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  1. Has anyone managed to install the F1 GTN in the DC-3/C-47, and if so do you just simply use the Panel.cfg provided or is there further work required?
  2. I have just checked their facebook page and they do still have it advertised free until 24th March 2020 so I gently requested that they investigate on our behalf. Edit: Prealsoft has now acknowledged my report on facebook and will rectify the situation very shortly. Rome should be available again soon for free, albeit until 24th March 2020.
  3. Just checked and it is not free anymore. Not sure if they intend to revise the listing later with a limited free offer or if it was for a brief period only.
  4. There is a SP1 in production which hopefully will be released this week and is expected to address some of the more serious problems which have been raised with the initial release of this product. Current thoughts on the product are not too complimentary, with even one real world pilot of the Embraer describing the product as half-decent and totally unrepresentative in terms of FMS and systems. He even went as far as saying that the real world aircraft is a word not allowed to fly, which I find rather amusing. That said, the SP1 may actually bring forth what may become an enjoyable product and so I would give it the benefit of the doubt and maybe wait for everyone's comments following its release as to whether or not most if not all the major issues will have been resolved. It does actually look and sound as if FeelThere have genuinely bent over backwards to work on the problems with this product, which may say something about how it listens to what is being said by the user community. Finally, it is certainly not in the same category as PMDG or FSLabs, but depending on what you are looking for may hopefully develop into an enjoyable product.
  5. Does anyone know what happened to Flying Stations? I am interested in their Sea Fury but their website seems defunct. Can you purchase their products any more?
  6. Is the Darwin photoreal.bgl in the ORBX folder for Australia v2? Is so, where is it please?
  7. Has anyone tried the Prealsoft Dublin v2 with the MK-Studios EIDW? If so, how realistic is the cityscape and does it require any photoreal scenery to apply it (as is the case for e.g. Prealsoft London)?
  8. It does look as if this is definitely an issue with how I am using MCE. The ILS frequency is correctly set on NAV1 but the PNF insists that "approach hold on" cannot be followed unless the ILS frequency is dialed on NAV1 (which of course it is). Please will you have a look at this. Edit: It may be because I am using the FSiPanel 2017 tool to position the aircraft on an approach. It would appear that if I am patient and let the aircraft stabilize fully before starting MCE, I can engage the localizer hold and approach hold without any difficulty. There could still be some sensitivity in how things are interpreted by the PNF but whether or not it is a function of when I choose to use MCE i.e. ensure that the aircraft is stabilized if I am using the FSiPanel 2017 tool for practicing an approach, or if there is something slightly amiss with the logic in MCE itself is unclear. Suffice it to say on those occasions where the PNF refused to arm the approach, the ILS frequency was definitely set correctly and the excuse given was that the ILS had not actually been dialed in.
  9. The PNF acknowledges these commands but the VOR/LOC button remains unlit in the VC i.e. not engaged as far as the PMDG model is concerned. The approach hold function does however operate correctly, i.e. lit when commanded. Please investigate this issue. Edit: It would appear that the use of "nav hold on" does result in the VOR/LOC button switched on and lit with the PMDG 737NGXu, but "localizer hold on" does not work for me. Whether or not the new speech grammar will incorporate such expressions is unclear (unless it already does), but please advise accordingly.
  10. I hope that I am not breaking rules but where is the MK-Studios EIDW on sale? Edit: Found it now under Bargain Hunters but sale expired now (words not allowed)!
  11. I guess that would be "localizer hold engage" or perhaps "V O R L O C hold engage".
  12. Unfortunately I have encountered another issue. When commanding the PNF to select "approach hold on", I am getting a response "not useful unless the ILS is dialed". The ILS frequency is quite definitely tuned in correctly so there is something a little amiss with this. I am not sure if this is related to the issue that you have reported governing checking NAV1 frequency to ILS? Edit: Ignore the above! I have just repeated the exercise and I can now command "approach hold engage" with no issues. However, if you would be as good as to point me in the right direction of how to command pushing the VOR/LOC button with the PMDG 737NGXu, then that would be much appreciated. I have experimented but no commands are recognized to that effect by the PNF.
  13. Just test-driven the PMDG 737NGXu with the latest patch and everything seems fine. Very slick and responsive and no glitches or hiccups whatsoever. Thank you very much for your timely response in providing the patch to rectify the issues raised. It is much appreciated. One further thing, what would be the command for the PNF to select the VOR/LOC in the PMDG 737NGXu, please?
  14. I am sorry to report that I am having problems with this patch and the PMDG 737NGXu. When I start MCE, a black rectangular box appears on the right of the screen and once MCE has formally started up, control of the sim freezes and nothing responds to e.g. hat switch view changes and also none of the P3D menu tabs can be selected.
  15. Brilliant, Holi, my schoolboy German needs a little brushing up on!
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