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  1. 1. Better cloud variations with a slider bar to adjust the cloud sharpness/resolution separately from the rest of the game. I find that if you turn up the sharpness using the Nvidia game filter or Reshade it makes the clouds appear grainy. 2. Fly by camera view and the ability to extend the spot plane view further out. 3. A force feedback option for those that have controllers that support it.
  2. Great looking set of the Lake Tahoe area!
  3. Beautiful set of the 787! The wingflex does look great.
  4. Also hope to see it implemented.
  5. Excellent shot of the MD-83! Glad to see you posting again.
  6. Beautiful scenery and aircraft in your set!
  7. Hoping KPHX comes out next!
  8. Beautiful set of the Fenix A320! Hope it comes to the Microsoft Marketplace.
  9. Yes, it happens all of the time and is quite annoying!
  10. Excellent set of the 737!
  11. Definitely would be nice to have in XPL!
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