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  1. Sorry for the delay! I forgot my camera the day I said I'd take them. Anyway, here's a photo of the PAR scope for anyone interested. Also, since I was tardy, I've enclosed a bonus picture.:(
  2. Interesting. Does the controller software have the correct screen for PAR approaches? PAR is when the final controller is able to give you trend information on the glidepath (not glideslope) using a split screen where the top half is dedicated to the glidepath, and the bottom half is dedicated to course. The antenna looks like a Snickers bar on top of a snack-sized snicker bar. It updates much, much more frequently than a normal radar sweep. Are you sure they didn't give you a Surveillance approach ("Recommended altitudes will be provided each mile on final")? If they have the proper interface for PAR approaches, I'd be extremely surprised. I'll take some photo's tonight when I go on shift of our facility. We are able to do PAR's.
  3. I understand what you mean, but I still don't think it'd be realistic (I'm a [military] controller in real life, as well as a pilot). My beloved PCA is an extreme, I realize that, but for our conversation it's valid. There are 5 lanes at PCA. 4 paved and 1 dirt. The dirt isn't visible from the tower (in real idea about the sim), and so is only used in certain circumstances. About a quarter mile west (at most) of the tower is a gulch that is used for pop up training. It's called West Slopes. Things like these, at all airports (PCA is used simply because I know it) are things that controllers controlling that area should know. That being said, I do have to be realistic with my expectations. At smaller airports, things like that can be overlooked (hell, PCA is an advisory tower anyway!), At larger airports though, even if they're ghost towns (PIT for example), I would certainly expect them to know the little intricacies of the field. The sole reason for my demands of that are because I'd be paying (assuming the $20 dollar monthly fee) $120 a year for the service.As far as having one controller manning more than one position, I completely agree and think that's a great idea! Even at larger airports, I could see one person running all positions in the tower. The problem is that you're still going to need a ton of controllers to be able to give coverage to the entire world 24/7. The ONLY way I can see this being a realistic goal would be to still have some form of automated ATC just in case. Because it is inevitable that you'll have coverage gaps that aren't filled. I don't do VATSIM or IVAO. I used to do SATCO along with you, and it was a lot of fun! One day I would be SEA_CTR and the next DAL_APP. I was a controller 3 and loved every minute of it. I would observe on one of them, however I'm in Iraq, and the internet here is atrocious. I'm capped at 30kb/sec, hahaha.I hope you're able to work something out. I like your idea! I just think it needs a little fine tuning.
  4. With all due respect, Ernie, I think you're waaaay underthinking it. Even with a free service, you're still going to have to support it...though I guess you could always say, "If you want support, you will have to pay XXX amount, monthly." It's not the way I would do it, but it is an option...instructionAre you going to limit the airfields that one can get ATC services at in the free version? I'm still not clear on how you would offer ATC services at all those small fields with towers. For example, I want to take off from Picacho Stage Field in Ariona in a H64. It's a small little stage field (that has a tower!) by Pinal in Arizona. No one wants to man that, and if you had somebody that was controlling that airfield, along with 100 other small fields, the instructions wouldn't be realistic to that location. For free, this would be acceptable. However, if I would NOT pay for that. I could get the same experience (offline, for free, with no resources being used by additional programs) using the built in ATC. That leads me into your idea that you could have a few controllers covering all positions for every facility all over the world. I don't see the manning to be sufficient; even with a 'pay for your subscription through controlling' program. Good luck on 24hr manning for all those towers, centers, approaches, flight following, etc! You couldn't really say, "Well, it's past 9pm local! Towers closed." since I may want to switch the time in my sim to 2pm and do pattern work. Again, lets say at Picacho.If you have a plan for all that then awesome! But I don't think it'd be easy. This is all in addition to what the guy that actually did it already said!
  5. protzler

    One of the drawbacks of an Autopilot

    With luck, it will help put Mesa's other foot in the coffin...or at least to send the rest of the fleet over to China. Let them deal with Ornstein and his crappy ethics.
  6. protzler

    LevelD 757 only for FS10

    >Then why are you here if we are not up to your level? I know>what sackriding goes on in your forums and i do not>participate in it. But when you do venture out, do refrain>from using "no point" "these" "that" because i take it you are>pretty much saying you people, aren't you? >>Reality check in english composition might be due when you are>formally representing a company. Well said.
  7. protzler

    er...excuse me. Are you missing a part of your wing?

    Sadly, they don't show the pictures, but the article is at this address:,00.htmlI remember looking through a time life book and it had that accident in it, along with photo's a passenger took outside the window, plus a few that someone driving along a highway took. It's really something to see! I wish I had the book in front of me, and a scanner so I could show them, but I have neither here with me.
  8. protzler

    Sport Pilot -- What a bunch of baloney

    Hi John! Thanks for the response. I sent you a PM as well.Phoenix is #### to commute in! Even though I'm only about 15 miles away, it never fails to take ~30-40 minutes to get to Falcon. Awful. Glendale's even worse! 60 sucks! And don't get me started on the 202...or 101 for that matter. x( Congrats on the new house, and resuming training! :D
  9. protzler

    Sport Pilot -- What a bunch of baloney

    Hi John. Out of curiosity, which FBO are you going to at Falcon? Falcon Executive Aviation?
  10. I prefer the Aeroworx Kingair for my turboprop needs.
  11. Thats because it's a stand alone sim. Looks good though!
  12. protzler

    What is this runway-like object?

    Looks kinda like a depot or a storage facility to me...I'd upload a better picture, but for some reason it keeps giving me a size error (it's below 150k). Here's a link where you can explore it better: What Staggerwing said too.
  13. protzler

    TWA 800...FOIA battle yielding results

    hahahahahahhahahahahahha, "Moonbat" hahahahahaahha, I love it. Oh, and I completely agree with what you said.Moonbat...hahahahahahahaha
  14. protzler

    Level D US Airways will make you download Andre Folkers USAir livery (new colors). There isn't a screenshot of it, but with Andre, you really can't go wrong! He's awesome!