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  1. The rain effect uses physics to follow the contour of the shape of the glass. A flat window would not have any physics to do that with.
  2. Known issue, should be "changed" in b9, if not def b10.
  3. Which were listed coincidentally right after this comment and they are unrelated, really?.. NOT.... Which was a reference to XP12 Alpha as in the OP video My comment had nothing to do with mesh deformation and ... it's not the ONLY difference, and the other differences have a major impact on whether you do or do not get to the level detail you listed. Quote me exactly which comments you think refer the the alpha, All I got is That, and the list of 4 items below it, which are clearly part of the same thing. Nope, never said I agree or didn't agree. I said this is not the place for you (as a dev alpha tester) to be discussing it As I stated earlier, you seem to thrive on twisting words and having an endless back-and-forth. I've said all I can and made my point clearly and concisely. If you can't see by now that you should not have responded to the OP video the way you did, there is nothing more I can say. We will see what others think. I'm done.
  4. Firstly, are you now admitting that what you think should be done is a comment on the video of the OP? Secondly, you are a dev alpha tester, you shouldn't be making ANY comments here, they should all be made on the Slack dev channel and/or in bug /feature reports. The comparison to Greazer is apropois because he has also made some suggestions (ie. rodents) that make no sense as it pertains to a flight simulator. Snow is something for discussion on the dev channel, but the granularity and detail you think it should be taken to is akin to Greazer's rodents. The suggestions you listed are not Germaine to flying the aircraft, which is the primary focus of a flight simulator, especially XP. I don't have to. The video is from an alpha oof XP12 and you know it. The fact that it "shows" 2D snow accumulation is irrelevant as the purpose of the video was to feature the new A333. Austin also made a point to mention that the weather/scenery was not complete, a wip, and more work is being done. What was depicted in the video regarding snow is NOT what will be in the final version of XP12. As an alpha tester you know this. Therefore, making comments about what was in that video is inappropriate, especially for a dev alpha tester. And, it is blatantly obvious your comments were about the alpha... the video in the OP was from an XP12 alpha and the very first response (by you) was directed at that video. Finally, some respect for being a dev alpha tester and the NDA! My comment had nothing to do with mesh deformation, rather that those other engines don't deal with the same things that X-Pane has to. I never said that. Not even sure what that means.... sounds like one of your typical diversionary tactics.
  5. You shouldn't expect ANYTHING to be "done" yet, was the major point. And what I said couldn't be done was things that other rendering engines are doing without the other requirements that XP12 has. It's literarily not possible for you to not understand this. or I didn't bring anything personal about me this into the conversation, but you certainly brought in many things about yourself. I didn't say the video depiction of snow was good, bad, or indifferent. I said it's an alpha and should not be commented on by an alpha dev tester knowing that it will probably be improved. I also said it should not be compared to Unigine or others, because there are GOOD reasons it is different, and you should know that also. What part of this are you not getting?
  6. If you're going to edit your posts (not a good idea) to try to improve your stance then I may need to respond.... Sounds like you are agreeing it wont, since I said IN THAT POST No, I am not agreeing...typical of you to quote me out of context. What I wrote was a question as follows...... That diversion aside, the primary focus of a flight simulator is "flight simulation", which is a priority over this.... And that as my primary point Err, no, I had just landed. You have seen snow before right? know that you can see where people have been from the footsteps in it right? I stand corrected... you were walking FROM a helicopter and not back to it...very impressive, you should be very proud. Although, I'm not sure how this makes any difference to the title of this thread or my point. As is your modus operandi, you seem to want to divert everyone's attention from the actual subject at hand when it isn't quite going your way or you've been called out. Are you calling attention to the fact that you are a pilot or that you think Unigine is the answer to your snow issues with XP12 ? Because, you could have posted the video's date (9/2019) and not mentioned you had just gotten your PPL as it was irrelevant. The fact that Unigine had that capability back in 2019 is also irrelevant. And, as you know, Ben and Sidney have discussed the comparisons to Unigine (and other rendering engines) and I don't need to re-explain that here. You are very well aware of the differences and reasons for them. If your bottom line is that XP12s improved weather, including snow, etc., is not any better than XP11 your wrong. If you expect it to be better than XP11, then you would be right. If you think XP12 will include the things in your bullet points (1-4 above) or all of what Unigine is showing in that video, it won't, for reasons that are obvious to most and should be blatantly obvious to you especially considering your background. Again, stop arguing for the sake of arguing, or trying to save face. XP12 will be what it is.... not MSFS, not P3D, not Unigine, not Unreal Engine, not ANY other rendering engine..... for GOOD reason(s). You may want these things now but it ain't gonna happen As an alpha tester dev you should be reporting back what you think is a problem, not commenting in a public forum why it isn't good enough as an alpha release.... BECAUSE of that very reason ... it's an alpha release. At the very least wait until public beta or v1.0 before making public comments about video produced during an alpha or whining about snowflakes like a typical "snowflake"
  7. I'm not sure how you missed it..but.... My original point (response) was that expecting that kind of granularity (detail) in the "snow/ice/rain depiction" in a flight simulator (at this point in time) is something you should know is not going to happen and is on the level of Greazer expecting "rodents' running around. It's not related to the actual flying of an aircraft, maybe someday there will be enough compute power, but not today. "Realistic' is subjective but your definition is not doable and you know it. My second response was to you stating... "I didn't really comment on xp12 alpha at all". Anyone with a brain can see that was NOT the case and that you specifically responded to the "title" of the thread. I'm not trying to convince you of anything, rather, given your self proclaimed computer knowledge, I am proposing you be more reasonable and realistic. Especially considering you are an alpha tester. Also, knowing you like to do the "back-and-forth" argument thing, usually with some kind of abstract thinking intended on diversion from the actual subject under discussion, don't expect that I will respond in kind to every post you make. I've made my point VERY clearly already, I'm sorry if you don't get it.
  8. Completely irrelevant and more diversion from the actual point I was trying to make. Again, nice try. I'm glad you like snow, and know how to walk to and from a helicopter in it with a selfie-stick, pretty much explains your response.
  9. You could have kept this simple by saying, "yeah, I overreacted", or something similar. Or, better yet, as a dev who was privileged enough to be asked to be an alpha tester, just say NOTHING. But no... You attempted a diversion to justify what you said.... Unfortunately for you, the thread is titled "X-Plane 12 Early Alpha - Snow and Ice". And, your opening response was "Quite a long way to go to get close to realistic snow and ice visualisation." ... As the VERY FIRST POST! in the thread!!!! So, please, don't insult our intelligence by claiming you weren't commenting on XP12 or the video posted by the OP...it's obvious you had a knee-jerk reaction. I'm sure there is a snow ski simulator available somewhere. I don't plan on taking off or landing my aircraft on any ski slopes any time soon! Again, reasonable criticism is expected. We all want XP12 to be the most it can be, and it will!!!! But, making the kind of comments you did makes you sound like Greazer! Please don't sound like Greazer. 🤪
  10. Maybe you should try www.snowsim.com ? XP is a flight simulator... I mean, come on Mark, there has to be something left in the processing for the aircraft to actually fly correctly, right? And again... it's an alpha, you know this. Constructive criticism is acceptable, but really?
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