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  1. Found the issue late yesterday. It was conflicting software l thought had been removed (mate only removed the shortcut, not the program). Sim running much smoother now. Thanks for the response in any case cheers Steve
  2. G’day all. I am currently updating my 737 sim from an FSX/Aerosoft to a P3Dv4/iFly setup. I have most of the MIP mapped and working as expected. However, l am having an issue with a ‘stuttering’ speed and altitude reading on the PFD. This in turn affects engine power where l get continuous N1 fluctuations. Data transfer with buttons and switches are virtually instantaneous (I.e. they react instantly when selected) and the scenery is as smooth as a baby’s backside. I have been ‘troubleshooting’ for the past three days without any resolution. To add confusion, if l project the 2D panel to my screen, the speed and altitude readings operate as expected but my PFD still stutters. Can anyone offer a suggestion as where the problem may lie. Thanks in advance Steve ‘youngie63’
  3. G'day Bryan Apologies if this has been discussed previously but unable to source. Something that seems to be SOP with ATC these days is to Squawk Mode C prior to pushback, There is nothing in CFG that allows this as far as I can see. Is it possible in future updates to have a 'Mode C active' option as part of the 'Before Start Checklist'? Happy Easter Cheers Steve
  4. G'day Bryan, I received the version update notification via the 787 FS2Crew banner. However, when l downloaded the file from my Completed Orders to update it is still V1.3. Am I missing something? Cheers Steve Young
  5. Yes mate, have completed numerous flights with the same result. Thought it may have been v1.3 but same issue with v1.4
  6. Hi guys, l have an issue with SOP 1 voice where the PM asks if l want the APU started at the +6 minute mark. I answer yes. PM goes through the motions of starting the APU (APU switch full on and left fwd fuel on). Sadly that’s where it stops. ‘Low oil pressure’ light remains on followed by a ‘fault’ light - no rise in EGT. I intervene by reselecting the APU switch to full on where the warning lights diminish and EGT rises and all goes back to normal. Any ideas why this is happening? cheers Steve
  7. G'day Bryon I purchased the FS2Crew NGXu through Simmarket (not sure why as all my FS2Crew are through you). Are you aware if they will have the 1.4 update or will I need to contact them directly? Cheers Steve
  8. G'day mate, apologies for the late response but have only just seen your question (age catching up I think!). As per the MFSG install instruction, I copied from the 'YPDN 2020 Ground/ORBX' file into the 'YPDN 2020 scenery' file and overwrote as per the instruction. I have since removed YPDN 2020 and reinstalled ORBX as follows: Base Pack Buildings HD Trees HD VECTOR AusV2 Cheers Steve
  9. Thanks guys, i have removed all references to the MFSG YPAD and currently doing a reistall of ORBX Libraries, Vector and Aus V2 to hopefully remove any residual YPAD files I overwrote during the install of MFSG YPDN. Start from scratch again, Fingers crossed. Cheers Steve
  10. Thanks Steve. This is my 3rd MFSG purchase, YPPH is in the root P3D folder while WMKP (Penang) is on my D drive and the reason l installed there. No issues installing either. I’ll try installing to the Addon folder and remove the photoreal - can’t hurt. The APB file was located in the ORBX Vector folder. Cheers Steve
  11. Hi All Hope this is posted to the right spot, apologies if not. I purchased the new MFSG Darwin Airport scenery the other day and cannot, for the life of me, get any buildings on the airfield. Having purchased MFSG products before and had no previous issues, I'm wondering if there is a bug, a missed step in the instructions or confusion with the removal of ORBX Aus V2 YPDN bgl's (From Simmarket YPDN page Notice:If you have ORBX Australia V2, please delete all BGL's files with "YPDN" name inside the ORBX folder. (to avoid default airport)). The bgl's removed are as follows: ABP_YPDN ADE_FTX_AUS_YPDN ADE_FTX_AUS_YPDN_CVX FTX_AUS_YPDN_objects After removal, still no joy. I have added the ABP_YPDN and FTX_AUS_YPDN_objects independantly and opened P3Dv4 each time and still no joy. I did note some bleeding of the default scenery but faint. Adding both ADE files back in resulted in the default terminal loading with the Jetways disappearing. The only other thing I did that comes to mind is overwriting the Darwin photoreal.bgl with the one supplied with the YPDN scenery. Other than that, scratching my head. Have been troubleshooting for the past 36 hours without joy so any assistance would be greatly appreicated. Cheers Steve (youngie63)
  12. Hi All Is there any way to 'silence' the FA? I only ask as I have a separate custom file for all FA briefs in place of the FS2Crew ones. TIA Steve Young Canberra
  13. I have P3Dv4 but I'm guessing X-Plane would be in the same boat. Cheers Steve
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