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  1. I am totally considering Train Sim World after getting Derail Valley 3 weeks ago. When I figure out how to use VR in train sim world I'll definateley be buying that. Derail Valley is easy for me, it's set up for VR. I'M ADDICTED! Thanks for this, I know what I'll be doing after worlk lol. PrayDog Unreal Engine VR Injector
  2. I've been using VR since Oculus was a KickStarter project in 2012 for flight simming and there in no way I could ever go back to a flat screen, I'm now using it for train simming(want to talk about addictive). I even find myself using it more and more just surfing on the net and doing regular day to day stuff on my computer using virtual desk top. My only problem is typing on a real keyboard while in VR, I should have paid more attention in typing class. VR has come a long way and it has been ready for prime time for a long time imho, and it just keeps getting better.
  3. Please PMDG (and Aerosoft) give us what is available. As others have stated. some form of weather radar is available from other developers, and it does work pretty good...
  4. I entered casual because I do have a bad landing once in a while and scrape a wing or just crash, I just reload the plane and try again. I also get up and go to the kitchen once in a while to grab a cold beer (yup, while I'm flying). I'm casual.....
  5. I'm actually a little surprized the number is only 70%.
  6. Ever try driving in Toronto? EVERYTHING in Toronto and everything about Toronto is slow, just bad frame rates all around. In all seriousness I don't have any issues in Toronto in VR with almost everything at max with a 3090ti and 12900k. If its cloudy things do get slow sometimes though.
  7. Great changelog!! Here's hoping all is going to work. Love this plane, just a few teething pains I hope....
  8. I think that when they do get the problems worked out they will have a really nice plane. I too have the P2006 and I can say it's one of my favorite planes, it's just too slow (no fault of FSS). I just think this plane was a little rushed to get to market, eventually it will be as good as the P2006 (we hope). I'd wait to purchase too....
  9. The typical" lets get this product to market to generate a bunch of cash(that can't be refunded), we'll fix it later" scenario? This is tarnishing a pretty good developers name and reputation. I'm pretty sure that if they waited for this plane to be ready before they released it it would have done wonders for the FSS name brand because this plane has so much potential, it really is a great looking plane, it just needs to work now. I now know I'll be waiting for extensive reviews for any of their future products before I buy them. This is not a cheap, low cost plane and they have had my money now for almost a month, got me this time. And. They are still selling it even though it doesn't work.......
  10. I have to agree. I'm thinking this is the last purchase from certain companies until I start seeing better reviews of their products. I bought the P2012 because I liked the P2006 a lot (it's just too slow for me), I wish I would have waited now, I was expecting a finished plane, especially from FSS. I'm sure they will eventually get it right but in the meantime I'm short quite a bit of money for a plane I can't use, frustrating to say the least. I can't wait until this plane works, it has a lot of potential. And, comments on their discord like this one "theyre gonna have to suck it up and wait a couple days" do NOTHING for their sales......
  11. I think SU14 is out of beta today, lets see if our "bellyaching" is warranted. A support page, forum from this company would be wonderful, I'm guessing there is a reason they don't have one.....
  12. I can but I think that would reset my cockpit view every time I go back to that view, I would then have to re-arrange my pop-up views every time (navigraph, ATC windows). It's just so nice to have an instant focus view on a momentary switch so when I release that zoom switch my view reverts right back to my original pilot view. Thanks for the suggestion though, I will definitely look more into it. But, as I stated earlier, all of my many add-on planes have this feature built in, some of them took a little while for the developers to add but eventually they did add it (the great Honda Jet was one of them). I'm sure this will be added sooner than later, after all this is a really nice plane, it just wasn't quite ready for release. I am glad they did release it though even with the small teething problems it seems to have.
  13. Sure wish ZOOM would work in VR, kinda hard to read the tablet and switches on the copilot side of the plane. Almost every other plane I own has the ability to focus (zoom) on things that are a little hard to see otherwise, it's so important to me that I have a thumb switch on my Alpha yoke bound to the focus feature. I hope the developer watches these forums and gets some ideas from them. GREAT plane other than a few bugs though, I'm pretty happy with it, even with the latest BETA.....
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