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  1. I am having the same results with the exception of my course dial, it is the only one working for me so far. Honeycomb bravo throttles...
  2. Servers are probably overloaded a bit, my install has stopped a couple of times saying something like my connection was lost. Pretty sure everyone wants this at the same time...
  3. From what I'm reading there is no documentation and it is not up to the A310's standards, so far. Price is good though but I think I'll wait for some more reviews to decide, no use buying something that is sub-par and having it take up space in my hanger...
  4. I'm having the same dilemma. Do I need another twin? I already have their King Air and the only real issue I have with that plane is the way the way the reversers are over done, wish they'd tune their existing planes before they put a new plane on the market. I'll probably get this one anyway, still on the fence though.
  5. REALLY looking forward to this plane! Can’t wait!!
  6. I broke down and bought it, I actually love it. It flies really nice and most things are modeled, with a little more work this plane could easily be "study level"(I hate that term). It is detailed enough to keep you pretty busy. I really hope they spend a little time on this plane to make it a bit better(working windows, working wipers). NICE plane!
  7. Think I'll wait to see if this gets a little more refined before I buy it, I hope it does. Thanks to all for your comments and opinions.
  8. If you can afford it I'd say yes, definitely. I have both and my time is divided about evenly with both sims. X-plane does good thing in certain scenarios and MSFS does the same. Absolutely no reason not to enjoy both....
  9. The best twin gas plane yet I think(and I have the other one).
  10. I was wondering the same thing as far as the size difference in the GPS. I just bought the plane too and I haven't had a smoky or on fire engine yet so I can't help you there. I do fly exclusively in VR and unfortunately this plane has no zoom functions in VR,(hope the developers feels the need to update this in the future). This plane has a lot of potential. LOVE the sounds!! Oh. While we're here I would love to see an option for a more modern panel, a little radio navigation would be great...
  11. I know, I was kidding. Just trying to keep things a little light.....
  12. Shouda put the JS41 on that list, I'd buy that for sure!! Now that was a PMDG classic!!!
  13. Just wanted to put this out there for people who may have not noticed. Got Friends PZL-104 Wilga 35/80 Series is finally on the Marketplace. I'm sure there are many who, like me, have been waiting for this wonderful plane to come available on the Marketplace to buy it, so here it finally is. I was going to buy it from their web site but with all the add-ons I have it is just too hard for me to keep everything up-dated, heck, there is even stuff I've forgotten I had. Anyway it's here. Link is their web site. https://www.got-friends.com/products/pzl-104-wilga-35-80-series
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