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  1. look we acording to some may not have a perfect FS at the moment but EVERY SINGLE FS versions had issues and yet new airplanes had been released that need fixing even till this day . so nothing to see here . with past FS versions if every developer had this mindset of lets wait to see if it gets better they would of probably been out of business waiting .
  2. I have to agree that in some airports in the FS2020 world there's too much ground traffic that behaves in a unrealistic way sometimes but i dont let that bother me anymore . In the real world ground traffic behaves like there's nothing else or no one around or the field ... nothing against ground crew at all if you visit the forum , I was in the ground for many years too but ....
  3. this looks nice and simple . 4 other pilot friends of mine showed me this and i was tempted to get one , im currently setting up some space to go with some of the realsimgear.com setup ...
  4. The price to pay depends on where you are located and the time it takes it’s basically based on how often you train and how good of a learner you are . Also the plane you pick to train on . When i got my PPL took me 19 hours over the minimum requirement of hours...
  5. sounds like a great experience that could of ended with a stain somewhere lol . despite of the current limitations FS2020 its a great experience (coming from a RWP ) we sure have come a long way since my first flight in FS95 ...
  6. time flies . good to know they are taking the time to bring this bird up for MSFS2020 ....
  7. this post has nothing to do with what you mentioned . this sounds like you need to open your own post and vent out instead on coming in and pretty much try to sht all over someone's positive experience ...
  8. at this point i think some people just wait for anyone opening a new positive post to take their time and inject something negative ..... add me to the list im happy too . any improvement is always welcome ..
  9. my first thoughts on the snow : looks good . Ill be really worry about the snow if we was talking about a snow plowing simulator but thats not the case .
  10. Well you seem to write things like your a expert on what a “legit simulator should be like “ so you tell me ? By the way , you should take a little more time to do your homework on why Some known developers are delaying their products like PMDG who they themselves said that is not that FS2020 is not complete is just that the current SDK documentation is not complete to the point that allows them for faster development. I had seen way too many people thinking its a platform problem when is not .
  11. come on school me on what a "serious simulator is " according to you ????????
  12. Lol that was horrible grammar and I apologize , Its what comes out of someone’s mind after you get a little tired of reading the opinions of people who don’t know how to write a single line of code and act like they know everything ... by the way im not fixing it just to remind myself of the things I write sometimes. Lol 😂. At least I can do much better in my native language.
  13. Was wondering if the few of you that actually know how to fix current problems know the actual solution why not posted here ? seems like we have so many experts i figure post your fix here in detail since apparently we get a million and a half replys from some that describe what asobo should fix why dont you all open up files and post what you changed here that way since again we have so many experts that talk like they knew years ago what or how things should off been done come on share what you know . I just had to get this off my chest , I see so many opinions with a kind of authority that trys to make it look like 3 5 year olds are the ones behind the development of what we have today that i figure ill ask the few of you that know so much to teach the 3 5 year olds how is done .
  14. man that looks great . the thing that bugs me sometimes is that there's probably people here that are willing to pause the video 59 times and find something that looks wrong in the FS2020 half of the clip . looks really nice well done ..
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