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  1. Not sure if I have things setup wrong or not, but I have a 470Ti with 3 monitors. When I enable the surround feature it screws up the monitor locations every time. I always have to reconfigure their positions. The when I turn the feature off to go back to 3 separate monitors, only one works until I go through the entire setup all over again. Works really well in the Sim, I'd just like to know if there's a way to make it work smoother when turning the feature on and off.
  2. So I unplugged the camera, then launched the program, then plugged it in and it worked. So whatever is happening, happens only when launching the program with the camera already plugged in.
  3. I'd love to know what the difference is with my setup over all of yours because, like I said, I'm not the only one. All the folks with this CTD issue have the exact same issue. Locks up the computer entirely
  4. Thanks for the info. May be something with Win 11. But there are a lot of us with the exact same issue. It worked flawlessly for me for over a year. Then it stopped. Very frustrating.
  5. I'm done with Trackir. Clearly they don't support the product. Their forum has loads of the same complaint. Trackir crashes the computer on startup to the point it needs to be a forced shutdown. This has been going on for months and there only response is "Have you tried this or that?" There drivers no longer work in Windows so I think It's time to move on. Any recommendations? I'd like something with a target as opposed to a face tracker.
  6. Going to be out of town a lot and would like to pass some of the time with the Sim. What laptops are strong enough to run the Sim with excellent quality and frame rate?
  7. I tried the frame gen with TAA as recommended by ryanbatc and it made quite a difference for the better.
  8. When this feature is on the gauge resolution is terrible. Completely blurry and ghosting. Is that a normal function of the super resolution feature?
  9. I don't know what's going on. I have Ryzen 7 5800 X3D and Nvidia 4010 Ti 12GB. I'm getting a very long load time and a frame rate of between 5 and 16. Mostly 5. This is only in Toronto CYYZ. NY is running just fine so it's not the scenery detail.
  10. I'd really not like to change it all. I just built it in late 2020. I'm thinking of stepping up to a Ryzen 9 5900 and as a few of you suggested, 6800. But that'll come a bit later. Sounds like the CPU may be the bigger issue here. I run it using eyefinity on 3 monitors. If I turn that off and just use the single monitor, the frame rate is exceptional. Even in the bigger cities.
  11. My current setup is: CPU - AMD Ryzen 7 3800X 8-Core Processor - 8 Cores RAM - 32 GB GPU - Graphics - AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT Motherboard - ROG STRIX X570-E GAMING It runs ok but gets stuttery in the big cities. Just looking for something that's a bit better. I'm not hell bent on AMD or NVIDIA. I'd go either way.
  12. I'm using a Yamaha home theater receiver for sound via a digital out from my computer. Will the Buttkicker work with a setup like this?
  13. Got it sorted. For some reason the Sim decided to turn itself to offline. I was able to switch it back on under the Data section in the settings.
  14. I got the update no problem however the Sim doesn't seem to be connected to the internet. My Live weather is greyed out and some of the cities look like they have generic buildings whereas before they were quite detailed.
  15. I was experiencing the same problem. I turned off v-sync. No idea why it was doing it but I'd be perfectly fine for about 15 mins then in the blink of an eye I'd have single digit frame numbers with a very long load time. Even the menu system was choppy.
  16. Ryzen 3700, AMD 5700XT and 32 GB as for me as well. Sounds like I'm in the same boat. Thanks again
  17. Oh ok. Thanks for the heads up. I've never experienced that with other aircraft. Even the Concord started fast but I imagine this is much more intense. I'll try it again in the morning. So you're saying when the blue load line reaches the end just let it sit?
  18. No luck for me with this 737. Wondering if anyone else is having this problem. I click set departure on any airport. It starts to load and the blue line goes all the way to the end and just sits there. Locks it up.
  19. I can't run it with the Ryzen 5700 graphics card. It's brutal. Flights start off fine then it drops to about 10fps and the menu system is all choppy. It's not windows 11 that's the problem it's that card. Had to roll back to a March driver and back to Win 10. Think I'm going to switch out for Nvidia.
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