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  1. Hi guys Hope you're well, i'm very narrowed between these two cpu's 5930K (6 cores/15MB cache)& 6700K, but the 6700K is not available now and in the nearly future in my region now and the only choice available now is 5930K. To be honest i'm lining toward the 5930K especialy i'm a home cockpit user (7 screens at one PC and too many USBs connected with so many heavy addons added), so u can say i'm a heavy P3D user. So i need the advice if i get the 5930K i'll be happy and the results will be good ?? It will be strongly enough to control and run all these conditions and addons smoothly as possible ???!!!! Does it considered to be a high end CPU ??? and i'll see the improvement (i was 2600k user) ???? Like i say i was run 2600K on the cockput and it was good and gives me extremly acceptable performance for 3 years or so.. I'll run the latest p3d version with the latest addons available... Does the results and performance will be good and i'll not feel i'm mistake when i get the 5930k over the 6700k ????? Please guys i'm very narrowed and i hope to get extreme help in my delimma. The cpu 5930K also will come with 32GB rams at 2400Mhz and GTX1080 or GTX1070 if the budget will be enough and allow. Please help with advice and experience guys as they will be strognly helpful. Thx
  2. Hi guys I need motherboard (to my skylake 6700K) that support high rams speed (like 4000Mhz) and contain many USB ports (to use them in my home cockpit) Thx
  3. I have the cylinders and the all components of the platform, just i want the hardware that transfer the all movements from the sim to the platform.
  4. Hi guys, hope you're well In short, how i can transfer the rotations and all movements from p3d to motional platform ???? Thx
  5. Also +interest mike. Here is my home cockpit http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AGcAf6OZvA4 How many PC u use ???? Thats why i have idea of getting 6 cores cpu, need maximum performance with my home cockpit with all these monitors and USBs...also at high settings as can as possible. Also as can as CPU can perform. Its single PC, so i try to find the right choice (if 6 core cpu will).
  6. Look this Quote : Good...... look; 4 cores never be like 6 cores, but when comes to P3D/FSX it depends on the 1 core speed/Clock.... This is why all suggestions turn to 6700K... Take your time in researching, this will change you idea. Quote : The way you choose is Single Core performance. This will make the difference in both sims . Chris. !!!!!!!!!
  7. Yes, i need that kind of push,,, i thing i'm leaning toward the 5930k.... What about the advanteges of win 10 which 6700k utilize of ???? What about the DDR4 ???? does the 5930K support it????? If yes, so whats the maximum frequencies ????? What about direct X12 which the 6700k waiting for ??? Also what kind of six core u have ???? What about 5820k ???? Or should i still on 5930K ????!!!!
  8. Some suggest 5930k, other suggest 6700k !!!!! Really i'm get narrowed between them !!!!! 6 cores vs 4 cores, i think it will make a difference !!!!!! I'm really confused !!!!
  9. Am still say that the 6 cores R more easable and comfertable in heavy data processing than 4 cores. More activities guys, come in !!!!
  10. Hi guys I've get very narrowed between this two CPUs..... For the using, i use the P3D 2.5 (( in windowed mode )) with my home cockpit (( 7 monitors )) and too mush USBs and a couple of external programs as PFPX/ FSGRW/ REX4/ EFB/ JeeHell STB intruments/ Pro ATC X etc. To be honest i'm leaning towards the 6 core CPU because i've read before its more comfortable in processing of the heavy softwares (like P3D as i know).. Is it will give more FPS in the heavy sceneries & heavy aircraft like PMDG737 ? Does the hexa core CPU will beat away any 4 core CPU in the competition of P3D processing and its very heavy addons? Sooooo many people adviced me toward the 6700K as its the best i7 produced for gaming right now as they said... Is that really a true ?? i mean does the 6700K do the job to a degree of better than the 5930K do ( or any hexa core CPU ) with the heavy use of the P3D ? I am getting too narrowed between them and really i need the proper advice as i'm not routenly PC upgradble person. If important : i'll use the CPU with 8GB of Rams & GTX980 ti with (Nvidia ns450 or 550 as a multimonitor GPU). Thx
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