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  1. rtodepart

    who stole the plane

    Here in the states if you ever had the chance to work the ramp on a cargo side of some US airports you know that at times you are free to hang really close to parked AC and none of your coworkers are even looking for you at all . Even from the building next to you if anyone sees you pushing back a plane without wingwalkers APU on or even a Beacon on they wont question you at all becasue they asume you are doing your thing or just moving a AC to another space on the ramp to make space for another AC ... someone with the guts and watching a few M Q400 videos and taking some notes can pull the start up and taxi ops deal .....
  2. rtodepart

    “Microsoft Flight Sim 2018”

    MS would had still be the king on flight simulation if it was on till this day at full steam ..... IF anyone would of done a better job with their own software after MS closed down we would not had this topic on the forum ......
  3. started with FS95 somewhere after fs98 i got my PPL continued till this day with FSX P3D MSflight DTFSW among other sims ,,, after my PPL i went as far as ATP did not like the airline thing and i now flight for a small joint here in the states with a samll fleet of private jets .back in 2005/2006 i owned a brand new Diamond DA20 and because of personal $$$$ reasons i had to let go of that . now at 38 im looking for a my second airplane ........
  4. rtodepart

    did you quit flying FSW ???

    you seem to be extremely happy that is gone ....
  5. rtodepart

    did you quit flying FSW ???

    I know some are extremely happy to see that FSW went down the crap hole but i really wished that DTG had the funds to continue developing for it ......
  6. rtodepart

    did you quit flying FSW ???

    Im enjoying the heck out that cherokee 180 more now than when FSW was still been work on ... how about you guys ????
  7. rtodepart

    how long is too long ???

    dont know if the tittle delivers the message but here it goes ... I always see some of us talk about how much money we had spent to date trying to get our sims/Pc of choice to run smooth and also see how some refuse to stop and start from scratch again if a new developer comes out with a sim based on a new platform that wont allow backwards compatibility . again i ask how long till this mentality goes away for good and we are all willing to adapt to a new engine ??????????????? eventually i think this will happen .....
  8. rtodepart

    fsl 319 released

    i wanted to add this to my hangar but since i dont have the 320 this means its gona be close to 200$ that i cant do now ....
  9. rtodepart

    For those who like ideas on from and where to fly

    just wondering whats the price of AVGAS in your imaginary planet ???? 😂😉
  10. rtodepart

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    thanks im downloading now ....
  11. rtodepart

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    wondering if anyone has carenado AC working ok on 4.3 since i have both the TBM850 and Phenom 300 ????????????????????????
  12. rtodepart

    Veteran Flight Simmer - First REAL flight!

    Back in the days of FS98 i got frustrated one afternoon after a short flight out of meigs field cause my seat at home was not moving i was not feeling anything at all , i jumped on my car went to the local airport (KBDR) with my own little savings and paid the intro flight ,,, and that was the start of the must fun thing i had ever done in my life (flight a plane ) .......
  13. rtodepart

    Hey PMDG. Here's an idea

    this method works for other software why not here???? hell i pay for video and photography software in the month to month basis (adobe lightroom/ and premiere pro /// to be honest i love it ...
  14. rtodepart

    Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator news

    finally the airframe takes on real damage ..... Ill do my best to support this when it comes out .....
  15. rtodepart

    If you had $2,000...

    and thats the reason thats keeping me from blowing even more money on another PC ... really wish we had something newer to work with as far as software goes ... in my opinion in 2018 we should off had a steady 100FPS sim available now ....