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Found 35 results

  1. I am having issues with Pilot2ATC not providing takeoff clearance when I reach the runway that I've been cleared to taxi to. I am using MSFS 2020 with the PMDG 737-800. Everything works fine with respect to clearances up until this point, but when I request departure from the active runway while at the threshold, it will not respond and provide the clearance. It has happened at both CYYC and CYVR for me, so not isolated to a single airport. I have imported all Taxiways and Gates from All Airports using the MakeRunways software. I would appreciate some help solving this, as I'm forced to takeoff without clearance and fly the remainder of my route with Pilot2ATC! Otherwise, great product - I've enjoyed it extensively over the past few years with both X-Plane and now MSFS. Thank you! Derek
  2. For a couple of years now, FS2020 has been behaving inappropriately at touchdown and at takeoff. Occasionally there is an almost uncontrollable skid at the point that the aircraft tires first contact the ground (or depart the ground). This is exacerbated if there is any crosswind - even a mild crosswind can be problematic at times, but add in a stiffer crosswind, say in the teens, then you're talking about tires running on molasses and wings lifting off the ground even with full aileron deflection. I would estimate that this has happened to me about 30% of the time - in other words, it isn't a constant occurrence. Many times touchdown was fairly normal and liftoff was appropriate, even with stiff crosswinds. Then there is the other 30%, where loss of control is severe and there is hardly any response to control inputs. Lately, things have flipped for me - my last 3 flights have lost all semblance of reality at touchdown. Crosswind strength varied from 3 kts to 16 kts. In all 3 cases. the aircraft skidded across the runway with a bank angle of almost 30 degrees - aileron and rudder input did nothing. I was not able to reestablish control until I had braked to about 3 kts. Fortunately, the aircraft was not damaged in any of these touchdowns but it certainly ruined the enjoyment of having made 3 good approaches, Come on ASOBO! This is really basic stuff. If you cannot take off appropriately and land appropriately with proper control response, you do not have a flight simulator.
  3. Hi, Can anyone explain me if there is a way to insert a shortened runway distance on the FMC? I´m taking off from Paris, and want to take intersection T11 for 26R, takeoff distance from T11: 11860FT. That´s what I want to insert on the FMC, for accurrate Vspeeds. Thanks!
  4. Dear All. It appears this would be my first post in Avsim Forums, so hello everyone. Just wondering. With TO EPR setting provided by PDCS, the 732 will usually speed up so fast at TO roll that will utterly overshoot V2+15 no matter what pitch you input to the yoke. I would normally accelerate to 250-270 kts in a matter of seconds with that configuration. I'm using the JT8D-15 engines but I have lost the confidence on the EPR calculated settings since it does not allow me a normal initial climb procedure. I have watched several videos on youtube of T/Oing TM 732 but the procedures aren't firmly gripped, varying from incorrect trimming setting, turning LDG LT ON at 80 kt to looking out the window on initial climb. Any help here? I have thought about D-RATE TO with Assumed Temp but cannot just find an applicable source for this plane. Thanks a lot, Best Regards, raybaudi.
  5. Hi there, I am kinda desperate, because I managed to read through a PDF manual also I watched a few tutorial vids for wilco embraer 190 but I cant take off properly with this plane from Glasgow Int. Properly means that I can take off but it means that it take me nearly whole lenght of the runway and I can manage to pull nearly at the end of the runway, which I find very strange because I experienced a real flight from Glasgow (EGPF) to Southampton with Flybe Embraer 190 and I would say that a plane took off like in the middle of the runway. My take off "set-up" flaps(2), nose pitch 4.9 up, throttle TO/GA.. So if anyone has any ideas what kind of mistake have I done or if anyone has any tips I would appreciate that Thx
  6. hope to see this done by PMDG somewhen in the future
  7. Hi guys. I'm almost hesitant to post this, but I can't figure this out.About 45% of the times I initiate a TO roll, the plane deviates to either left or right of the centerline without reason, or at least no reason I can determine. That's why I decided to ask for imput. I have checked that:-There is absolutelly no input (keyboard, joystick, mouse, or whatever)-There is no wind affecting me- My rudder trim is centered-There is no autopilot input trying to control the plane.On the last point, sometimes I even leave the A/P on, with HDG for the runway heading, sometimes I don't.Seems to happen at random.Any ideas?Thanks!Armando Arjona R.
  8. From the album: 757-200 Various FSX

    757-300 Winglets Continental Airlines departure from Reno USA.

