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Found 14 results

  1. Further to discussion of the concept demonstration version of the MSFS2020_AutoFPS starting here, the app has now matured to a point to where I am happy to formally release it. You can download the latest version of MSFS2020_AutoFPS here. In summary, this free utility is a new development that is a simplification of, and a slightly different concept to, DynamicLOD_ResetEdition. It aims to improve MSFS performance and smoothness by automatically changing the two settings that impact MSFS performance the most, namely TLOD and cloud quality settings, based on the current AGL and with an easy to use GUI. It provides features such as: Automatically adjusts TLOD to achieve a user-defined target FPS band based on pre or user-defined maximum and minimum TLODs, TLOD minimum on ground/landing option, which prioritises TLOD over FPS during these flight phases and also averts exacerbating existing texture tearing issues with DX12, Cloud quality decrease option for when FPS can't be achieved at the lowest desired TLOD, Automatic pause when MSFS loses focus option, particularly useful if using FG due to varying FPS when MSFS gains or loses focus, Automatic FPS settling timer on MSFS graphics mode and focus changes to allow FPS to stabilise before being acted upon, Simultaneous PC, FG and VR mode compatibilty including correct FG FPS display and separate FPS targets for each mode, A greatly simplified GUI option that uses pre-defined settings for an automated experience suited to most user scenarios, and Auto restoration of original settings changed by the utility. Important: This utility directly accesses active MSFS memory locations while MSFS is running to read and set TLOD and cloud quality settings on the fly at a maximum rate of one read and, if required, change per setting per second. The utility will first verify that the MSFS memory locations being used are still valid and if not, likely because of an MSFS version change, will attempt to find where they have been relocated. If it does find the new memory locations and they pass validation tests, the utility will update itself automatically and will function as normal. If it can't find or validate MSFS memory locations at any time when starting up, the utility will self-restrict to read only mode to prevent the utility making changes to unknown MSFS memory locations. As such, I believe the app to be robust in its interaction with validated MSFS memory locations and to be responsible in disabling itself if it can't guarantee that. Nonetheless, this utility is offered as is and no responsibility will be taken for unintended negative side effects. Use at your own risk! More information, including instructions on how to install, update, uninstall and configure the various options in the app, can be found in the readme file located here. I hope that the app proves useful in getting the most out of your MSFS 2020 experience. I welcome any feedback you have on this app and will do my best to fix any bugs or issues that are identified..
  2. Further to extensive discussion of the initial releases of MSFS2020_AutoFPS here, the app has undergone a major update to version 0.4.2 which was formally released today. You can download the latest version of MSFS2020_AutoFPS here. In summary, this app aims to improve the MSFS user experience by automatically changing key MSFS settings that impact MSFS performance and smoothness the most. It has an easy to use UI and provides features such as: Automatic TLOD adjustment when in the air to achieve and maintain a target FPS, Improved target FPS tracking for all modes by having much smaller TLOD changes the closer you are to your target FPS, giving more consistent FPS for a better flight experience. A choice between VFR and IFR flight types, which changes the flight phases where the app prioritises FPS or TLOD, Auto raising and lowering of the minimum TLOD option, depending on low altitude performance being either very favourable or poor respectively, Auto target FPS option, which is useful if you don't know what target FPS to choose or if your flight types are so varied that a single target FPS value is not always appropriate, Cloud quality decrease option for when FPS can't be achieved at the lowest desired TLOD, Automatic OLOD adjustment option based on an automatic or user-definable OLOD range and altitude band, Simultaneous PC, FG and VR mode compatibilty including correct FG FPS display and separate FPS targets for each mode, A greatly simplified non-expert default UI option that uses pre-defined settings for an automated experience suited to most user scenarios, Auto detection and protection from known similar apps already running or incompatibilities with newer MSFS versions, and Auto restoration of original MSFS settings changed by the app, recently enhanced to withstand MSFS CTDs. More information, including instructions on how to install, update, uninstall and configure the various options in the app, can be found in the readme file located here. As with all earlier releases, I hope that the app proves useful in getting the most out of your MSFS 2020 experience. I welcome any feedback you have on this app and will do my best to fix any bugs or issues that are identified.
