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  1. I was experiencing the same problem. I turned off v-sync. No idea why it was doing it but I'd be perfectly fine for about 15 mins then in the blink of an eye I'd have single digit frame numbers with a very long load time. Even the menu system was choppy.
  2. Ryzen 3700, AMD 5700XT and 32 GB as for me as well. Sounds like I'm in the same boat. Thanks again
  3. Oh ok. Thanks for the heads up. I've never experienced that with other aircraft. Even the Concord started fast but I imagine this is much more intense. I'll try it again in the morning. So you're saying when the blue load line reaches the end just let it sit?
  4. No luck for me with this 737. Wondering if anyone else is having this problem. I click set departure on any airport. It starts to load and the blue line goes all the way to the end and just sits there. Locks it up.
  5. I can't run it with the Ryzen 5700 graphics card. It's brutal. Flights start off fine then it drops to about 10fps and the menu system is all choppy. It's not windows 11 that's the problem it's that card. Had to roll back to a March driver and back to Win 10. Think I'm going to switch out for Nvidia.
  6. Tried as you suggested. Still useless. I even went in and manually deleted the drivers. The new driver is taking 10 to 15 mins to load and I'm lucky to see 6 fps when I had 43. It's not only the game play. Everything in the game is laggy from the mouse movement to the globe turning. I've also sent in multiple bug reports.
  7. I was thinking of doing the same. Can you swap between AMD and Nvidia or are Motherboards geared towards a specific GPU?
  8. I hope so. I had to roll back Windows 11 because eyefinity wasn't lining up the monitors. The last working driver for me is 21.3.1 and that's from March. Anything else and I have 15 minute load time and single digit frame rate. I have a 5700XT
  9. Believe it or not it was the roll sensitivity that was the problem. I reset it to default and it's working now. Thanks for the help
  10. The problem is with the heading in particular. Even if I select the heading from the aircrafts panel with the mouse, it still won't follow the command. Both the aircrafts own panel and the throttle quadrant will move the heading bug but the aircraft will not follow. The flight director reacts but the plane doesn't follow. It just ignores it. Alt and VS both work. As for the yolk, I have to trim 1.8 degrees right wing down on every aircraft to avoid the roll. I'll do as you suggest and wipe everything clean and try a new setup. I have CH pedals. All I do is preset the AP for heading and ALT, arm them then take off. Then I'll initiate the AP on the climb. It'll capture the ALT just ignores heading.
  11. The switches appear to be doing what they're supposed to. It's the aircraft that's not following the command
  12. I have both the throttle and yolk, and both are not working to well. With the yolk, every plane I fly always rolls to the left. If I level out, let go for a second and it's rolling fairly quick to the left. The rest of it seems fine. I've tried the calibration mode a few times. As for the throttle. None of the aircraft follow the heading command. It's illuminated on both the quadrant and the aircrafts flight control panel and it's not following the bug. No idea if this is Sim update issue or if I'm doing something wrong.
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