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  1. Hi Dave thanks for the prompt reply. I was running the R2. How do I update the app? Do I donwload the whole porgram again? The pilot2atc.com website is down now. Best
  2. Hi, I have been using Pilot2ATC for about two months now and so far I am pretty happy with it. However, I constantly get issues when flying final approach. I learned through the forums that when the controllers clears you for the final approach you are supposedly cleared for final approach course and altitude. But sometimes this logic seems to fail. For example today, while flying the QWENN Five arrival into KSLC 34R, I was cleared to descend to 9000 feet through the STAR to HAKKR. According to the approach procedure I should keep descending up to 6100, but even when cleared to the approach, controller starts telling me to climb to 10000 feet. I had to manually request descend to FL061 so I could properly capture the GS... in this is case I did that too late so had to go around. On the second attempt, controller gave me vectors to final and once cleared for the approach did not seem to care about altitude restrictions... so I went down to 6100 even before the published procedure. The other day while been vectored KSLC runway 16L I was given a final approach course to intercept the localizer that was way off an intercepting course... I was expecting to get further instructions but seeing that this was not happening I decided to make a steep turn back and then into a decent final approach course. I don't know, it seems to be problematic specially in KSLC. I am using X-Plane 11.41, and the KSLC scenery by Short Final. BTW: Is it normal to get headings to non 5 multiples e.g. 133, 247. I find it a little bit strange but I have no real life flying experience so don't know. Best Henrique
  3. Hi Christian, I was trying the links on dropbox but the files don't seem to be there anymore... any chance to download from somewhere else? Thanks, Henrique
  4. Thanks JimI got internet back at home, so I was able to D/L as usual. But thanks anyway. I'll start to collect Weather history at work to have it at home when needed.Rgds,Henrique
  5. Hi,I have no internet connection at home so I am trying to download the weather files on my office PC (AS installed there too) to later load them on my home PC.However. I proceed as follows. -I click the download weather button. -Select the day and hours of eather I want to download and -hit the Download archive Button. -It reads "Downloading wx data from HIFI.. 00Z" then 01Z and so forth until it apparently downloads everything.Then a Dialog screen appears saying "Archive set downloaded for xx/xx/xx. ooz hour will start the sequence, and fs time will automatically be set"I hit ok and when I try to find the file on Windows Explorer I'm unable to do so.I'm wondering: 1.)where does AS6 store the downloaded weather files?2.)What should I do Once the file is donwloaded (In order to load it to my home PC)ThanksRgds,Henrique
  6. Hi guys!I finally went for the Dell. I haven't get it yet, but these are the specs: 1 222-9472 Intel Core2 Extreme processor QX6700 (2.93GHz, Factory Overclocked ) w/Quad Core Technology and 8MB cache $3929.00 1 311-7249 4GB DDR2 SDRAM at 800MHz $0.00 1 320-5185 768MB NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX $0.00 1 341-4828 WD, Raptor 160GB NCQ 10K SATA Hard Drive w/16MB DataBurst 1 420-6541 Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition, English 1 313-5448 16X DVD-ROM and 16X DVD+/-RW $0.00 1 313-5450 X-Fi PCI Sound Card $0.00 1 313-4722 Dell WL6000 120V 6.1 Stereo Speakers with Subwoofer $0.00 1 341-4850 320GB NCQ Serial ATA Hard Drive (7200 RPM) w/ 16MB DataBurst Cache $0.00 1 420-6917 Trend Micro PC-cillin InternetSecurity, English, 15-Month Subscription $0.00 What should i expect from this!!?? I am very exited but don't want "to count the chickens before the're born" (A local proverb)Also, the guys from dell made a mistake, and put 4 GB aof DDR2 SDRAM @ 800 Mhz instead of 2 Gb of Corsair Dominator OC to 1066 Mhz. I made the complaint, but they weren0t able to do the change before shipping and now I have to wait for my system, check it, and send it back if I want to replace the memory. Will I experience any important performance hit by this change (Its more memory but runs at a lower speed)??Also, I'm buying the monitor separetely. Should I go widescreen or not. Don't know if flight sim will look good on WS. What recommendations you have regarding this.Thnak you all guys for your recommendations. I'll be reporting once I get my hands on the system!!Regards,Henrique
  7. Ok,You convinced me to go with a single video card! Also the 2 gigs of memory are ok. In case I need them in the future, I'd just be a minor investment.Rgds,Henrique
