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  1. You could try opening the Xbox app and signing into that, I bet that’s what it’s looking for.
  2. I like ActiveSky P3D the most: - Best Features - Best representation of real life weather - Best supported when new P3D versions hit the street (Hotfixes)
  3. I've been fortunate to not see what you listed, however, I have had the Baron 58 avionics suddenly switch off (with the switch still on), and the G1000 displays dim to about half their normal brightness. Cycling the AV power switch restored the AV power, but the displays stayed dim (making the purple on black text nearly impossible to read. Thankfully, the AP went back to do it's work, but it kept me from getting up from my chair to refill my coffee... This is new since v1.9.30. I reported it via Zendesk and have yet to have any reply, unfortunately.
  4. LOL, this applies to 90% of the topics and posts about MSFS...
  5. LOL, I’ve had banners removed on my forum settings for so long I don’t know what mine says... Would you be surprised to know that I’m using MSFS everyday? I can use the software and complain about it at the same time... in an effort to improve it. Defending Asobo and MS over obvious problems and limitations will NOT help.
  6. The sooner folks realize that we (PC simmers) are NOT their primary sales target, the sooner they will get over their disappointment. And no, I don't really care what Asobo said about aiming the product at simmers. They are lying and in our heart of hearts we know it's true.
  7. The forced update is what's going to ultimately kill this as a serious simulator. There's just no way the third party devs are going to be able to keep up. Right now it takes months for updates to products made for P3D and X-Plane (if they ever are for XP...), are people expecting that updates won't break their addons?
  8. You don’t happen to use a third party shader do you? When I was testing NorCal the enhanced saturation from the shaders I was using was the source of the extreme red.
  9. Just since FS4, so a few versions of FS, as well as Flight Unlimited and the other wannabes from the mid 90's... Don't remember a flagship FS release where an aircraft was completely unusable, let alone where a release was $120 and included unusable aircraft. The really unfortunate part of all of this, is that the apologists and self-flagellating fan b o y s will only ensure that MSFS 2020 will never be "finished," whatever that means.
  10. It'll be exactly 6 months according to all of the seers here. Been meaning to ask all of the members of the 6-month club to send me tomorrow's winning lottery numbers, but haven't gotten around to it.
  11. I know! It's crazy to assume that someone would expect a working product they paid for with their hard earned money, right?
  12. Thanks guys for checking. I'm not using any mods at all, so not sure where my sim is FUBAR....
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