  3. I love flying … have my entire life. But what I really love is exploring this amazing world of ours. As a recreational pilot, having the opportunity to take-off and leave all of the world’s problems behind and go exploring my local area is the highlight of my week. Now, with MSFS, having the ability to authentically explore the entire world is a dream come true. For the last couple of months, trapped at home due to COVID, I’ve taught myself web development and built myself a web application I call Flight Sim Discovery. I’ve found it really useful, and so I thought I’d share it and give back to the community that has given me so much over the last couple of decades. So, if you love flying, and really love exploring this amazing planet of ours, then check out Flight Sim Discovery. Flight Sim Discovery is a free, community-based web application that allows you to find places to visit and explore in the world of flight simulation. From the most scenic airports in the world and bush strips, to mind-blowing geological landscapes and towering volcanoes, there are currently over 1500 places to explore and growing - including MSFS photogrammetry cities and POIs. If you’re intrigued, check out the intro video I made, or the visit the website directly and start exploring: Intro video (~3 min): https://youtu.be/ubROPYjHJhU Website: https://www.flightsimdiscovery.com About Flight Sim Discovery Flight Sim Discovery is easy to use. Browse the map, or search for points of interest (POIs) based on category, region, country and rating. Create a flight plan by adding one or more points of interest and export to your computer. Start-up Microsoft Flight simulation, load up the flight plan and away you go! If you like, you can also create an account which allows you to create your own POI's to keep private or share with the community. Click 'Create POI' in the menu or 'right-click' on the map. With an account, you can also like, rate, 'mark as visited' any other community POI. Have fun exploring this amazing planet of ours! Richard, flying out of Australia
  4. Hi all! This is my first post here at Avsim, and hopefully not the last one. I recently realized that what I need equally as much is a simple fuel planner app. I currently rely on various websites and calculators for doing it by hand, and figured it would be a good fit for an Android application. Ive been hard at work and can now present to you xFuel, the fuel planner app for Android. The list of features is subject to change, but currently the following is either already implemented or planned. Origin and Dest Airport Aircraft Type (Featuring a wide range of aircraft - 30+ atm) METAR Weather Toggle-able Metric/Imperial units Rules (JAR, INTL, FARDOM) Fuel Planning history Proper Holo Android UI design Supports Android 4.0 and newer I would really appreciate feedback, ideas and suggestions. Im hoping others will find the app useful, but it requires input from those who want the app to be as good as possible The app is pretty much finished at this point, but I figured before I published it to the Play Store I would try to poke around here and see if anyone has any suggestions? Thanks all, and fly safe!
  5. For all people out there how have a jailbroken iDevice, I found a new app on Cydia called FMC Planner. This app lets you plan a flight according to the different sections of a FMC. The app also has Dropbox support. The app works on all devices running iOS 5.0 or higher. A valid copy of PMDG's 737 NGX for FSX is needed, cause the apps data is based on the -600,-700,-800 and -900 model of PMDG.
  6. [March 14] Captains, we're happy to announce that our new iPhone/iPad app, PILOT ASSIST PRO, is now ready for download at iTunes. Please taxi to www.pilotassistpro.com for detailed information about this app. This app already has checklists available, via on-line sharing, that work with the: PMDG 737 PMDG 777 PMDG 747 FS LABS AIRBUS / AEROSOFT AIRBUS MAJESTIC DASH 8 LEONARDO MADDOG QUALITY WINGS 787 CAPTAIN SIM 757 FLIGHT1 767 A LARGE RANGE OF GENERAL AVIATION AIRCRAFT FROM CESSNA'S TO TWIN OTTERS TO LEAR JETS This is a powerful app that allows you, among other things, to build and share (publicly or privately) checklists for any aircraft. If your desired aircraft isn't on the list, you can build your own checklist. You can even insert images and personal notes directly into your checklists, which can transform your checklist into a training aid.
