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  1. Looks great Adam, I always look forward to trying out your presets. In fact, I never fly without them...
  2. Have you tried using 2xMSAA and FXAA on while running at 1440? I find the combination of those above nets me mid 20's while using the PMDG 737-700 and jaggies are almost nonexistent.
  3. I saw a significant increase in ability to move up the AGN and scenery sliders after upgrading from an i5-3570k @ 4.5Ghz to an i7-4790k @4.4Ghz. If I have building and tree shadows disabled in P3Dv4 (so there is no hit from GPU tasking), the AGN and scenery sliders don't affect my FPS at all.
  4. I explained in the previous post Jim.
  5. I thoroughly enjoyed all the time I've put into FSW so far, but I decided a long time ago not to support Early Access (beta) titles that proceed to release DLC or expansion packs before the main title is complete. Third party addons is fine with me (they aren't employed by DTG), but employing someone to produce DLC instead of finishing the main title leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I don't know how so many people thought I was talking about something other than DTG produced DLC.
  6. I'm referencing the FSW Mission Pack, not a third party aircraft from Just Flight.
  7. I really wanted to believe that FSW was not going to be another Train Simulator. I did, until today. If FSW is still in Early Access, that means it's not complete. If it's not complete, you would generally have the entire development team working to finish the development process. If you are producing and selling DLC, then you are no longer in the Early Access stage. No, I will not accept some excuse about developing DLC alongside the title, the title is not complete. No, I will not support this terrible business model, and no, I will no longer support FSW or Dovetail Games. My positive review on Steam has been edited and changed to a Not Recommended along with an exact explanation why. No, just no.
  8. Thanks PMDG, been looking forward to this announcement forever! Day one purchase upon release for me.
  9. I couldn't be happier, great news for us fans of the JS41 that have moved from FSX SP2.
  10. I would second this request. I used to spend as much time getting the FLT and FLN gauges installed into my panels as I did flying simply because of how spectacular they were.
  11. NP Josh, please see the additions to my last post as well.
  12. No, I didn't say that at all John. Like I said, FSW doesn't currently support all that, hence why it's not as used as it could be. I want FSW to succeed as much as you do, just keeping my rose-colored glasses on the nightstand where they belong. My worry is, with DTG trying to put so much into FSW's core GA experience, that they miss the market for everyone else.
  13. HumptyDumpty (and SmokeDiddy to some extent), you truly are an word not allowed and naive person to say these kinds of things that you have posted in this thread. I think you had a fundamental misunderstanding of why people use P3D over FSW. If you'll hear me out over the next couple of points maybe you will begin to understand and stop making yourself look like a horses' donkey. 1. P3D/FSX/FS9/FS2000/FS98 are CORE sims that provide a foundation upon which the FS Community has developed products for that go above and beyond the normal sim. 2. The reason why so many simmers in this community do not use FSW is because of the current lack of support of these third party products that customize the sim to each individual users desire. a) While some use their flight sim to fly low and slow GA, they may use more texture addons and GA aircraft. b) While some use their flight sim for "heavy" aircraft such as the PMDG 737/747/777 and like high altitude procedural flights, they will use more flight planning, weather and complex heavy aircraft addons. c) There are many other addons that both groups use; weather, textures, camera addons, TrackIR, joystick/yokes/flight panels/other peripherals, etc. etc. Please, please, please just stop being an ignoramus and realize that as of right now, and looking to the future, FSW may not be the future sim for those in group 2 above. IMHO, where DTG is going to go wrong is trying to replace the third party market with in-house development of licensed technology. They simply cannot take the place of an entire third-party market and hope to have FSW be as successful as FS9/FSX/P3D have been. Again, one last time, we purchase and use FSX/P3D as the foundation of our simming experience and build upon it with additional purchased and free addons to suit it to our own individual needs. Not everyone wants a GA simulator with pretty clouds, but if you do, I'm happy that you are happy with what DTG is doing with FSW. Can't we all just agree to disagree...?
  14. P3D?

    It's out, just head to the Flight1 website. There is an upgrade fee though...