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  1. Norman West

    ipc.writeLvar function

    Hi all, I am hoping there is someone out there who can help me, I am new to Linda and I am just trying to get to grips with LUA scripting so far with no luck at all. I am fine assigning fsx default buttons, but I have built myself an autopilot panel based on the Turbine Duke KFC225 auto pilot. most of the inputs are FSX default but there are three buttons that are not. I have extracted, using the Linda tracer, the following information, that appears when the VS button is pressed, what this button does when pressed with the mouse is to display the vertical speed for about 3 seconds and then reverts back to displaying the altitude. -- Duke Auto pilot -- Press Vert speed button [L] LVar: Alt_VS_Display_Toggle = 1 LUA.0: [L] LVar: ApVsButAnt = 1 LUA.0: [L] LVar: ApVsBut = 1 LUA.0: [L] LVar: SoftkeypressSound = 1 LUA.0: [L] LVar: VS_Click_Time = 63581841758.93 LUA.0: [L] LVar: SoftkeypressSound = 0 LUA.0: [L] LVar: Alt_VS_Display_Toggle = 0 I have written the function below but when I assign it to a button it does nothing, I would really appreciate some pointers on this as I have tried quite a few different ipc.writeLvar() assigns with absolutely no success at all, so I am obviously not doing it right. Function NCCW_KFC225_Ap_Vert_Speed_Button() ipc.writeLvar("L:Alt_VS_Display_Toggle",1) end Thanks Norman West
  2. Norman West

    Cut and Paste

    Thanks for your welcome Scotflieger, and thank you guys for your inputs. I have found a solution that works for me. I had success copying and pasting in the Linda editor using Ctrl+ins for copying and Shift+ins for pasting. I would be interested to know if it works for you. Norman West
  3. Norman West

    Cut and Paste

    I am trying to cut and paste in the Linda editor (ver 2.6) I can neither cut Ctrl+c nor paste Ctrl+p. I have now deleted version 2.6 and loaded ver 1.13 but I still cannot cut and paste. I must be doing something wrong but I can't figure what. I highlight the text I want to cut/paste with the shift and arrow keys, I then press CtrlC (I have tried both upper and lower case) I then place the curser at the desired pasting spot but CtrlP produces nothing. There is a thread on this subject with a link that sounded like it might be useful but the link is no longer active. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Norman West