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  1. G'day Bryon I purchased the FS2Crew NGXu through Simmarket (not sure why as all my FS2Crew are through you). Are you aware if they will have the 1.4 update or will I need to contact them directly? Cheers Steve
  2. G'day mate, apologies for the late response but have only just seen your question (age catching up I think!). As per the MFSG install instruction, I copied from the 'YPDN 2020 Ground/ORBX' file into the 'YPDN 2020 scenery' file and overwrote as per the instruction. I have since removed YPDN 2020 and reinstalled ORBX as follows: Base Pack Buildings HD Trees HD VECTOR AusV2 Cheers Steve
  3. Thanks guys, i have removed all references to the MFSG YPAD and currently doing a reistall of ORBX Libraries, Vector and Aus V2 to hopefully remove any residual YPAD files I overwrote during the install of MFSG YPDN. Start from scratch again, Fingers crossed. Cheers Steve
  4. Thanks Steve. This is my 3rd MFSG purchase, YPPH is in the root P3D folder while WMKP (Penang) is on my D drive and the reason l installed there. No issues installing either. I’ll try installing to the Addon folder and remove the photoreal - can’t hurt. The APB file was located in the ORBX Vector folder. Cheers Steve
  5. Hi All Hope this is posted to the right spot, apologies if not. I purchased the new MFSG Darwin Airport scenery the other day and cannot, for the life of me, get any buildings on the airfield. Having purchased MFSG products before and had no previous issues, I'm wondering if there is a bug, a missed step in the instructions or confusion with the removal of ORBX Aus V2 YPDN bgl's (From Simmarket YPDN page Notice:If you have ORBX Australia V2, please delete all BGL's files with "YPDN" name inside the ORBX folder. (to avoid default airport)). The bgl's removed are as follows: ABP_YPDN ADE_FTX_AUS_YPDN ADE_FTX_AUS_YPDN_CVX FTX_AUS_YPDN_objects After removal, still no joy. I have added the ABP_YPDN and FTX_AUS_YPDN_objects independantly and opened P3Dv4 each time and still no joy. I did note some bleeding of the default scenery but faint. Adding both ADE files back in resulted in the default terminal loading with the Jetways disappearing. The only other thing I did that comes to mind is overwriting the Darwin photoreal.bgl with the one supplied with the YPDN scenery. Other than that, scratching my head. Have been troubleshooting for the past 36 hours without joy so any assistance would be greatly appreicated. Cheers Steve (youngie63)
  6. Hi All Is there any way to 'silence' the FA? I only ask as I have a separate custom file for all FA briefs in place of the FS2Crew ones. TIA Steve Young Canberra
  7. I have P3Dv4 but I'm guessing X-Plane would be in the same boat. Cheers Steve
  8. G'day All First and foremost, apologies if this is the incorrect place to post this but couldn't find another place to post. This is a call for scenery developers to consider 64 bit scenery for the following major citys in Australia. I'm talking payware, not freeware. 1. Adelaide (YPAD) - last version released only good for 32 bit and out of date - no plans for a 64 bit release 2. Darwin (YPDN) - A joint civil/military aerodrome and a gateway to Asia making many destinations viable for those that enjoy smaller jets (737, A32x, etc) 3. Canberra (YSCB) - The nations capital. While ORBX has a 64 bit version, it is so far out of date it's not funny. ORBX has no plans to update it as the developer of this scenery has since left. No SODE available for any of the limited number of jetways 4. Hobart (YMHB) - Australias most southern capital city that has its own set of challenges with a medium sized runway and, at times, challenging weather patterns. While I understand Australia is not high on the list of priorities, it is frustrating when you see global places in the middle of nowhere being released. Cheers Steve Young Canberra
  9. Thanks Ben, appreciate the quick response. Cheers Steve
  10. G'day Ben Please note that this is not in any way a critism of the FO program. I have both the Q400 Cadet and FO sets and have recently embarked on coming up to speed with the Dash - the videos are near perfect as an aide. While coming to terms with RNAV approaches, the 'island hop' hasn't helped entirely as the cruise and approach altitudes are conducted at the same altitude whereas many of the regional RNAV approaches in 'Oz' have a different IAF height requirement to that of the FAF (YPMQ is a good example - Rwy03 IAF's are 4100' & FAF is 3250'). The YPMQ approach is a continued descent from the IAF through the FAF down to the MDA. The obvious problems here is that the steps provided in the video don't provide for what would be a normal VNAV descent to the IAF or at what point to select Arm App, select the MDA, select APPR and VNAV to fly to LNAV/VNAV PATH. I am continuing to 'experiment' with these approaches in FSiPanel but I invariably end up with an A/P disconnect and an unstable aircraft. Happy for any suggestions as long as it is a 'step-by-step' as per the video. May I suggest that the Q400 Captain's RNAV app include a similar approach to that of YPMQ (LOWI RNAV (GNSS) E Rwy 26 looks interesting!) as these type of RNAV approaches are fairly standard across many of the regional airports in Australia. Thanks in advance Steve
  11. G'day all, in all probability will purchase but wondering what P3D scenery/sceneries it has been built around? Cheers Steve
  12. What intrigues me with IS WSSS is that the scenery cfg is independent from the the P3D scenery cfg. While it has no affect on the sim, it does so with the Aivlasoft EFB as it sources the airport layout from the P3D scenery cfg. It would nice to be able to move WSSS to P3D scenery cfg but there doesn't seem to much out there unless you're tech savvy. Is there an easy way to do it without screwing with xml? Cheers Steve
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