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Found 19 results

  1. I am building an enclosed home GA cockpit sim and I want to intergrate the GTN 750 for use in the cockpit via iPad or iPhone. Anybody know the best way to accomplish this? (FSX) Thanks!
  2. Just a quick suggestion.. When I connect to the either the main page avsim.com or the forums, the first thing I always do is scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Full Version button. I do the same when accessing the forums. Would there be any way that this preference could be saved as a cookie - like the logon information so I don't need to wait for 2 full pages loads each time? Just my 2 cents worth. Thanks Kevin
  3. Is this possible in the PMDG 777 presently?
  4. Hi, I am considering buying fsx (I am an x-plane a really excited user) However, I do not have a joystick and I dont have the space or cash to buy a good or even a decent one. Therefore I was wondering whether you could control FSX using the ipad/iphone - i.e. an x-plane remote equivalent for fsx? I heard about a couple of apps but I will like to voice my concerns: FSXControl - Very laggy, bad design (+thrust/-thrust buttons - why not have a slider), and no AP control! AirTrack - No flaps/gear/thrust control These are the only two that seem remotely (pun intended) decent. Which one should I choose? I am currently thinking of getting airtrack but I want to know if you can control thrust and gear and all that before shelling out £17 on it. If you can help me - PLEASE reply! Thanks!
  5. Hello, do you know any good iPad apps that complement using X-Plane on a computer? I am using C172 panel from avioware, and I like it a lot, do you know of anything similar? Thanks
  6. Which one do you prefer? I'm looking for a sim for my iPad 2, preferably one with airliners.
  7. Hey guys, Yesterday I got kinda bored, so i figured out i'd either whipe the dust of photoshop to do some repainting, or whipe the dust of dreamweaver to do some php coding. I chose the latter. I've been thinking about creating a webapp for use with the 777X for a long time, and finaly I decided to do some research about creating an Ipad webbased app. After reading a bit, I actually got quite interested cause the possibilities are a lot better than I thought in the first place. Now one day later, I've started from scratch again two times and I think I finally got an nice and (almost) bugfree base. Visual and system wise everything can still change, but lets say the core is quite good now I guess. Only thing I can't seem to get working is the loading screen, but besides that everything (custom icon, fullscreen locked etc) is good now. At this moment the only two functions are weather information (METAR / TAF) and fuel calculations for the 777, and a lot of visual eyecandy such as day/day+lights/night+lights modus etc. The fuel calculations are from an excel file posted here somewhere, which I can't find again :(. Things I'd like to add in the near future: Derated takeoff calculator Routeplanner If possible, a way to view local pdf's to be able to open charts and manuals etc. I was thinking maybe more people like this idea and would like to use this (freeware ofcourse! ), so I built an login around the efb. Before I spend more time on that, I'd like to know if people are actually interested in using this? At this moment i've tested it on an Ipad mini and Ipad 1 (both 768 x 1024), if there is more interest I will make it new-ipad-native (bigger resolution images etc). Also I would like to know what functions would you like to see? I'm just an hobby programmer who hasen't really did any programming in ages, so don't expect me to do any magic. But I can always see whats possible and what's not. Main screen Fuel calculation input Metar / Taf output (Guess what 777F I fly the most) Nightview I noticed the quality of the screens are a bit worse, probably because of the host. Also the night view is a bit darker when viewed on my ipad. So summarized: - Do you like the idea/would u use it? - Tips/Ideas for new functions?
  8. This App is absolutely the best route finding experience on iOS! Check the App Store for detail! Download it right now and throttle on! Click here to view in App Store! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fs-route/id806072746?ls=1&mt=8 FAQ: Is it free? (Of course! Compared to the only one on App Store and charge $4.99 for each copy, which one do you prefer?) Can I use it on iPad? (YES!) Can I use it on devices that don't have iOS7? (NO, Apple requires new Apps must be iOS7) Is there Android and WP versions? (NO, the platforms are totally different) Why the data base have only Chinese airports? (You can enter the ICAO code you want by click the input button) THROTTLE ON!
  9. I wanted to start this thread to discuss iPad/iPhone apps made to be used with X-Plane. My favorites so far are: AirTrack // http://www.ipobjects.com/products/airtrack - This app is great, its basically a remote controller to fly your plane, an ND/FMC/EFIS and more. I can be eating dinner while controlling my plane. It's awesome! It can be used as an EFB to store all your maps, charts, etc as well. You can even update and modify your flight plans. X-Mapper Pro // https://itunes.apple.com/app/id490618924?mt=8 - I love this app! It shows me in realtime where my plane is at on a map! Great for VFR flying. No need to constantly go to the file menu and go to map to see where your plane is. This app tracks your plane in realtime! You can use a regular map view, hybrid or satellite. I definetly recommend this app. IGMap HD // http://fswidgets.com/shop/product_info.php?products_id=52 - The FSWidgets iGMapHD app turns iPad into a hi-res moving map for your desktop flight simulator! QuickPlan // http://fswidgets.com/shop/product_info.php?products_id=63 - Great flight planning app! All done with the touch of your finger. Very intuitive and simplistic interface!
