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  1. I still use force feedback and really hope it is implemented in MSFS. Flying without force feedback is not nearly as enjoyable to me especially during take offs and landings. I used to have a MS Sidewinder joystick a lot of years ago which I used with FS98 and later upgraded to my Logitech G940. As Hook said, I hope Microsoft re-introduces their force feedback joysticks for MSFS. It is very hard to find a force feedback joystick now in 2020.
  2. The Texan and MSE Idaho look great in your shots!
  3. A beautiful sky indeed in your set!
  4. Super looking set Mitch! Which ground textures are you using, Orbx?
  5. Did they get their vc rain effects working in v5?
  6. Great news! Day one purchase for me.
  7. The clouds look better overall to me, but things such as the coloring and shapes of the clouds still need to be fine tuned.
  8. Another super looking set of v5. I agree, but lets hope they can get TrueGlass effects of some sort of vc rain effects working with it!
  9. I'll bet it is addictive. I am going to get v5 after LM releases the hot fix.
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