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  1. pmanhart

    Hyperthreading off works great!

    Wanted to give you another +1 Howard. I was skeptical, but disabling hyperthreading definitely helped with the "smoothness" of frames in v4.4. I no longer have the "hurry-up and catch-up" frame delay that seemed to happen in v4 before.
  2. I think Jan gets it right with this list, however I would add the following to each: Missing in XP: Large Quality Payware Market (not required, but definitely nice to have) Quality ATC simulation Quality Air Traffic addons Missing in P3D: Large Quality Freeware Market (outside of liveries) (not required, but definitely nice to have) Easy to use and modernized UI Performance without tweaks (or just disable all shadows and go back to FSX... 😎) Disclaimer: I do not like XP and prefer P3D over it anyday of the week for a ton of my own reasons, but while testing Orbx TrueEarth GB in XP I couldn't help but long for P3D to look and feel as good as XP did... 😉
  3. pmanhart

    QualityWings 146 Released for V4

    I wish A2A would follow this advice... 😪
  4. I'm unfamiliar with X-Plane, more of an FSX/ESP/P3D guy myself. Here's what I would do: Have both joysticks plugged in when you start XP. Go to the settings for the Logitech joystick and check what command is being sent by the trigger button Go to the Gladiator and apply that command to the trigger button. I think that would solve your problem?
  5. I think you are confusing what the manual is describing. It's saying if you have the VKB pedals (which do not have a separate toe brake axis), you can use the joystick button as a way to mimic toe brake pedals. As with ALL joysticks/yokes/etc. that don't have an automatic profile built into your simulator, you have to manually assign the commands to the joystick/yoke/etc. button.
  6. I thought you needed to calibrate the axes? I guess you just need to reassign the buttons... you can easily do this in each simulator.
  7. Just follow the directions for the axis calibration, you can assign the joystick buttons through your simulator. Don't try assigning buttons in WIZZO, it gets really complicated (I think you may need a programmer's certificate to figure it out! 😀). EDIT: From the manual: To calibrate joystick axes do the following actions. 1. Push Start button. NOTE: You will see flashing CALIBRATING indicator. 2. Move all axes to their extreme positions. Roll, Pitch, Yaw and Throttle (move the joystick around in circles through it's entire range, rotate the throttle back and forth through it's entire range) 3. Push Stop button to finish calibration.
  8. Hey trisho0, Please do NOT use the Windows calibration to calibrate your Gladiator. I use a Gladiator MKII Pro with the MCG Pro grip, so I'm coming from experience. You must use the utility provided by VKB to calibrate your joystick. The product page includes all the documentation and software required, available here: If you are using the KG grip, you will need to download the WIZZO documentation and follow the directions for axis calibrations. You will need the WIZZO utility in order to do it. Don't worry, it's really easy to complete, and once it's done it's done forever unless you wipe the configuration from your Gladiator's onboard memory (which should never happen unless you are upgrading the firmware for a new grip such as the MCG).
  9. pmanhart

    When did you realize?

    I started on my grandpa's lap with FS2, lining up wireframe runways, and then was left to my own devices with Chuck Yeager's Flight Trainer when we brought home our Apple IIGS. I honestly wasn't blown away until I was leaving the runway at Meigs in FS95, being wowed by all of the textured buildings in Chicago. It was with FS95 that I stopped playing with the instruments and started looking past the panel...
  10. If you had installed the NVIDIA driver via the NVIDIA installer it will show up in Add/Remove Programs. If you are concerned that you want a newer driver, you can download and install the newest set of drivers and they will show up there. If you are concerned that you will not get rid of all the old drivers when installing with the NVIDIA driver, then you can use the excellent cleaner tool maintained by Guru3D here:
  11. pmanhart

    CameraPosition X v1.20 released

    Thanks for the heads up, this is such a great tool.
  12. pmanhart

    So, do we like skyforce

    I ended up going back to AS+ASCA+ENVTEX+ENVSHADE myself... And all I ever used to use was REX... My how things change.
  13. The B55 just dropped in my email... one of my favorites.
  14. pmanhart

    New 310R from Milviz

    Same here, no problems with the primer.
  15. pmanhart

    New 310R from Milviz

    I must have gotten lucky and downloaded my copy before they were pulled. Still enjoying it, much better than the original in terms of graphics (new cockpit glass is my favorite visual change next to the upgraded cockpit textures). I think I may know what the bug they reference is, but I'll keep it a secret since Milviz decided it was important enough to pull the download. Keep up the good work Milviz, looking forward to the 350 and F-15 when they finally release.