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  1. Thanks for your words.

    The problem you refer to is solved. Just download the package again. We discovered it after releasing SP1.

  2. Hello.Outstanding work.On the cessna CT210M.The only problem i found was when you opened the pilots door.Look into front the under the panel there is no rudder paddles,or floor just ground.I hope there is a fix.Thats the only thing thats wrong.Thank you the your outstanding work.Chet Two Wolves.

  3. Beauty choice on the C90 guys! I am sure a lot of us will be gently stroking the credit card for this one. I am sold for sure!

  4. Hi all. We hope you are enjoying our C340 II FSXWe have been following some topics about the C340 II FSX and we know there are small issues that need to be fixed.In the next days we will release a Service Pack for the aircraft correcting the issues which were wrong in the original package.Issues we have detected are in the following list. Some of them will be corrected and others need a clarification.CG issue: The aircraft was tested by several real C340 pilots. One of the main characteristics of the aircraft is the heavy nose feeling in flight especially at landing. In order to accomplish that feature, which is very characteristic of that aircraft, we made a special tweak in the flight dynamics which shows CG a little bit forward from where it should be. But it is only a visual issue, because the aircraft behavior is exactly how it is in real life.Weather radar: We are working on the weather radar to see why most of the times it doesn’t work.CTD: Every information you can supply about this will be very useful. So far we can´t replicate the issue.Please provide information regarding the video card, others addons installed, weather at the moment of the CTD and all information you think could be useful.ADI: ADI is not showing the right pitch when flying levered. We will patch it.Others: Some labels have wrong messages. We will correct them.Carenado
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