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  1. Pugilist2

    Landscapes from FL300

    Indeed, the desert is very beautiful. Great color in your shots.
  2. Pugilist2

    Amazing Sim you are.

    Beautiful shot!
  3. Pugilist2

    Emirates 100th A380 - Year of Zayed 2018.

    Great looking livery!
  4. Pugilist2

    Xplane11 Vegas morphed from Ortho4XP

    It does look great! I really hope FlyTampa makes their upcoming KLAS for XPL 11.
  5. Some great looking desert shots!
  6. Pugilist2

    Points of interest

    Impressive looking set! All great shots.
  7. Pugilist2

    Busy EVRA

    Great perspective!
  8. Pugilist2

    Phoenix to the LA Metroplex

    Beautiful shots of the desert!
  9. Pugilist2


    Great looking set of shots! Like the clouds and scenery.
  10. Pugilist2

    UPS 744F with EXPO 2020 logo

    Looks great!
  11. Pugilist2

    Phoenix to Tuscon

    Indeed, always a great route to fly!
  12. Pugilist2

    MD-11 at A Coruña

    Very nice shot! Always like seeing the 3 holer's.
  13. Pugilist2

    Last days of Spring

    Outstanding cloudscapes!
  14. Pugilist2

    cloud surfing

    Great shot!
  15. Pugilist2

    Palm Springs

    Amazing scenery! Hoping to see Jackson Hole.
  16. Beautiful looking Sunset!
  17. Pugilist2

    Phoenix, Xplane11 Ortho4XP Photoreal

    I think it looks amazing!
  18. Pugilist2

    HLJames is missing

    I also noticed that HL has not posted in a while. Hope all is well with him.
  19. Pugilist2

    Fast Single: In the Murk

    Great looking set! The aircraft looks amazing.
  20. Pugilist2

    TrueEarth & True Weather

    Stunning shot! Am looking forward to Orbx US regions for XPL11.
  21. Pugilist2

    Dusk in Southern Alberta

    Couple of beautiful shots!
  22. Very nice set! Are you using XPL11 default mesh or HDv4?