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  1. turnjac

    Sink Rate Warning & Hard Landing during Autoland

    Gents, Thanks for the input, much appreciated..
  2. turnjac

    Sink Rate Warning & Hard Landing during Autoland

    Kevin, My speeds are correct through manual selection using the MCP spped dial for the various flap settings selected during the approach & are also correct during landing (see my first post). Mike, Your suggestion that it may be due to the turbulence & thermal effects under the FSX weather settings is correct as the issue dissappears when deselecting the effects & flying the identical approach profile. Looking further into it, there is a very localised area starting at 1 mile from touchdown where the steady sink rate (850 fpm) reduces to a zero sink rate until 0.8 miles whereupon it resumes, however the aircraft is now too high, although probably still within the glideslope angle since it is very close to the runway; the aural sink rate alarm then sounds followed by the hard landing. When I fly the second approach (more shallow) as mentioned previously, with the turbulence & thermal effects selected, the issue doesn't manifest & the landing is normal & as expected. As you alluded to in your previous post, the application of these effects are not consistent since it would be expected to occur for both approaches. The remaining question is whether the PMDG 777 Autoland should remain engaged & valid once the sink rate aural warning occurs ? Steve Turner
  3. turnjac

    Sink Rate Warning & Hard Landing during Autoland

    Thanks for the suggestions. In my case it's nothing to do with ASN. I altered the approach to the glide slope by reducing speed to 170 kts (FMC computes 240 kts at the waypoint) a further 6 miles out & fly level at 2000 ft. I then descend & reduce to 154 kts (flaps 15 & then 20) & capture the glide slope followed by a correct autoland as expected. I can replicate this every time. I guess there's some value which the PDMG autoland algorithm doesn't like which is peculiar to the previous approach. It's the first time I've come across this - I'll open a ticket & see what PMDG comes up with.. Steve Turner
  4. Hello, On one particular landing (YMML WBSB) just prior to crossing the rwy threshold I get an aural sink rate warning followed by a hard landing; just prior to the runway, the FMC is commanding over 1300 fps just prior to touch down All modes for the auto land remain engaged (LAND 3, Flare & Rollout) & are otherwise executed correctly during the landing. Landing configuration Flaps 30 Vref = 144 Kts (139+5) Has anyone else encountered this & is there a solution ? Thanks
  5. turnjac

    Landing Gear Won't Retract on Client

    Stephen, I discovered a related issue in WideView, which may give a clue as to what's going on; in WideView, there is a setting under configuration 'Lock to Frame Sync' which must be selected on the client for the client gear to follow the server; I had one client working & the other not & this was the reason. Is there something equivalent for Opus?
  6. turnjac

    Landing Gear Won't Retract on Client

    Yes, I'm using the 777 on the clients (2 clients, one on Win7 & other on Win8). I don't have the 737NGX so yes, let me know after you've tried it. I've googled this problem & It's curious that this hasn't come up with other people before, so maybe it's something unique to my set up ? Steve
  7. turnjac

    Landing Gear Won't Retract on Client

    Stephen, Thanks for the suggestions. The gear retraction & extension works perfectly with the FSX standard 747 B400, so the issue is with the PMDG 777. The TX & RX data links all seem to be working on the server & clients & the Live Test is also working. It seems that the gear retraction/extension commands are not being processed by the clients, however, I can toggle the gear up & down on the client key board. Any further suggestions, should I try PMDG support ? Steve
  8. turnjac

    Landing Gear Won't Retract on Client

    Okay, both the landing gear & lights on are not logged on the server spy window.
  9. Hello, The landing gear won't retract on my client, but it works perfectly with WideView - some pointers would be appreciated.. Thanks, Steve PMDG 777-200LR PFC C2 Cirrus Pro FSX (Gold Edition) Win 7 64-bit