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  1. I’m not being unfair to the developer at all considering this is only happening with my Carenado planes, sure it could be an Asobo or a Microsoft issue but all of the other planes I own do not have this issue, these developers have found a way to not have this problem.
  2. THANK YOU kdfw!! This has been irking me for a while.
  3. Sorry I wasn't very clear. In 2d the gauges are very nice all around like in this picture. When you are in VR the steam gauges are not nearly as nice, at least on my system using Oculus quest 2, the light for the steam gauges shows up with vertical lines,not even at all. I will try to do screen shot to put up here but I've never done one in VR before, hopefully I can do it.
  4. Without vr it seems to work way better than with vr . The back lit gauges are not evenly lit at al, there are almost bars of light over each of the gauges instead of a nice even light, like horizontal slats.
  5. The night lighting, especially the gauge backlighting is pretty horrible in vr too (just like the seminole). I also find the rudder OVERLY sensitive too(just like the seminole).
  6. I'm thinking the same thing. I would never have looked in the bundles section.
  7. My mistake. Nemeth Designs makes the one I was looking at for 20 bucks, the Microsoft one is 12.79 Canadian. Buying it now. Thanks Bert!!
  8. Ok, thanks Bert. That might explain things, going to go check it out now.
  9. Funny. All over the net I'm reading this plane is selling for $9.99 U.S. I go onto the market place to buy it and Microsoft is trying to sell it to me for $20.99 Canadian! What am I missing? I then go on the net and convert $9.99 U.S. to Canadian and I get $12.29! I'm thinking Microsoft is GOUGING us Canadians again. I'm also thinking Microsoft cares little about Canadians as customers. Not getting me this time.
  10. Seeing how beautiful you did on this and your other sceneries I bet you could do WONDERS for CYQG Roman 🙂 🙂. Just sayin........
  11. This has gotten OLD. Love your work Roman and I'm buying it just because of this whole topic. SMH!!!
  12. This is just out from Oculus. REALLY looking forward to it. I've been having so many problems with Oculus Link, I hope this is the answer. https://www.oculus.com/blog/introducing-oculus-air-link-a-wireless-way-to-play-pc-vr-games-on-oculus-quest-2-plus-infinite-office-updates-support-for-120-hz-on-quest-2-and-more/
  13. Can't wait. Although the Just Flight Arrow II is pretty good and is the best we have for MSFS 2020 it still is a way off from anything A2A offers(in P3D). If A2A can work with what Microsoft has then this will again raise the bar, and the bar ain't much higher than A2A.
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