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  1. i had been around since FS95 and unfortunately its either you stay with one version of a sim or you move on and spend the money to keep running the latest and greatest . I made the decision to remove both of my SSDs with FSX P3D and Xplane all that had a good chunk of $$$ in add ons . and i wont sim anymore till FS2020 is out and yes ill start all over $$ again like i did before .
  2. OMG why do i see one of my credit cards looking like a samurai sword when MSFS2020 is finaly released ??????
  3. well then if thats the case and we are all having fun i wonder who owns the TALL TRESS models that so many people had a problem with ????
  4. Now ill wait for someone to complain how that shot of the luggage carts dont have enough luggage in it . Because their uncle works at the airport and he said it dont look good.
  5. I worked for a company where we worked on 3D live tracking for potential future law enforcement and the like software ( my NDA expired long ago so im free to talk about what i worked on) . but anyways we used to work with photogrammetry alot and that company was blowing close to a billion a year for high accuracy data . we pretty much will deploy a small group of testers (people) in a few US city's where we had really accurate DATA of that city with full access to their mobil phone and smart watches including video data and we could pretty much recreate a live 3D recording on a 24 hour loop in case anything happened the day before we pretty much had access to everything and any giving part of the city with a 3d Live picture . in case you wonder why we needed smart phone access and watches we used to obtain the exact location and with smart watch data we could see speed and heart beat to determine if individuals closed to a robery or any incident were scared at the time of the incident at hand this helps recreate a more accurate scenario ... so yes theres a market for this photogrammetry data .
  6. Im not going back to P3D or FSX Ever again . The day I removed both SSDs with FSX and P3D I went to my patio opened a beer and burned both SSDs . I was done ✅ with all the problems Suddenly I remembered the day i left my first Wife , i jumped on my H2 and drove the f away in any direction from her . with that being said what ever the monthly fees are ill pay them , its 2020 people , I remember when ADOBE started the monthly Fees thing people/I complained and the next day I started paying best 30$ a month I spent for all the apps .
  7. you know what , im wondering since im in Los Angeles and we need to wear a mask if my Invite email was not wearing a mask the server probably rejected the invite .
  8. this could result in millions of virtual pilots to be laid off until the problem is fixed . 😂 ... as far as the size of the trees goes im sure Asobo will probably deploy a large contracted group of virtual landscapers to fix that problem too . fingers crossed .
  9. so where do i submit a support ticket ? i also see the coming soon msg on the forums at the MSFS site .
  10. I knew this guy once that used to clean MS offices at night , does that count as "an executive contact in the highest sphere of MS" ???? he can probably get me in the test group . texting him now .
  11. and the captain looked at a tall tree and said : we cant flight with trees like this , im done , my career is over , seriously look at it , they are hugeeeea .
  12. You all need to pause the timelapse video and see the AI ATC chatter text for some interesting ATC Instructions...
  13. That airbus over the clouds looks like a realll picture
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