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  1. Pugilist2

    One More: Out of KLAX

    Very nice shot! I wish the Ipacs would let us use our own custom sky colors.
  2. Pugilist2

    TrueEarth GB South

    Beautiful shot!
  3. Great looking set! Always liked the cargo birds.
  4. Pugilist2

    Isle of Wight

    Nice set! Very real looking.
  5. Pugilist2

    Banking out of Santa Maria

    Very nice! Gotta love the Zibo Mod.
  6. Pugilist2

    Landing Jefferson

    Great looking set! I sure wish A2A would develop for XPL 11.
  7. Pugilist2

    P-47N part two

    I was thinking of purchasing this bird. What do you think of it?
  8. Pugilist2

    Vintage United

    Beautiful set!
  9. Pugilist2

    FlightFactor B777

    I own the FF 777 and would not purchase it now. As PWJT8D said, it is rather dated and I would wait for V2.
  10. Hi John, Why did you remove all of your ortho4XP scenery? Disk space?
  11. Pugilist2

    Central to Southern California....

    Enjoy seeing the real world! Nice set.
  12. Pugilist2

    MOH Creek to Quatam River

    Great looking scenery.
  13. Pugilist2


    Have been waiting for this.
  14. Pugilist2

    The Wild Blue Yonder

  15. Pugilist2

    It Got Even Better...Illinois

    Beautiful shots!