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  1. Agreed, the visuals just don’t seem appealing anymore. But V5 truesky did add volumetric clouds into the sim.
  2. I mean it could be that we are so used to msfs 2020 that everything else all of a sudden LOOKS worse.
  3. Looks nice, the only issue I see from the previews is the satellite imagery looking low res in a few places, but the other high end developers seem to have this issue too. Maybe when the SDK matures.
  4. Never knew Drawyah did reviews. Always saw him as only doing flights.
  5. Doesn’t Alaska have like practically almost every variant of the 737Ng. apart from the -600. It seems to be a big part of them. If I’m correct they even operate the -900 without winglets alongside the -900ER and 900 with winglets and scimitars.
  6. In my head I created my own fantasy that the $139 for the NG3 will include the -600/-700 expansion, BBJ and BCF.
  7. Couldn’t have said it any better than that. 100% concur!
  8. I think It’s for previous owners. Anyways, similar discounts like that also happen during sales.
  9. Flightbeam does have generous sales and a points system. Maybe you can check around then. Might be a while till then though.
  10. When the SDK is fully developed, I can’t wait to see what these guys will pull up their sleeves. Deep down I just know they’ll find a way to wow the community like they did in the Fsx and then later the 64-bit P3D days.
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