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  1. This is so sad and unacceptable. My sim is grounded because of this.
  2. One can only hope that the next coming week brings some fix to that temperature mess. In my opinion, people who messed this thing up, should not spend weekends, they should be tapping fixing code. After all, we have paid good amount of money for this...
  3. Same here. Why on earth this thing can´t work as it used to work?? What the hell has happened??
  4. So I changed the two UserCfg.opt LOD values, which made things better. Should I change them back to default before the hotfix?
  5. Yep, enroute from EFRO to EFHK at FL 350 and temperature +43... And the Airbus tries figure out what's going on... Nice work!
  6. Thanks for the tip, might try that. I assume it is that terrain lod factor under graphics which is now 1.0000000?
  7. Just did a test flight with FBW A320. The performance improvement was really noticeable. But still some blurry textures in the distance and the tree line... Hmm, have to make another flight and think about that. But very good update still.
  8. Things are messed up, will try later and read a good book instead...
  9. Strange, my store tells that my sim version is I never saw the download bar though....
  10. Yep, tried that with no luck. Guess the servers are so hard on now...
  11. Same problem here, Store does not want to update....
  12. Hmm... My Marketplace shows the version number 1.7.0 and says that it is up to date. Went to Simmarket and they want charge 17 Euros from me, although I already own the product.... Originally I bought this from Marketplace. Maybe the Marketplace has not updated yet....??
  13. Forecast promise nearly 30 degrees Celsius here for the weekend so let´s forget that getting cold thing....😀🥵😎
  14. What?? Just bought that few days ago from the marketplace... How can that be? Can they sell something that causes CTDs??
  15. Hmm.... I guess nothing Garmin related.... EGV ground vehicles, FBW A320, nohandle-toolbar mod and outdated C152. Thanks for your answer.
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