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  1. Pugilist2

    Ketchikan Alaska X-Plane payware

    Looks great! On my to buy list.
  2. Pugilist2

    Just One for KIWI

    Beautiful shot!
  3. Pugilist2

    Rare GA Depature from MSP

    Great perspective!
  4. Pugilist2

    X-Vision Cloud Art

    Some amazing looking clouds!
  5. Pugilist2

    Yak-ity Yak

    Great shot!
  6. Pugilist2

    Landscape view within 24 hours

    Beautiful scenery and lighting!
  7. Pugilist2

    KACK to 6B6

    Amazing shots!
  8. The updates to Las Vegas are really nice! I am hoping that FlyTampa releases their upcoming KLAS scenery for XPL as well. The Glitter Gulch scenery is getting very dated. A good day to stay inside and fly today with the record heat here in Phoenix!
  9. Thanks for sharing! Looks great.
  10. Pugilist2

    four XP11.25 shots

    Looking very nice! Would also like to see more sunset shots.
  11. Pugilist2

    Colorado into Jackson Hole

    Beautiful set! Always like flying into Jackson Hole.
  12. This looks impressive! Looking forward to it.
  13. Pugilist2

    LAX 06R Approach

    Great landing shots of LKAX!
  14. Beautiful shots of Jackson Hole!