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  1. Question: can a GPU reduction and recovery setting use with a FPS sensitivity method?
  2. Thank you Xbox.... For this and other things...
  3. I have to admit that I was not aware of this airport. I was on my Caribbean tour and decided to take a short trip to St. Barts from St. Maartens. Couple or three go-arounds and finally crash.. So if somebody sees that sad wreckage of a blue DA-62 on that grassy slope, that's mine...
  4. Is it necessary to uninstall ASFS in order to update to the latest beta? Or can I just install that?
  5. I finally bought Active sky and I truly like what I´m seeing. The clouds are so much better than default ones.. Adds a lot immersion for sure. Thank you Damian for bringing back the joy of flying!
  6. It has become a habit to me to check these development update news here at Avsim every Friday. I hope that "Flagged by community" nonsense keeps away from here.... Keep up the good work and thank you about these update news.
  7. I have not made may mind yet... And I have a dilemma... Sometimes after reading things here from Avsim, I have decided that I will buy it, and then I go to Youtube watching some reviews, and I don´t buy it.. 🙃. I have read complaints about clouds being flat. Well, as I watch the sky here in northern Europe, the sky and the clouds are as flat as flat can be. And seeing those videos and pictures about solid overcast layers, that it is it should look like. Not like those dramatic volcanic cumulus things with the default weather. So one could say that I´m on the fence here.... I keep following the debate some more...
  8. Just watching the excellent Q8 review....Looks pretty good. I have always hated those volcanic ash clouds of MSFS..... They really screw up with the weather after early days.
  9. I do wonder, and feel sorry about what happened to those excellent clouds from the early days... Since then I have not really seen solid, to the horizon overcast layer to which i dive when I start to descent. Oh dear...
  10. I always check the Flightradar24, what runway real traffic is using. Usually Simbrief says the same, if not, i go with the Flightradar24.
  11. Is it possible to change values during the flight? Like max TLOD value?
  12. I had also some weird update flash when I started my sim. And the screen mode was after that in window mode, as it always is after the update. No idea what it was, it was very brief flash... Not in any beta what so ever.
  13. Hmm... I´m trying to download that demo version but my Windows Defender finds some threats on it and refuse to keep it.
  14. If you bring this up in the official forum, be careful not to be flagged out by the community.... 🤣🤣
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