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  1. soundrats

    Request iFly B744 module please

    Hi Captain, no I still use the same version of the 744. I did no update to SP1A till now. So I did not update the macros, sorry. Maybe you liked my first macro list. I never make a lua script using macros, I think it is to much work to update it in case of a new version. I rather choose the macros in Linda directly. maybe you can post your macro list here in addition to your macro based lua script. Cheers Tom
  2. Hi out there, I wonder if anybody knows how to open the Panel Select Panel via a shortcut? Thnx for your help Tom
  3. soundrats

    FSL Concorde (module version 1.0)

    Long time no see - does anybody found a solution for dialing the NAV Frequencies? Tom
  4. soundrats

    Request iFly B744 module please

    Sorry I do not find out how to delete a wrong post. Tom
  5. See my post (last) and try to use my macros, today I added some new. And for me with the VRInsight MCP it works great. Tom
  6. soundrats

    Request iFly B744 module please

    Hi, Yes there is no Linda module till now. I am using the bird with Linda via FSUIPC Macros and Key Commands which I operate through Linda - I can tell you it is working fine. Ok problem is any update of the plane - then all macros are gone and have to be done again. Together with the Virtual CDU from Virtual Avionics it is a very nice sim. Cheers Tom If you like to try my macros - feel free to download it here:
  7. Mr. Zoho, I myself like the IFLY 744V2 very much - so there is no module for this plane. Maybe everybody waits for the PMDG. Why not using Macros this should do the job. Is a lot of work but why not. Tom
  8. soundrats

    Aerosoft Airbus (module 4.4 ) v3

    Hi Andrew, yes it is possible to use LUA co9mmands directly through FSUIPC. It helps a lot with hardware which is not supported by Linda like GoFlight. It is neccessary to make files for special commands with an editor like NOTEPAD. This files have to go to the FSX/modules folder - not in any subfolder. After this and a reboot* of FSX you can choose this commands through FSUIPC for the GoFlight modules. I add examples which I made for the PMDG NGX. Cheers Tom This files will only remain for a short while on my dropbox! *btw is there any possibillity to reboot FSUIPC when FSX is running? Hi Emerson, please explain your modification on the module 4.3 or even better give us a download link for your modified module. I myself use the MCP1 and would like to use it with the AEROSOFT A320. Thnx a lot and Kind Regards Tom
  9. soundrats

    NGX Box Update Installation

    I did bought the NGK box version of aerosoft, so I got the latest update from aerosoft. I bought the 600/700 expansion directly from the pmdg shop - so I got the update via pmdg - that was quite easy overall. Maybe for the future you profs find a more easy way to understand from whom to get the right update. The most easy way is to buy from the PMDG shop….There are other companies around who are forcing people to do that so ADOBE, AVID….. Cheers Tom
  10. soundrats

    NGX Box Update Installation

    Is there a NGX 700/600 Box Version? Never saw it. Pmdg is offering a DL for the 600/700 update. Tom
  11. soundrats

    NGX Box Update Installation

    ??? Do not understand this question.
  12. soundrats

    NGX Box Update Installation

    Not your original box version - only the PMDG 737-800/900NGX for FSX / FSX-SE (v1.10.6461) Tom
  13. soundrats

    NGX Box Update Installation

    I did complete deinstall, removed all folders of the NGX - then I did a clean reinstall with admin rights. Of course I had to save my VA textures and some special sounds before I trashed all old folders. Tom
  14. soundrats

    NGX Box Update Installation

    This link brings you the update to: PMDG 737-800/900NGX for FSX / FSX-SE (v1.10.6461) for the aerosoft box version - you need the serial number to download. Works fine! Tom
  15. soundrats

    NGX Box Update Installation

    Really the aerosoft link to the NGX Box update is not the recent NGX 800/900 update? Weird - this 5 steps of de- and installing 0f the NGX 600/700 and the NGX 800/900. Thnx Tom