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  1. Long time no see - does anybody found a solution for dialing the NAV Frequencies? Tom
  2. Hi Andrew, yes it is possible to use LUA co9mmands directly through FSUIPC. It helps a lot with hardware which is not supported by Linda like GoFlight. It is neccessary to make files for special commands with an editor like NOTEPAD. This files have to go to the FSX/modules folder - not in any subfolder. After this and a reboot* of FSX you can choose this commands through FSUIPC for the GoFlight modules. I add examples which I made for the PMDG NGX. Cheers Tom https://www.dropbox.com/s/0jkkwxbmah4asvb/LUA%20Files%20PMDG%20NGX.zip?dl=0 This files will only remain for a short while on my dropbox! *btw is there any possibillity to reboot FSUIPC when FSX is running? Hi Emerson, please explain your modification on the module 4.3 or even better give us a download link for your modified module. I myself use the MCP1 and would like to use it with the AEROSOFT A320. Thnx a lot and Kind Regards Tom
  3. Hi Andrew, I did a fresh download, change the texfile in Linda/DATA/Templates but I have still exactly the same problem as described before. The old version 1.1.3. is working fine. Thnx Tom
  4. Do you have still no idea what can cause the problem? Thnx Tom
  5. Of course As I can go back to the previous version - there is no hurry :-) Thnx anyway Tom
  6. Hi Anrew I did this today :-( I installed Linda 2.5 after a fresh DL but still the same problem. :-( Thnx Tom
  7. I was not clear - each new save in the cfg it make a new cfg mithe timestamp I found there was a syntax fault in the file I did sent you after the Radios section there was no closing } in line 623 - now syntax is fine changing this didi not help really Try making a copy of the config-mcp.default and renaming it config-mcp.lua. Restart FSX and LINDA 2.5 and report the results. Don't make any changes to any functions. I did this for the moment no error message in the console - but if I go to the user modes I get the same violation problem. And I forgot to mention I do not have any display function beteween SPD and HDG on the MCP. This was why I mentioned the problem at first. If I roll back to my previous Linda version 1.1.3. I can get back everything to work. Somewhere here must be a fault... Thnx Tom
  8. hi out there, after installing Linda 2.5 and the latest B777 module I get the following message if I try to configer the user mode buttons. If I reload Linda I get the message in Linda Console: config-mcp.lua cannot br loaded. Is it possible that this is an Anti virus problem...? Thnx Tom
  9. Is it possible to add the frequency swap to the LINDA script for the COM1 on the pedestal. Dialing of the frequencies works fine via macros. The swap not. Kind Regards Tom
  10. Hello, I can send you my Macros for the Dash after the Hotfix: [Macros] Module="mjc84_main.DLL" 1=timer=RX7fcf0*X55cc 2=tcas=RX85550*X55cc 3=wx_terrain=RX85620*X55cc 4=data=RX856f0*X55cc 5=format=RX857c0*X55cc 6=wx=RX8c6f0*X55cc 7=wxa=RX8c710*X55cc 8=gndmap=RX8c730*X55cc 9=dh_up=RX7ccd0*X55cc,14 10=dh_down=RX7ccd0*X55cc,13 11=baro_up=RX7c7e0*X55cc,14 12=baro_down=RX7c7e0*X55cc,13 87=baro_1013=RX7c7e0*X55cc 88=stdby_baro_down=RX7d230*X55cc,13 13=stdby_baro_up=RX7d230*X55cc,14 15=land_alt_up=RX7f280*X55cc,14 16=land_alt_down=RX7f280*X55cc,13 17=FMC=RX8cae0*X55cc 18=RADIO=RX8cb40*X55cc 19=nav1_crs_up=RX81b80*X55cc,14 20=nav1_crs_down=RX81b80*X55cc,13 21=nav2_crs_up=RX82050*X55cc,14 22=nV2_CRS_DOWN=RX82050*X55cc,13 25=nav_src_ri_up=RX82340*X55cc,14 26=nav_src_ri_down=RX82340*X55cc,13 27=ice_airframe_up=RX802f0*X55cc,14 28=ice_airframe_dow=RX802f0*X55cc,13 29=ice_prop_up=RX806d0*X55cc,14 30=NAVSRC_left_down=RX81e70*X55cc,13 76=NAVSRC_left_up=RX81e70*X55cc,14 31=ice_prop_down=RX806d0*X55cc,13 32=bleed_up=RX80be0*X55cc,14 33=bleed_down=RX80be0*X55cc,13 34=ice_winh_up=RX80830*X55cc,14 35=ice_winh_down=RX80830*X55cc,13 36=wiper_up=RX7f9c0*X55cc,14 37=wiper_down=RX7f9c0*X55cc,13 38=ap_master_warn=RX81a20*X55cc 39=ap_caution=RX81ad0*X55cc 40=ap_ias=RX825d0*X55cc 41=ap_heading=RX82950*X55cc 42=ap_alt_hold=RX827e0*X55cc 43=ap_vs=RX82680*X55cc 44=ap_vnav=RX82730*X55cc 45=ap_lnav=RX82a00*X55cc 46=ap_autopilot=RX82cc0*X55cc 47=ap_stby=RX82c10*X55cc 48=ap_yaw_damp=RX82d70*X55cc 49=ap_hsi=RX82e20*X55cc 50=ap_bc=RX82b60*X55cc 51=ap_aproach=RX82ab0*X55cc 52=ap_nose_down=RX81fc0*X55cc,14 53=ap_nose_up=RX81fc0*X55cc,13 54=ap_anti_skid_dow=RX80f40*X55cc,31 55=ap_antiskid_up=RX80f40*X55cc 56=TO_speed_select=RX7d0f0*X55cc 57=to_speed_up=RX7c120*X55cc,14 58=to_speed_down=RX7c120*X55cc,13 59=apu_pwr=RX7f570*X55cc 60=apu_start=RX7f660*X55cc 61=apu_gen=RX7f6f0*X55cc 62=ign1=RX809c0*X55cc 63=ign2=RX80a40*X55cc 64=eng_start=RX7f510*X55cc 65=TO_GA=RX7ffb0*X55cc 66=NSRC_left_down=RX81e70*X55cc,13 67=NVSRC_left_up=RX81e70*X55cc,14 68=oh_lit_up=RX7ec50*X55cc,14 69=oh_lit_down=RX7ec50*X55cc,13 70=oh_gs_up=RX7ed70*X55cc,14 71=oh_gs_down=RX7ed70*X55cc,13 72=oh_ped1_up=RX800b0*X55cc,14 73=oh_ped1_down=RX800b0*X55cc,13 74=oh_ped2_up=RX801d0*X55cc,14 75=oh_ped2_down=RX801d0*X55cc,13
  11. Does anybody found a solution to add the "Frequenz Dial" of the VORs to Linda? I have no luck - maybe it does not work at all...? Kind Regards Tom Or the Chronometer Push? Tom
  12. Ok I understand how to find the ipc.control if there is one. But what do I do if there is only a LVar entry like here: LUA.0: [L] LVar: vc_Chrono_CP_Chrono_Btn = 10 LUA.0: [L] LVar: vc_Chrono_CP_Chrono_Btn = 0 This is for pushing the Chrono Button. Any idea how to write the script? Thnx Tom
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