  8. >Henrique,>>Like you I'm not interested in buying parts and building a>box. I went for a Falcon Northwest rig (basic specs below)>which I'm quite happy with. Excellent tech support,>build-quality and warranty.JB,I just built a system at FN website with this config:ICON - Brushed AluminumICON Standard SolidSilverstone 750Watt Strider - ModularEVGA nVidia nForce 680I - SLIIntel Core 2 Quad Extreme X6700 2.66GHzZalman CNPS7000B-ALCU LED4GB Corsair Dominator 6400C4nVidia GeForce 8800GTX 768MBCreative Labs X-FiD Link WUA-2340 Rangebooster G/USB adapt No Raid Western Digital Raptor 150GB 16MB Cache Western Digital 250GB 16MB Cache SATA 2 Sony DRU830A 18X Dual Layer DVD+-RW No Floppy Drive Windows Vista Home Premium - 32 Bit Microsoft Keyboard 500 Black Logitech G5 Laser Mouse Viewsonic 22" - 1680x1050 Logitech Z-5500 Digital 5.1 U.S Robotics 56K V.92 USB External Faxmo Monster Power 800HP Falcon Northwest T-Shirt (LG)This for 5,905 Us$ !!!It seems to me a little overpriced! Anyway, If i went for the Dell, I don't think it wouldn't be such a bad choice. I already own a Dell system and it has been nice. I have to agree that their service is not the best. Anyway I live in Venezuela (And although I'm planning to buy the system in the US), I don't care that much about service since we almost get none over here!!True about the super system in 3 years. That is (as the post title suggest) just a dream!! But I want it at least to be running FSX with plenty of addons decently in 2 years (As my current PC is doing with FS9). Also, I still use FS9 so I imagine that such a system would definetly run FS9 like dream, won't it?Anyway. I'm still not 100% sure about going with single or dual Graphics Card or to go with or without 2 or 4 GB of Ram :-hmmm Rgds,Henrique
  9. >>For how much, would I be able to build>such a system (or better) by myself? >>Less than $2500 if you go for a single Graphics Card>>Not exact matches but close enough for comparison:Thanks Jim for the info! To that, I should add around 600-800 $ for the 24" LCD flat screen that was included with the Dell system, so it would be around 3k. Now, I have never built a system before. I consider myself good at building hardware stuff, but given the price of all these pieces, i would be a little afraid to mess it up. How difficult is it to build it by yourself?Now other questions: What difference will it make to have 4 GB of Ram instead of 2? Why wouldn't FSX take advantage of the dual video card? Or is just that the difference wouln't be worth the extra 600 bucks?Sorry guys for bothering you so much! I just want to spend my money as wisely as possible!Rgds,Henrique
  10. Hi,I've just built a Dell system with the following specsPROCESSOR Intel
  11. And what system would you recommend? Vista or XP? Should I go with Dual or single 768MB Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX??What about the RAM. 2 or 4 GB? I read another post about a guy that bought a 6.000 Us$ Dell sytem and was getting 12-13 FPS with settings to the mid. Have you tried this system.Thanks,Henrique
  12. Hi guysI've already searched the forum in search of dream spec's to run FSX. And I've also read from many of you that FSX won't run as a dream on any system.Having said that, i'm looking for a commercial, already built, system (dell, alienware, your recommendations) that will run FSX "AS REAL AS IT GETS"I'm thinking for a system in the range of 3,500 - 5,500 Us$,almost exclusively (but not limited)for FSX. I want to make an investment (doesn't matter that todays app cant't take all advantage of the system) that will still be a super system in 2-3 years. Well, I am all ears!Thank you guys for your helpHenrique Uslar
  13. Hi,Well it seemed o be a software problem as FMC calculation appeared to be assuming fuel to be zero (hence that absurd fuel prediction at destination). What I did, was sving the flight and the panel state, loading another flight, an then reloading the flight again. That solved the problem. The FMC started recogniing fuel and doing fare predictions and vnav was available. Don't kow hoever how to explain what happened! Anyway the flight went on nicely! I agree with you about the fuel load. I landed at LFPG with 58 klbs on board!! I don't have that much time to make fuel calculations manually so I use the fuel calculator utility by Pierre Chevallier. Do you recommend me another utility for this?Thanks and regards,Henrique
  14. HiJust took off from SFO heading to LFPG. VNAV doesn't work, says "unable crz alt". I've set everything correctly, I've already checked the forum for similar problems and checked evry page on the FMC. It seems to be a problem with the fmc, because as you can see on th pic below, FMC fuel predfiction is: -2,200,000 Lbs at LFPG!!!!! This is just imposible!! Any help?RegardsHuc
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