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  1. Hi Norman, I currently have the same problem and thus wanted to ask you, whether you ever figured out a lua script that allows to trigger the VS, UP and DN buttons of the Turbine Duke KFC225 auto pilot? Best regards Hans
  2. Thanks guenseli and Scotflieger for the fast reponses. Good to know that I did not miss an easy or obvious solution.
  3. Hello to all, it has been a while since my last post on this forum, but I recently run into an issue that I could not resolve and therefore wanted to ask for help here. I am using the original VRInsight MCP1 combo with FSX together with LINDA 2.9.3 v1 and registered FSUIPC 4.964. For the Realair Turbine Duke v2, I wanted to reassign the MCP SPD rotary to CRS, which works fine for the input, but on the LCD display output I still get the SPD value and not the value for CRS. My question is whether and how this can be changed? Maybe this a standard question, but I could not find a quick answer by searching this forum. Many thanks, Hans
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