    © Craig Greenwood

  9. Hello guys, I've downloaded EditVoicePackX for my FSX but it doesn't give me wind speed or direction when I'm landing my aircraft. I have no idea why this is happening. I get wind information during my takeoff only. I tried to find an answer over the internet but I didn't find anything useful. My EditVoicePackX version is 4.0. By the way, how do I reset the elevator trim wheel on B737 for 0º whenever I disengage the AP ? I always disconnect the AP but I have to pause the simulation and keep clicking with my mouse on the position indicator until it reaches the position 0º. It's ######ing me off. Thanks for your help!
  10. I have a problem: I noticed that my almost every single time I try to perform a RTO the autobrakes disarm almost immediately when closing throttles. This is the sequence: A/T armed, everything set up, RTO selected. I push TO/GA switch, start rolling, after 90 kts I disarm A/T and close throttles ti idle, sometimes autobrakes disarm immediately, sometimes I get a maybe 1 sec of braking action and the the autobrakes disarm. About 2/10 of my attempts end in a succesful braking an rejected takeoff though. My first thought was of course that it is a controller conflict because if I have understood correctly the autobrakes should disarm if throttles are advanced or speedbrake lever is moved. So I tried playing around with the controller setting but nothing helps. Then I even tried the following: I used the FS "disable joystick" button and disabled my controllers completely, used mouse and keyboard to start the takeoff roll, the above 90 kts or so cliked off the A/T and hit F1 to close the throttles and STILL the autobrakes disarm??? I've spent hours on trying to get it work but starting to get desperate. If somebody has any ideas please post them here:) I am using CH throttle quadrant, CH pro pedals and flightsim yoke. Before starting FS I start the CH manager and download the controllers in a "direct mode". Excluding this problem everything works fine with the controllers.
  11. Strangely my ai traffic sound seems to have stopped working, but just when ai a/c are taking off. Previously you could sit in line waiting to take off and you'd get a definite roar from each a/c as it begins its full thrust takeoff roll, but now they seem to be quiet as a mouse!Other sounds from them seem to be fine - startup spool, in flight, taxiing etc - just not that satisfying takeoff roar. Any ideas? I'm aware from reading posts that a/c have 'sound cones' so perhaps something has been altered and they're not correct? Or perhaps a missing sound file? I've looked at the sound.cfg files in the SimObjects folder and they seem to reference an alias I can't find, so perhaps that's it?This is all with JustFlight's Traffic X. I have tried re-installing but to no avail.
  12. I'm befuddled at the function of automatic v-speed calculation because for a full power take-off, flaps 20, on a 14,000 ft runway it's not giving me any V-speeds suggestions. Or am I asking too much of the plane? Luc
  13. If I have service based failures enabled and do not have the default panel state as "previous flt" but instead for example cold and dark, does it "reset" the failure probability counter (i dont know what to call it..) so that it equals a situation where I am handed aaircraft that has been just serviced? I cant have the "previous flt" enabled as I am using fs2crew voice ed and they do not recommend it...:-( Thanks! Kaj Ekström
  14. Hi all, I would like to share with you my window view takeoff from Frankfurt RWY18. This A340-600 service was bound for New York JFK. Please enjoy and comment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNAu1PDwX4Y
  15. BrzI


    From the album: Brzl's Album

    Early morning departure from KBVS
  16. Hi guys, Please check out my videos of my recent holiday to TNCM. I've got lots of landings and takeoffs right from Maho beach. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQcTdhN4FUcnC2lSxCd-qyzCo1DjgZe2S I'll be uploading more videos in the upcoming weeks so if you want to subscribe to keep updated then please do so.
  17. I think some people might find this informative, it confuses me but makes me want the AOA Training ASAP! These are not my videos he goes by the username "skysurfer007" on YouTube. I'm sure he's on these forums as well. Also he's a RL -800 pilot. And he may have a few suggestions/wishlist for the FMC/FMS that are not modeled in the PMDG NGX that maybe we can get updated in the future. Part 1 Part 2
  18. Hi everyone, I have been using P3D 4.1 for quite some time now, and I feel quite confident in terms of my flying ability etc... however there is one thing I'd like to know about regarding Active Runways. For example, Active Sky Next tells you in the "Conditions" tab for a specific airport what the "Runways in use" are there. Basically, does this refer to LANDINGS or TAKEOFFS? or possibly both? I've been under the assumption that it means both takeoff and landing. For example at EGKK (Gatwick), it says runways 26L and 26R are currently in use, so does this mean both can be used for either takeoff or landing depending on the wind? I hope I've made sense! --Yorkie
  19. Hi All, I guess I have found a point to make PMDG even more immersive. According to Flight Crew Operations Manual, even if flight directors are off during takeoff roll you can engage flight directors after takeoff by pushing TO / GA switch after 80 knots, below 2000 ft AGL and before 150 seconds after lift-off. I could not manage to do that in PMDG 737NG. It would be very helpful of you to confirm me. If you could manage engaging flight directors only by TO / GA switch after takeoff, please inform. King regards Kerim Kurtulmus
  20. ABOVE ALL - Cessna caravan, landscapes and spotting Some scenes from my last months on Cessna Caravan C208B Some landing, takeoff, timelapse, bad wather and a lot of fun. Enjoy Filmed on Canon T5i, 24mm F/2.8 - 55-250mm, Samyang 500mm F/8.0 telephoto lens, iPhone 6 Plus, Manfroto MVH502AH fluid head https://youtu.be/sVRp-8bILHE
  21. From the album: 757-200 Various FSX

    757-200 Jet2 departure somewere in the USA.

    © Craig Greenwood

  22. Hello, Guys! Please see in given picture. Where Aircraft will fly as compared to Wind direction?
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