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  1. Pugilist2

    A change of sim?

    Beautiful set of shots!
  2. Very nice looking set of shots! Like the Delta birds.
  3. Pugilist2

    Machmell Fisheries to CYBD

    Beautiful shots! Hope to see more scenery from this developer.
  4. Pugilist2

    Incomparable feeling.

    Beautiful shot!
  5. Pugilist2

    Lufthansa A320 FSLabs Paris CDG-Frankfurt

    Amazing looking set of shots!
  6. Pugilist2

    So near and yet so far.

    Beautiful shot! The lighting is amazing.
  7. Pugilist2

    X-plane 11 ftw

    Great perspective on the nose gear.
  8. Pugilist2

    Unsettled weather in Oregon

    Great looking clouds!
  9. Pugilist2

    John Wayne to Palomar CA

    Great looking set!
  10. Hopefully, someone will paint some air racing liveries?
  11. Pugilist2

    Everest Park 3D

    Looks impressive. Hope he makes some US scenery.
  12. Pugilist2

    X-Enviro 1.10 progress....

    The developers were talking about making weather themes that would not require an internet connection, but do not know if it is still planned.
  13. Pugilist2

    High Desert

    Great looking desert shot! Always enjoy seeing the different shapes of the mountains.
  14. Pugilist2

    X-Enviro 1.10 progress....

    I hope the X-Enviro team adds an option for not always needing an internet connection. The new 1.10 looks impressive.
  15. Pugilist2

    Wind Sound.

    Beautiful shot!
  16. Very nice shots of the MD-11!
  17. Rotate is making one for XPL11. Am very excited.
  18. Pugilist2

    DTW beta tests

    Any chance of an X-Plane version?
  19. Pugilist2

    Big Beautiful Doll

    She is indeed "Beautiful"! Great set.