  7. When i updated to the latest version of Infinite Flight (1.7) i notice that Infinite Flight was in the Apps section of the iOS Settings App and the settings that Infinite Flight has under Debug Settings is Enabled (with a On/Off Switch) and MonoDevelop Host (which has a text box saying "automatic") so what i'm wondering is what do these settings do because I've turned the debug settings on and off and i see nothing different in the game at all
  8. This App is absolutely the best route finding experience on iOS! Check the App Store for detail! Download it right now and throttle on! Click here to view in App Store! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fs-route/id806072746?ls=1&mt=8 FAQ: Is it free? (Of course! Compared to the only one on App Store and charge $4.99 for each copy, which one do you prefer?) Can I use it on iPad? (YES!) Can I use it on devices that don't have iOS7? (NO, Apple requires new Apps must be iOS7) Is there Android and WP versions? (NO, the platforms are totally different) Why the data base have only Chinese airports? (You can enter the ICAO code you want by click the input button) THROTTLE ON!
  9. Hey everyone, I know this is not totally relevent to PMDG, but this seems like the most active forum around here. Anyway, I am looking for an app for charts, proceedures, kneeboard and calculations when flying with FSX. I also hope to use this in the RW when I start my training. I have been flying the 737NG for a while and always want to be able to have a kneeboard type device to use to see the charts and proceedures accociated with that plane wihtout having to keep switching between windows. I can see in the appstore there are hundreds of apps that have what I am looking for, but they all do the same thing and are different costs. There arent many reviews either. I have an AOPA account and was looking at the FlyQ apps, but I dont have 70.00-170.00 to spend on a subscription. I was also looking at FSkneeboard which looks good, but it too is expensive and does the same thing as the other apps do and the others are much less money. I guess my real question is, what apps do you all have, and what do you like and recommend for me to get. I also have a navigraph account and was thinking about using there charts, but i dont think they have anything for the iPad and they only have 1749 airports throughout the world and not many in the US so.....] Thanks in Advance!
  10. here is an app/websites too follow real live airport commucnications: http://www.liveatc.net/search/?icao=eham Examples: http://www.liveatc.net/flisten.php?mount=eham_gnd&icao=eham http://www.liveatc.net/flisten.php?mount=eham4&icao=eham Also for other countries...HAVE FUN...
  11. Hello, again. Please find here below some questions I would really need somebody to answer them: 1) Do you find it really difficult to slow down this a/c on the Final APP segment or APP segment if the GS was caught from the above? Note: Even with speedbrakes deployed, flaps 10, and gear down, if I am one notch above the GS (supposing Precision Approach), the speed won't decrease. Instead, it will increase progressively up to 250-270 IAS. How can you slow it down if you are above the vertical path to the runway? 2) The gear will sometimes extend during APP at the same speed or not. I'm talking here about 160 KT. Any help? Thanks a lot!.
  12. Hello there everyone! I'm new to this forum, but i've been wanting to share my idéa and what i'm currently developing. I am currently developing a CheckList application for your iOS devices! This idéa came to me the other day, when i was playing FSX and wanted to play releasticly. So i was looking at the website all the time for checklist, but that's not easy. How about having them on my mobile all the time?! No internet connection needed, just open the app, select your aircraft and you're good to go! Now the reason i'm comming here is to ask you! Would you use this application? Do you think it would become popular amoungst FSX users? I've got a few screenshots for you guys to look at. Please leave some feedback on this idéa guys! Thank you for your time! Mads
  13. Hey all fellow pilots, I am looking for an app for my iPad to be used for Charts, calculations, weather, basically as a kneeboard for myself to use in FSX and possibly RW. I see tons of apps in the app store, and all of them advertise the same things. Which ones are the best, and what do you suggest for me? I will be most likely starting my RW flight training in the next year, and if possible would like to use whatever app I get now, for that. I do have an AOPA account and was looking at the FlyQ apps, but I do not have 170.00 to spend for a 12-month membership. Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi all, I decided to try flying on-line (VATSIM) yesterday for the first time in 5 years. :smile: .... Just GA VFR around Orbx NorCal, but I had some interaction with Oakland CTR and it was fun. I'm currently "mic-less" though and it's definitely not as immersive typing into sqawkbox, so going to have to pick up a new headset w/mic. Anyway, while flying I wanted to "view myself" on VATSIM but as I always fly full screen and didn't want to ruin the immersion by opening a VATSIM viewer on my desktop, I decided to try a VATSIM Viewing Android Map. Anyway I used VMM but to be honest, found it's map viewer very clunky, and hard to focus in on small areas of the global map. Has anyone got any good recommendations for the best VATSIM Viewing app for Android?
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