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  1. Mind FSX. My target FPS are 30. I suffer when I can't reach them consistently, Other simmers speak about concentrating on smoothness rather than FPS counting. What do they mean by that? Is there a video telling the difference? Thanks.
  2. Hi, Chock. Thank you for your very detailed answer, I appreciate the time you put in to outline all your description. Actually, it sounds too good to be truth. I am tempted to press the Purchase button just to see what you just described. What is keeping me from doing right away is the fact that most of AH2 fanbase apparently goes for GA or Cargo OPS, so insights like yours into the airliners world of AH2 are a rare finding to come by. Can I rest assured all of these features are in AH2? I could be buying it tonight should that be the case. I don't mind building an airline from scratch, even transitioning from small planes to large ones, it gives the sense of a motive to my regular simming sessions but I want to get there, to the financial aspects of big airlines, hub mainteinance, etc. I already own registered copies of FsCaptain and FsPassengers but I feel FsCaptain offsets AH2 more than replaces it. It doesn't focus on the financial matter of the business, which is the one I intend to explore with AH2, especially now that is on sale. Thank you
  3. Hi. Honestly, I tried to post this on Just Flight Forums but it would give me Gate TIme Out error or something like that. Any help will be appreciated. 1) Does AH2 support airliners' operation type of things? I'm not fond of Cargo Ops but regular PAX scheduled services. Mind Delta or American and you get the idea. 2) If I buy a licence for the Early Access AH2, is it confirmed I will have access, free of charge, to future updates including Full Release once this is is done? 3) What's the planned Released Date? It said the roll-out would be on 2016 then it was early 2017, but so far, Oct-17, no release. Thank you, Best Regards,
  4. Hi, I know these add-on's have their own developers' support forum but at times we are in a hurry and at times the solution could be around the corner so we don't have to wait for an official answer. I'm new to FSX. I've had the Box version for a couple of years now but it is now that I've upgraded my rig that I went ahead and installed on a clean Win7 64 installation. Turns out neither FSGRW nor FsCaptain are able to communicate with FSX. FSGRW shows : ""Flight Simulator Not Running?! The connection to your flight simulator could not be established! Please make sure that it is running and then try again!" and FsCaptain MCDU shows a plain: "SELF-TEST Fail Waiting for Aircraft" I honestly don't know if this a SimConnect thing because I'm not familiar with it. I installed default FSX and hoped for the AddOns to work but they didn't. I used FsPassenger's website to download SimConnect files and installed them but still no results. Can you please help me? Thank you!
  5. Thank you, Ray. Before formatting everything (since I got a lot of add-ons) installed, I'll retry to install FSX on Win7. I haven't been able to do so because of the Error 1722 thing. I already ran the Microsoft fix to no avail. I originally installed two OS on two different partitions since FS2004 wouldn't give me the chance to play Multiplayer on Win10. Something related to DirectX files
  6. Hi, Ray. Thank you for your message. How could I open RC when I'm running Win10/FSX if the program is installed on Win7? I mean, it won't even show at the Program Menu or anything. I could perhaps move some DLLs and register them but still the main program wouldn't be accesible to run from Win10, right? I'm certainly no computer geek so your help is appreciated. Thank you.
  7. HI, thank you for answering my question. However, I'm afraid I'll have to reinstall. Let me explain you why: Two partitions: C: with Windows 10 I: with Windows 7 I installed everything for FS9 under WIndows 7+partition I Now I had to install FSX under Windows 10 under partition C (FSX wouldn't install no matter what on Win7. Errors popped up during installation) Although I could point RC4 to the new C: FSX folder, Win10 doesn't have it registered, so I can't actually run the program. Could you offer me a solution for this? Thank you
  8. Hello, I think it's time to put FS9 to rest in an honorable place. It will be missed. You were a splendid friend. I'm setting up FSX for the first time ever and I own a CD Version of RC4.2. However, I have recently installed RC4.3 for FS9 (maybe two months ago). I'm wondering what should be the right procedure, given you have to ask for a key via email: -Uninstall RC4.3 for FS9 -Reinstall RC4.3 for FSX? -Ask for a new cd Key? I'm afraid they will accuse of pirating keys since I just asked for a key some weeks ago and given I wasn't answered in due time, I insisted with two more emails (24Hr and 48Hr). Eventually, they sent me one or two additional keys, I honestly can't remember since I was already playing. I legitimately state that I will use only one cd key for FSX since I will be uninstalling FS9 soon once FSX is properly running. Thank you and Best Regards,
  9. Hi, iwebber. Thank you for your contribution. In fact, I had a brief glance at FS Global Real Weather but as I'm no expert in the area, and as I haven't got that much of free time for testing, I wanted to stay in the HIFI brand of products which have given me satisfactory results in the past. Without intending to divert off-topic, do you think this would be a nice replacement?
  10. Great. So it is a dual development for FS9/FSX. I wonder about the weather update since AS6.5 is no longer downloading updated information. I'm afraid the same thing might happen to ASE and considering it is not even supported at their website, I would end up spending 40 USD for a discontinued, outdated product. How can I confirm they're in fact keeping the Real Time Weather active for ASE? Thanks!
  11. Oh well, thank you very much for your answers. Ramjett, your link is fully functional and is pointing at the right spot I was looking for. Unfortunately, considering what Glynn and Anders said, I'm wondering now whether I should be buying it considering their servers might start to post outdated weather anytime soon. Does ASE also support FSX? I just want to have an insurance it will work if I decide to jump to FSX (which most likely I won't) No other weather solution from HIFI for FS9? Thank you! Best Regards,
  12. Hi. 1) Is ASE the last development for FS9 by HIFI? I'm interested in the the latest development by HIFI for FS9. 2) Where can I order it? Can't find any single third party online vendor to buy it from. Thank you,
  13. OK, thank you for clearing this for me. Appreciate it.
  14. Hi, Just wanted to make sure RC is not installing any Environmental Cockpit Sound, since there's this continue whistle sounding as A/C in the cockpit which I think I've narrowed down to RC. (Turning off every other sound but RC which doesn't have this option) I'd like to get rid of it, it overlaps with other sounds which I find more interesting. Do you know if this audio file exist which I could delete? Thank you, Regards,
  15. Thank you, Ray. Just wrote Doug at the provided email and he replied.
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