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  1. P3D v4.2 loses numkey views when starting a session. They work fine for a few seconds until Ultimate Traffic Live initiates and populates the sim with AI traffic. Maybe this helps pinpoint the compatability issue.
  2. I see CLS are working on a new DC-10 model, it looks to be quite good, I hope it performs as it should. The reason I am posting is that due to there not being a quality DC-10 for FSX/P3D I have become used to the glass cockpit of the MD-11 over the last few years. It's a fine plane but my heart belongs with the DC-10, preferring the soulful wail of the CF6-50s to the mournful howl of the 11's CF6-80s. So wouldn't it be fantastic if CLS did an MD-10 FedEx model. All the best bits from both types, the chubby &@($* dragging stance of a heavy 10 and her rip roaring engines combined with the ease of one man desktop piloting in the glass cockpit. Some of you simmers with a fondness for 3 holer types may recall the attempt to release a model by a company called XSimulate a few years ago, I hope CLS deliver the goods and it doesn't end up a failed project. I hope you all had a merry Christmas, happy landings in the new year.
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