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  1. There is a good conversation and polling at the official forum about clouds in MSFS. Go and give your vote so maybe we get better and more realistic clouds in some point..... Improve clouds in Live Weather - Microsoft Flight Simulator / Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums
  2. A proper upgrade to weather system with real thunderstorms which you want to avoid every possible way. Unless you are suicidal...
  3. Are there any plans or estimate, when it will be available in dev version?
  4. Perhaps not to correct say this but why don't you guys and girls just fly in Vatsim? Or IVAO? I remember I also tried years and years ago some of these ai atc programs. Once I joined Vatsim, there has not been looking back on those. Nothing beats the realism talking to another person on a frequency. And one learns it quickly, I did also although English is not my language. Oh, and that is the fun part of it also, different accents. And all this for free.
  5. Open your Nvidia control panel. From there open the "Manage 3d settings", that is on the left side tree. Manage 3d settings has two pages, global settings and program settings. I force the vsync on from the global settings. Then from the program settings select the MSFS from the drop down menu of installed applications. When you have selected MSFS, look for the "Max frame rate" setting and select appropriate number. I´m using 43 and I´m quite happy with that. Others can explain better as English is not my native language. But hope this helps a bit.
  6. How is that a failure? I'm also using a bit of Nvidia filters and I like the result. Other than that, happy to always try some hints which might improve the smoothness.
  7. Hmmm.... No update option for me in ORBX Central and my REX Accuseason says that the version 6.1.2022.0614 is the latest and no newer versions available.
  8. Have you updated the Nordics world update from Marketplace? Just a guess it is from there.
  9. It is good, no need for any add ons IMO. It used to be even better in the beginning but it is gradually getting back there. Tomorrow it will hopefully be even better after the SU12....
  10. Could be multiple reasons. Server issues, those happens from time to time. Maybe there is not so good aerial pictures from that part of the world. And lastly, well, Saudi Arabia is mostly.... sand. Desert and sand to the horizon. That could look blurry although it is not. No offense....
  11. Hello, sorry to bring such an old topic into life but I have a problem with my Simmarket desktop app. It does not open anymore. Has anybody got similar thing happened? Any advice what to do?
  12. Yes, I also noticed very strange taxi behaviour when I took that little bird for a test flight. Flying was nice but to my embarrassement I found myself on my nose couple of times as I tried to taxi. I don't know, maybe it is just so realistic and it was my fault...
  13. There are some interior clutter and cars and buses bgl´s in the scenery folder of the airport. By removing those the scenery might become lighter. Have not tried myself though.
  14. Just bought this from Simmarket. So one can remove those interior_clutter.bgl and cars.bgl files from the scenery folder in order to make the scenery lighter?
  15. Yep, I can also confirm this. I usually forget the GS indicator on short final because it does not make sense anymore. Instead I concentrate on PAPI lights for a proper good landing.
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