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  1. I haven't been able to find it. A few of my other planes are also missing the parking brake handle or are hard to find so I assigned a switch on my bravo throttles for it.
  2. A very informative interview. But. Don't forget Randazzo has been hyping up this plane for MSFS for well over a year now. Unfortunately, Randazzo is just a little biased, his job after all is to sell this new plane. He is not going to come out and say anything bad about MSFS, he'd be crazy to...
  3. I hope it's WAY better than their P3D version.
  4. Still the weather is crashing my P3D in March 2022. Thanks Milviz. The F4u for MSFS is the LAST Milviz product I will buy, and I've bought a lot of your products in the past. BUH-BY.
  5. The more I read about Aerosoft, the more I'm glad I didn't buy this plane. I do own the CRJ planes and a few planes for P3D but I'm thinking that these are going to be the last products I buy from Aerosoft. This soap opera is getting old.
  6. Their DC3 is the reason I will NEVER buy an Aeroplane Heaven product again. Couldn't pay me to put that back on my system, a waste of space imho....
  7. Didn't miss it, just tired of hearing about it. Got old a while ago.
  8. Pretty sure some were upset by the smug attitude of the development team at Aerosoft too(not mentioning names), I know this is the main reason I didn't buy this plane. I may buy it and other Aerosoft products in the future if they, and the people running things there get decent reviews, but for now I'm holding off(if I can). Too bad, I really wanted this plane.
  9. Darn. I hope this starts working for hot fix 2. Please Flight 1, Please.
  10. Thanks for sharing your story ramar. Love reading this kind of stuff.
  11. Hope the trim wheel stays animated too. Can't wait for this!!
  12. Cavaricooper get the Kodiak! You won’t be disappointed!
  13. Thank you Alex, this thread was making me tired. Any time I’ve dealt with you and SWS you’ve been very honest, even if it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. As far as your new Kodiak goes it is by far the best plane for MSFS yet, you guys have truly raised the bar. In fact, it is one of my favourite planes of all time, in any of the sims. Great product(even if you updated it 2 weeks after release), great communication. Now gimme my float version!
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