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  1. The only place that I know to get the Scout is from Flight1: http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?vid=flt1sf&pid=RealAirACA
  2. I think the registered version of FSUIPC even includes an option to keep multiple throttles in sync via an on/off toggle that is usually mapped to a button.
  3. Try this to make sure: Disable TrueSky Disable EnvShade (disable and restore option in EnvDir) Clear shader directory here: <%appdata%\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\Shaders> Run P3Dv5, take a screenshot Enabled EnvShade Clear shader directory Run P3Dv5, take a screenshot Compare screenshots
  4. https://www.togaprojects.com/post/envshade-is-now-v5-ready
  5. I think it will be product by product. So far everything that I used in v5 is working with v5HF1.
  6. I don't think FORCING anyone to do anything is a smart move, especially in a hobby as small as this. Leave the choice up to the developers and their customers.
  7. pmanhart


    Thanks, I'll give it another go.
  8. pmanhart


    12APR20 and the REX servers are still unavailable...
  9. Hey Fluxuated, That's unfortunately by design. If you look in the Axis Settings of the Control page, this is where the right stick of your XBox 360 Controller has been bound to move the view. Unfortunately you cannot use the right stick to pan without using an external camera utility like Chaseplane, EZCA or a mapping utility that will redesignate the right stick as another input. What you can do without spending more money, is to map the View (pan) setting in the Button Settings to your D-Pad and use that to pan. It's a little clunky, and you lose the default mappings for Elevator Trim and Flaps, but you will be able to pan. I use the XBox One Controller frequently when I don't want to get all of the joysticks and throttles mounted, and here is what I used to have mine set to before using Chaseplane: Left Trigger - Yaw (default) Left Shoulder - Elevator Trim Down Right Trigger - Yaw (default) Right Shoulder - Elevator Trim Up Left Stick - Elevator/Aileron (default) Left Stick Click - Next View Category (S on the keyboard) D-Pad - Pan View Right Stick - None Right Stick Click - Next View (A on the keyboard) Y - Throttle up (default) B - Throttle down (default) X - Gear (default) A - Brakes (default) I highly recommend getting Chaseplane and setting it up as it is a great tool for changing your camera views and you can set the right stick as pan like deetee does. It's on sale right now: https://orbxdirect.com/product/p42-chaseplane
  10. Hey guys, I contacted the owner of FOXX Mounts and he replied back asking for some pictures of my desk and a couple of questions on Monday. I sent back the requested pictures and information and have yet to hear back to complete the order. Has anyone else had this problem with FOXX? I was hoping to take advantage of the much lower prices than Monstertech for a desk mount for my CH Throttle (I already have a Monstertech mount for my VKB MCG Pro), but alas haven't heard back so I think I may have to warn others not to partake in the business if I don't hear back soon. No sooner had I posted this he finally got back to me, nevermind!
  11. Is nose wheel/tail wheel steering activated? Try pressing Shift+Q and see if you regain control. This is the default key command to unlock the tail wheel.
  12. Purely subjective Chapstick. Distance from instruments, changing the size of the text, needles, etc., directly correlates to how much of an effect FXAA has. One man's garbage (trash) is another man's treasure.
  13. Ever since dynamic lighting was released, I've avoided SSAA because of the massive hit to FPS using SSAA. Like @pracines, I've been using 4xMSAA with FXAA with very little impact to FPS. There is a slight blur added to the picture, inherent with using FXAA, but it's very slight and not as noticeable unless you are zoomed way out on a panel trying to read very small text.
  14. This right here is the best advice for those with concerns about framerate. 🙂
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