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  1. was wondering if anyone knows of a working B2 AC available for FS2020 ???? thanks in advance .
  2. I saw the HATE for all this merch on IG and really made me laugh how people sound like they are afraid to wear something that just say’s something about the hobby they’re into but don’t want to show it to the public that it’s really weird … I wont mind wearing this since I live life not giving a Single F about what others think of me or my hobbies . By the way this looks to be Nike they are very comfortable.
  3. This thread could turn into a HR Department 101 discussion lol 😂. If this people would of decided to take the month of December off I wouldn’t be mad about it not everyone in the entire world needs to be put on the same level of workaholic mode as here in the states ..
  4. same here frame rates are still holding strong even while on DX12 .
  5. Ill pay good money for a PMDG level GS in the sim i had flown all the variants would be nice to have it available in FS2020 .
  6. is not related to clouds it happens all over even in the ground the wheels leave a trail too ..
  7. the blue bar/line that feels up as everything loads up has been gone every since the last update also when im done with a flight i used to be able to go back to the world map hitting scape twice the menu underneath that displays the key options has also been gone ..
  8. gigabit spectrum is what i have around 380 to 420Mbps over wifi had noticed weird buildings (im legend sort of look) sometimes when i flight to a new city near downtown for the first time . after that buildings tend to look a bit better .
  9. i think what you see changes with airports a few hours ago i landed at KSFO and you could see a mix of multiplayer and real traffic acting pretty good , LAX sometimes acts a little crazy but today also was very accurate now multiplayer airplanes are always doing loops and all the silly xbox like player acting up .
  10. The logbook window does not always pop up but when ever I look for the previous flight in the book is logged in correctly.
  11. Lax has traffic on my end . My only complaint is that sharpening went up too much again.
  12. Where did PMDG mentioned anything about watering down anything????
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