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  1. Hi Bill, no flaps issue? how did you installed it? Migration tool? thanks for help :) Fabian
  2. Im going to continue to use v3 because some old stuff are not going to be compatible with v4 in a near futur or forever... PMDG MD-11 & FSL Concorde for me
  3. available ))
  4. nice website, now i'm looking forward for the plane
  5. Great to know but take your time, no need to rush
  6. Oficial FEDEX explaination
  7. Just found this topic and.... you make me so happy )) I spent lot of virtual flight hours on the PMDG MD-11 who is still a great addon to flight but not up to date... and with less compatibility with new gen Sim like P3D... I'm looking after your project of MD-11 carefully and if your MD-82/83 is a success and meet my expectations I'll be a proud pilote of your MD-11 ) It's maybe a bit early to ask this so have you in mind to propose up to date MD-11 like the one we can see today at FEDEX with EVS?? (I don't know if x-plane allowing this to be modeled...)
  8. I don't have the Rotate MD-88 but if your model is as good as you say, i'll be one of your customer keep up the good work gents )
  9. For me there is a big difference between "not perfect" and "not finished"... lot of potential but i'll wait before give my money.
  10. did you try to remove default flight or load another one from P3D.cfg????
  11. there is a balance issue with this plane, you can check on the CS forum, users make a patch to correct mass distribution and make it more stable on cruze
  12. FSX-MS

    installed, tested and uninstalled...
  13. don t know sorry
  14. yes this is the way I use it