiway lights fading away and become invisible about midfield. So on final approach the taxiway lights start fading into view on short final - much too late. Regards Asbjørn
  7. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4o076f2dfyj0x5f/Screenshot 2018-10-28 21.39.44.png?dl=0 Is there a way to increase the distance at wich the blue taxiway lights are visible? This is Prepar3D v4.3. I hope the screenshot is visible - first post in a very long time.. regards Asbjørn Hansen
  8. I had the same problem a few years ago with FSX so not sure if it applies to P3D but the problem I had was with FSUIPC syncing real time. Unchecking the option solved the constant reloading of AI traffic. Regards Asbjørn
  9. HiI have just upgraded my graphics card to a Powercolor ATI X1950 Pro 256 mb AGP. The rest of my system is an Abit IC-7 Max3 mobo with a P4-3.0ghz @ 3.37, 1GB RAM.I used to have some old ( ?) DNA drivers which worked very well with my old card (ATI 9800XT). But now I need new drivers..any one got any suggestions?Runnig FS9 btw.RegardsAsbjorn
  10. Hello GvvikingI have the exact same problem. Flew GOTUR4C form ENGM rwy 19L. About 15nm before GOTUR this WPT was erased and the plane turned towards the next waypoint (AKIBA). Route was ENGM GOTUR UL996 SVD EKCH.This also happened to me flying out of EHAM. This time 30nm before reaching the WPT.regardsAsbjorn Hansen
  11. Hello RobertThank you very much. I now have the second email. Downloading shortly .Thanks again, both for great support and superb products!!Can't wait to get this -F installed and hauling my cargo :-)RegardsAsbjorn
  12. Hi GeorgThanks. I just got one email, I'll see if I can find the other one somewhere.Update: Looked everywhere but no luck :-( Just one email from PMDG - the customer receipt/purchase confirmation.RegardsAsbjorn
  13. Hi EgbertI'm afraid not in my confirmation. Only my personal details.RegardsAsbjorn
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