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  1. youngie63

    Q400 First Officer Training now live!

    Thanks Ben, appreciate the quick response. Cheers Steve
  2. youngie63

    Q400 First Officer Training now live!

    G'day Ben Please note that this is not in any way a critism of the FO program. I have both the Q400 Cadet and FO sets and have recently embarked on coming up to speed with the Dash - the videos are near perfect as an aide. While coming to terms with RNAV approaches, the 'island hop' hasn't helped entirely as the cruise and approach altitudes are conducted at the same altitude whereas many of the regional RNAV approaches in 'Oz' have a different IAF height requirement to that of the FAF (YPMQ is a good example - Rwy03 IAF's are 4100' & FAF is 3250'). The YPMQ approach is a continued descent from the IAF through the FAF down to the MDA. The obvious problems here is that the steps provided in the video don't provide for what would be a normal VNAV descent to the IAF or at what point to select Arm App, select the MDA, select APPR and VNAV to fly to LNAV/VNAV PATH. I am continuing to 'experiment' with these approaches in FSiPanel but I invariably end up with an A/P disconnect and an unstable aircraft. Happy for any suggestions as long as it is a 'step-by-step' as per the video. May I suggest that the Q400 Captain's RNAV app include a similar approach to that of YPMQ (LOWI RNAV (GNSS) E Rwy 26 looks interesting!) as these type of RNAV approaches are fairly standard across many of the regional airports in Australia. Thanks in advance Steve
  3. youngie63

    Introducing - Airport2Sim Greek Islands

    Thanks Ben
  4. youngie63

    Introducing - Airport2Sim Greek Islands

    G'day all, in all probability will purchase but wondering what P3D scenery/sceneries it has been built around? Cheers Steve
  5. youngie63

    Move sceneries to scenery CFG

    What intrigues me with IS WSSS is that the scenery cfg is independent from the the P3D scenery cfg. While it has no affect on the sim, it does so with the Aivlasoft EFB as it sources the airport layout from the P3D scenery cfg. It would nice to be able to move WSSS to P3D scenery cfg but there doesn't seem to much out there unless you're tech savvy. Is there an easy way to do it without screwing with xml? Cheers Steve
  6. youngie63

    Switch off Auto Ground Ops

    Thanks Chris. Is there a possibility that PMDG may consider having the dynamic fuel loading independent of the Auto Ground Ops in a future release? cheers Steve
  7. youngie63

    Switch off Auto Ground Ops

    Thanks Patrick. Maybe I incorrectly worded my original post but this is what I want. When you say 'turn the "Auto" part off', where exactly are you doing this - I'm assuming its the 'Turn Type' on the Ground Operations page. My frustration is that I want to use the system fuel upload but can't unless I select a 'Turn Type' - or am I wrong in that assumption. Cheers Steve
  8. youngie63

    Switch off Auto Ground Ops

    Thanks mate, would have thought the way the page is setup you could independently select the service you want.
  9. G'day All How can I turn off PMDG 'Auto Ground Ops' (Service Vehicles) so I can individualise what services I need as I want to be able to use GSX in conjunction with it. Can't find anything in the manuals or setup menus. Any assistance appreciated. BTW, using the 'Short' turnaround as it lines up with QOTS11 FS2Crew. Cheers Steve Young
  10. G'day all, I have noticed through the various forums that some users have uninstalled the Queen followed by a fresh install. Happy to do this but I have a few questions (btw, having issues with the Queen even after loading the default F22 - no CTD as yet but problems with the viewing windows). Thought I would try this before raising a ticket. 1 After the uninstall, if I download from my account will it be the new version or the original V4.1? 2 Do I need to remove any hidden files with the uninstall before reinstalling? TIA, Steve Young Canberra
  11. youngie63

    P3Dv4.2 - Known issues?

    Thanks Bryan, appreciate the quick response. Cheers Steve
  12. G'day All l noticed PMDG have issued a hotfix for the P3Dv4.2 upgrade (see review below) and mentions a potential issue with FS2Crew QOTSII (4th paragraph). As l'm about to install 4.2, is FS2Crew or users, aware of any issues associated with Lockheeds update. cheers Steve "A few days ago we informed you that some PMDG users were experiencing issues with their aircraft in Prepar3D v4.2. Some people were experiencing a crash to desktop or a black screen when loading up one of their aircraft. Today, PMDG has issued a hotfix to combat these issues. If you head to your PMDG Ops Center now, you will see a notification pop up to say you can now update. It’s important to read the instructions on how via the update. This small fix will make some changes to P3Dv4.2 to ensure its compatible. If you’re still using V3 of the sim, it will also make a few changes there to keep commonality amongst all PMDG products. They did say that if you use add-ons that modifies panel entries, then they advise that you resist from using them as it could be causing the CTD. PMDG said that you will need to re-install the product to a pre-update build. It is suggested that FS2Crew may be causing many users to experience the crashing (I’m using a vanilla copy of 4.2 with the 747 only and still experiencing it personally). PMDG are working with Lockheed Martin to resolve the problem going forward, but they say it will be likely included in a future 4.3 update."
  13. youngie63

    Australian aerodrome scenery

    Thanks Steve - that's great, appreciate the quick reply. I will certainly have a look at the site but must admit I love the level of detail that ORBX, FlyTampa and co put into their products. I guess my main gripe is the Oz (with the exemption of the east coast) and Kiwi majors have been disregarded by these companies while other nondescript airport scenery gets a guernsey. Overall, just interested to know it would take for them to consider these majors as a project. Cheers Steve
  14. G'day All A question and a request. What criteria are scenery developers (Pay-ware) looking at when preparing to undertake a new aerodrome scenery project keeping in mind the virtue of supply and demand? I ask this because I see numerous airport/aerodrome sceneries out there that the majority of simmers just wouldn't be interested in (my opinion only!). What would it take for a developer to consider a new airport scenery project? As an Aussie, I like to do a fair bit of domestic stuff (with the odd long haul, love the Queen) but, disappointingly, four of our capital city airports have never been looked at in terms of 'add-ons' - these being Perth (YPPH), Darwin (YPDN), Hobart (YMHB) and to a lesser degree, Adelaide (YPAD) as this has been developed up to P3Dv3, however, I understand no plans are underway to upgrade to v4. I think the Kiwis would be asking a similar question with Auckland (NZAA), Wellington (NZWN) and Christchurch (NZCH) as I'm unaware of any decent pay-ware version for these. We do regular fly-ins across the 'ditch' under the VATPAC umbrella. I am well aware of the huge numbers associated with simmers across Europe and the US but it would be nice to have 'Oceania' covered with the remainder of our major airports developed. I'm not after a debate, just an understanding why these airports remain as default P3D/FSX sceneries. cheers Steve