  10. Hello NGX pilots! I just made a new tool, which enables you to enter 737 NGX's FMC input with "TOUCH" screen of your mobile devices. FsMobileFMC is extremely lightweight so it has nearly no effect on FS performance. It works with any mobile devices(Smartphone or tablet, Android or iOS). You don't need to install any mobile apps, but can just use the web browser(Chrome or Safari). One bad thing is that It only displays input keys excluding output screen, so you also have to look at FMC output screen on PC. You can download at my blog or avsim. I hope it is helpful to NGX pilots. Any feedbacks are welcome! Dongjin Shin Seoul, Korea
  11. A lot of people have been creating their own custom checklists with Pilot Assist Pro, which is great! However, I want to remind everyone that you can create "custom" checklist headers. You don't need to use the stock headers, ie "Before Start". The place where you can enter custom Checklist (or even Briefing) section headers is right down at the very bottom of the Create New Checklist or Briefing section.
  12. [March 14] Captains, we're happy to announce that our new iPhone/iPad app, PILOT ASSIST PRO, is now ready for download at iTunes. Please taxi to www.pilotassistpro.com for detailed information about this app. This app already has checklists available, via on-line sharing, that work with the: PMDG 737 PMDG 777 PMDG 747 FS LABS AIRBUS / AEROSOFT AIRBUS MAJESTIC DASH 8 LEONARDO MADDOG QUALITY WINGS 787 CAPTAIN SIM 757 FLIGHT1 767 A LARGE RANGE OF GENERAL AVIATION AIRCRAFT FROM CESSNA'S TO TWIN OTTERS TO LEAR JETS This is a powerful app that allows you, among other things, to build and share (publicly or privately) checklists for any aircraft. If your desired aircraft isn't on the list, you can build your own checklist. You can even insert images and personal notes directly into your checklists, which can transform your checklist into a training aid.
  13. Announcing FS Map Tool, a new mobile map utility for MS FS2020 which has just been released on the Apple App Store and will be available soon on Google Play, too. It's a simple yet effective external map utility that shows your current plane location on an interactive map, alongside other parameters such as speed, altitude and heading. Head over to www.fsmaptool.com for more info. I've made this in my spare time as a fun side project. Let me know if you have any issues or suggestions and ideas on how to improve the app. I'm open for feedback and happy to include new features wherever possible. Happy flying!
  14. At Oshkosh Redbird Flight Simulations released Cygnus, a product built by partner Bad Elf that is designed to spoof your iPad into thinking it is where your flight sim says you are instead of where you really are, allowing you to use popular navigation apps, like Jeppesen’s Mobile Flight Deck, ForeFlight’s Mobile Pro or Garmin’s Garmin Pilot as you fly the sim, allowing pilots to use their mobile device just as they would in the airplane. http://www.flyingmag.com/news/cygnus-new-product-lets-you-use-your-ipad-flight-simulation?cmpid=enews072612&spPodID=030&spMailingID=5455153&spUserID=NzgwNjgyNjY4OAS2&spJobID=202944325&spReportId=MjAyOTQ0MzI1S0
  15. We've been getting some support emails on how to save your Flight Log in Pilot Assist Pro. The solution is simple: Press the green "Cloud" button as shown below. That will save your Log files (which are saved in TXT, CSV and PDF) format to the APPS folder in your Dropbox folder.
  16. Hey everyone, I know this is not totally relevent to PMDG, but this seems like the most active forum around here. Anyway, I am looking for an app for charts, proceedures, kneeboard and calculations when flying with FSX. I also hope to use this in the RW when I start my training. I have been flying the 737NG for a while and always want to be able to have a kneeboard type device to use to see the charts and proceedures accociated with that plane wihtout having to keep switching between windows. I can see in the appstore there are hundreds of apps that have what I am looking for, but they all do the same thing and are different costs. There arent many reviews either. I have an AOPA account and was looking at the FlyQ apps, but I dont have 70.00-170.00 to spend on a subscription. I was also looking at FSkneeboard which looks good, but it too is expensive and does the same thing as the other apps do and the others are much less money. I guess my real question is, what apps do you all have, and what do you like and recommend for me to get. I also have a navigraph account and was thinking about using there charts, but i dont think they have anything for the iPad and they only have 1749 airports throughout the world and not many in the US so.....] Thanks in Advance!
  17. Good Morning everybody. I don't know if this is the right place but I just wanted to introduce you my newest flight computer app, just released on the App Store both for iPhone and for iPad. With MyAeroCalculator you'll be able to: - get current METAR - get Transition Level (where valid), also automatically for Italian airports - barometric conversions - calculate Crosswinds and Headwinds - calculate TAS and Ground Speed - convert between °C and °F - get Heat Index and Wind Chill - convert between Km and Nm - estimate T/D and descent rate - convert between liters, gallons, lbs, and kgs The app can be also improved with further features, just let me know what you think could be needed the most! You can find the app right HERE Clear skies, Cristiano Esposito
  18. Hey all fellow pilots, I am looking for an app for my iPad to be used for Charts, calculations, weather, basically as a kneeboard for myself to use in FSX and possibly RW. I see tons of apps in the app store, and all of them advertise the same things. Which ones are the best, and what do you suggest for me? I will be most likely starting my RW flight training in the next year, and if possible would like to use whatever app I get now, for that. I do have an AOPA account and was looking at the FlyQ apps, but I do not have 170.00 to spend for a 12-month membership. Thanks in advance!
  19. Hi all, I'm only able to connect intermittently to my iPad running FlyQ. No issues connecting via FSXFlight to FSX or P3D, so I know it's not an IP issues. Any ideas? thx Andrew
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